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What is this website?

Leaguetips.gg (LT) joined TreasureHunter.media in 2021. In the beginning, Leaguetips.gg was built by a small but passion-fueled crew of LoL players, fans, and bloggers. Once LT joined forces with TreasureHunter, the team as well as the depth of the site’s content grew. Today, the site is a hub for all things League of Legends. The LT audience benefits from detailed, experience-based game guides that improve their LoL gameplay.

What is the LT mission?

A little about us: The mission behind Leaguetips is to create a LoL blog which helps other fellow League of Legends players master new tricks and tips to get better at the various aspects of the game! Leaguetips leaders set this mission to help the community improve in League of Legends. The LT editorial team truly believes that we can provide step-by-step help using our advanced knowledge of the game. Plus, we hope to expand the content angles on this site from the already-helpful gaming guides, and add more gaming news, esports topics, interviews, and more!

Who is the LT team?

After playing League of Legends for the first time in Season 2, the Leaguetips team has achieved high ranks like Grandmaster (Season 10), and Master (Season 11). The LT editorial team is made up of established LoL players who have proven themselves as expert gamers, writers, and coaches for the Leaguetips gaming community.

  • Muhib possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and has evolved into an experienced Game Developer, React Developer, and WordPress Developer, with a growing interest in Machine Learning and AI
  • Graduated from the Crescent School and FCCU
  • Boasts over 8 years of experience in content writing and website management.

Why LeagueTips?

To Muhib, League of Legends is more than a game–it’s an obsession. With most sites limiting their content to the “best runes” or the “best builds,” LeagueTips offers something more. The Leaguetips team is committed to delivering valuable content that resonates with the gamer community!

Balsa Petricevic LT Writer

A League of Legends player with over ten years of experience. I usually hover around the master tier and have experience playing every lane and champion. My goal with writing is to share my knowledge and help everyone reading improve themselves as a player.

Why Leaguetips?

Balsa will not quit when it comes to offering the best, most helpful content to readers who trust their gaming growth to Leaguetips.

  • SEO Manager, Editor, and Web Designer with 15+ years of experience
  • Alumni of: Faculty of Economics Zagreb

Why Leaguetips?

As an SEO Manager and Editor for LeagueTips, I bring a unique mix of professional acumen and enthusiasm to the table. As a newcomer to League of Legends, my own learning journey aligns me perfectly with the needs of other beginners, helping us create content that is accessible, engaging, and useful for those just starting their journey in the game. Moreover, my role as an editor ensures that the content we deliver is not just engaging and informative, but also refined and professional. I have a keen eye for detail and a strong knack for clear communication, both of which are essential when conveying gaming advice and experiences, especially for a complex game like League of Legends. While my journey in League of Legends is just beginning, it offers a fresh and relatable perspective on the learning curve that new players face. This insight aids me in crafting and optimizing content that is welcoming to beginners while providing valuable insights for more seasoned players. By combining these skills and experiences, along with my burgeoning passion for League of Legends, I am focused on propelling LeagueTips’s mission forward, making it the go-to resource for all League of Legends enthusiasts, be they veterans or newcomers.

  • Graduated from Monmouth University with a BA in Communications (Public Relations & Journalism)
  • Writer and Editor for Rambler Surf Magazine, Total Food Magazine, Conscious Connection Magazine, JerseyBites.com, and more.
  • Content Marketing Manager, Project Manager, and Small Business Owner

Why Leaguetips?

Leaguetips.gg is not where Ryan’s experience lies. Ryan has only researched League of Legends from a journalist’s perspective. Ryan is just a casual gamer, and has never played League of Legends. But, as a journalist and content writer with marketing agency experience–he is a professional at researching new subjects, highlighting content of interest, and telling stories that matter to a targeted audience. As an editor, he enjoys helping writers produce their best work. For these reasons, Ryan relishes in the rewarding challenge that is working with the Leaguetips team.

  • eExperienced eCommerce aficionado with over 13 years of rocking the digital world! Passionate about all things EV vehicles, drones, and video blogging, along with whole life of die-hard gaming experience.
  • Proud papa to three awesome sons. Proven track record in driving massive sales growth, optimizing user experience, and mastering the art of digital marketing.
  • Alumni of: Reshetnev University of Technology and Science, Business Administration

Why Leaguetips?

Gaming has been my thing for more than 30 years! My gaming experiences run from the suspenseful adventures of The Last of Us, to the epic quests of The Witcher and Diablo. I’ve immersed myself and found success in many virtual worlds. I’ve battled icompetitors Counter Strike and Point Blank, mastered the art of stealth in Thief, and even ventured into the realm of classic titles like Quake, Lineage, and World of Warcraft. My love for gaming extends beyond just playing – I’ve got a deep understanding of what makes a gaming website work for an audience like that of Leaguetips. While I’ve not been able to play too much League of Legends, working on this website as an avid gamer has allowed me to dive into the game, the lore, and what players need to succeed in League!

What is our ambition?

The LT crew writes and edits helpful LoL content along with original, in-game screenshots and other media like video interviews. Our ambitious team of PC gaming bloggers & (LoL) gamers work to deliver content which helps the reader improve his or her gaming skills. Leaguetips’ editorial staff curates content to make sure it is appropriate and helpful for our audience. We have an ambition to advance your knowledge of the game we all love: League of Legends!

What’s more, we are committed to producing an amazing user experience. LT is a small site, but growing fast because we aim to rise our brand’s position (along with the content) to the front-end of the League of Legends and PC gaming industry. Our employees are excited to walk readers through gaming strategies that provide better insight than any other content website in our niche industry.

How do we get paid?

To become media literate, viewers should understand advertising in the context of content creation…
Ads. Viewers can find advertisements on most of our blog posts/pages. Our ad partner is Adthrive (Raptive), which means that they find advertising partners that advertise on our site on our behalf.
Affiliate links. Some of our links are “affiliate links”, which means that if you decide to buy anything after clicking the link, we get a small commission. Note that this doesn’t affect the final product price. Instead, the retailer shares their profits with us, because we sent them traffic that they otherwise might not receive.
Sponsored posts. Some of our posts may be sponsored, which means that a company has paid us to publish a specific post that promotes their company/products. Our sponsored posts always have a clearly visible disclosure at the top, right under the title.
Sponsored products. Some manufacturers send us free products for us to review. This doesn’t affect our verdict in any way, because we always keep our reviews true and genuine, not affected by anyone.

Stay tuned, as there’s always something exciting happening on Leaguetips.gg!
The Leaguetips Team

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