When Lightning Strikes Twice: The Curious Case of AD Kennen

When Lightning Strikes Twice: The Curious Case of AD Kennen

Ever paused a game to exclaim, “Wait, what?!” That’s precisely the reaction most summoners have when they come across an AD Kennen on the rift.

Here’s the scene: Kennen, known for his electrifying AP plays, suddenly running bot lane, shooting arrows faster than you can say “Shuriken!” But before diving head-first into this shocker, let’s unravel this electrifying mystery.


  • AD Kennen: A unique build focusing on attack damage.
  • Still potent, despite meta changes.
  • It provides a refreshing playstyle.
  • Essential items and runes to optimize gameplay.
  • Perfect for those looking to surprise their opponents.

The Allure of AD Kennen

Fact: “AD Kennen” refers to a specific build in the popular online game League of Legends, where Kennen, typically an AP champion, is tailored with attack damage (AD) items rather than the conventional ability power (AP) items. This has long turned heads and raised brows – but for good reason.

Why AD Over AP?

The general consensus? Kennen, with his magic-heavy kit, is usually built full AP, especially in the top lane. Items like Hextech Rocketbelt, Zhonya’s Hourglass, and Void Staff are no-brainers. They amplify his damage, turning him into an AoE burst menace in team fights. However, here’s the kicker: the passive effect of Kennen’s W boasts both AP and AD ratios.

This creates an opening, a gateway to a different dimension of Kennen gameplay— the AD Kennen. A quote from an anonymous summoner puts it perfectly: “AD Kennen is a unique blend of utility and damage, offering a different playstyle that can catch opponents off guard.”

Tracking the Trends: The Rise and Dip of AD Kennen

Trend: Recently, AD Kennen’s usage has dwindled due to changes in the game’s meta and adjustments to Kennen’s abilities. However, don’t let that discourage you. In the right hands and matchups, it remains a pocket pick that can still catch enemies by surprise.

The Ideal Runes and Items

Tony’s got the goods. Here’s a secret stash of insights:

The Ideal Runes and ItemsLethal Tempo: Boosts auto-attack speed upon hitting enemy champions.

Triumph: Restore health and energy on takedowns.

Legend: Tenacity: More takedowns mean even more attack speed.

Coup de Grace: Seals the deal on low-health enemies.

Taste of Blood: Damaging enemies with an ability? Get some heal.

Ultimate Hunter: Shorter ultimate cooldown? Yes, please!

Core Items:

Sorcerer’s Shoes: Kennen’s magical essence still requires some magic penetration.

Kraken Slayer: To make every third basic attack a nightmare for foes.

Blade of the Ruined King: For that sweet bonus magic damage and speed.

And more!Core Items:

Unlocking AD Kennen’s Potential

Playing AD Kennen requires wit, strategy, and a penchant for catching the enemy off-guard. Whether you’re a veteran looking for a fresh playstyle or a newbie wanting to break the mold, AD Kennen offers a unique and rewarding experience.

Pros and Cons of AD Kennen

Like any build in the vast League of Legends universe, AD Kennen comes with its unique set of strengths and weaknesses:


Surprise Factor: Many players expect Kennen to go AP, so an AD build can catch them off guard, leading to tactical advantages.

Sustained Damage: Unlike the bursty nature of AP Kennen, the AD build offers consistent and extended damage output, especially in prolonged fights.

Utility: Kennen’s inherent ability to stun enemies combined with the damage from AD items can turn him into both a crowd control and damage-dealing monster.

Versatility: With both AP and AD ratios in his kit, AD Kennen can effectively deal mixed damage, making it harder for enemies to itemize defensively against him.


Vulnerability: Without the classic Zhonya’s Hourglass in the build, AD Kennen might find himself more susceptible to enemy engages.

Less AoE Damage: AP Kennen is notorious for his game-changing ultimate in team fights. While AD Kennen’s ultimate is still useful for the stuns, it lacks the raw burst damage AP Kennen provides.

Reliance on Auto-attacks: AD Kennen is more dependent on his auto-attacks. Any crowd control that disrupts this (e.g., blinds or stuns) can significantly hamper his damage output.

Meta-Dependent: While AD Kennen can be potent, the shifting meta and champion updates can sometimes leave this build less favored.

Engage in the Rift: Tips and Tricks

1. Positioning is Key: AD Kennen, much like traditional ADCs, requires optimal positioning to ensure consistent damage output while staying safe.

2. Mixed Damage: Exploit the fact that you can dish out both AP and AD damage. This can confuse enemies about which defensive items to prioritize.

3. Flexibility: Don’t be rigid with your build. If the situation calls for it, incorporating an AP item or two can be beneficial, depending on your team’s needs and the enemy’s composition.

4. Communication: Since AD Kennen is off-meta, make sure to communicate with your team, especially during champion selection, to avoid misunderstandings.

5. Master the Stun: Kennen’s passive, Mark of the Storm, can be applied through auto-attacks and abilities. Efficiently using this to chain-stun enemies can be the difference between life and death in skirmishes and team fights.

Summoner Testimonials

“AD Kennen offers a thrilling experience. Every game feels like a new challenge, and the satisfaction when you outplay an enemy is unparalleled.” – SilverFang “I was skeptical at first, but once I got the hang of it, it’s a refreshing change from the traditional ADCs.” – MoonlitArrow “Going AD on Kennen? Why not! It’s fun, it’s different, and when you win, the bragging rights are epic!” – ThunderShock


Is AD Kennen viable in ranked games? Absolutely!

While it might be an off-meta choice, in the right hands and against specific matchups, AD Kennen can shine.

Which lane is best for AD Kennen?

Typically, AD Kennen is seen in the bot lane, taking on the role of an ADC.

Why not just stick with AP Kennen?

Diversity is the spice of life! While AP Kennen offers burst potential, AD Kennen brings a new style, challenging and fun.

How does AD Kennen’s gameplay differ from AP?

AD Kennen relies more on auto-attacks, kiting, and positional play compared to the AP build’s bursty, all-in approach.

Are there any champions that counter AD Kennen hard?

Like all champions, some matchups can be challenging. It’s crucial to learn and adapt, using Kennen’s mobility and stuns to your advantage.

Can you play AD Kennen in other roles?

While bot lane as ADC is the most common, some summoners have experimented with AD Kennen in the top and mid lanes with varying success. Adapt and surprise!

Final Sparks

So, summoners, next time you spot an AD Kennen on the rift or consider adopting this off-meta build, remember, in the world of League, innovation, surprise, and a dash of unpredictability often lead to victory. As the winds of the meta shift, AD Kennen might just be the jolt you need.

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of Summoner’s Rift, experimentation can lead to new discoveries and strategies. AD Kennen might not always be the flavor of the month, but for those willing to venture outside the box, it’s a thrilling and rewarding journey. Embrace the lightning, channel the energy, and let every arrow count.

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Author’s Note: A big shoutout to all the Kennen mains out there who shared their insights and experiences. Keep shocking the competition! ⚡

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