Best AD Supports in LoL

Unleashing the Power of AD Supports: The Game Changer in League of Legends

Did you ever feel a rush of excitement upon discovering a revolutionary approach in gaming, one that can completely transform your experience and elevate your performance? For all you League of Legends (LoL) enthusiasts, that approach lies hidden in the heart of “AD Supports”.

Imagine being able to deal high damage while also offering the invaluable benefits of support. Too good to be true? Well, not anymore.


  • AD supports can revolutionize your gaming strategy
  • Google and Facebook’s ad revenues highlight the power of adaptation
  • Traditional AD Carries can be modified into game-changing supports
  • Insights from Marcus Sheridan underscore the importance of adaptation
  • An experienced gamer, Tony Fallon shares secret insider tips and uncommon strategies

The global digital ad spend, which skyrocketed from $283.35 billion in 2018 to a staggering $378.16 billion in 2020, as per Statista, underscores the undeniable power of adaptation and innovation. The same applies to the gaming realm, where Google and Facebook dominate over 50% of the global digital ad market. A parallel exists in the world of LoL, where innovation and adaptability lie at the heart of game-changing strategies.

Embracing the Unexpected: The Rise of AD Supports

In the words of digital marketing expert, Marcus Sheridan, “In today’s information age of Marketing and Web 2.0, a company’s website is the key to their entire business.” Similarly, in the realm of LoL, flexibility and innovative gameplay are key to gaming success. And it’s here that we see a rising trend: traditional ADCs being employed as AD supports, which adds an exciting twist to the gameplay.

Making a Strong Case: The Power of Adaptation

Let’s take a look at how some conventional AD Carries can be molded into influential supports:


As an ADC, Jhin focuses on farming and only fully utilizes his kit when supported by his team. However, as a support, he can dominate the laning phase, ensuring bot side priority.

Miss Fortune:Miss Fortune:

Initially deemed as a troll pick, Miss Fortune has evolved into a versatile off-meta support with a multitude of unique strengths.


Not typically a support main, Ashe is a fun choice for an AD support role and is a recommended tryout.


Designed as a marksman that can function as an AD carry and an AD support, Senna scales well in both roles, a great choice for those wanting to diversify their game strategy.


The first support champion in LoL that was also designed as an AD assassin, Pyke is still the best AD pick for the role.

As the above examples illustrate, AD supports are a force to be reckoned with, providing a fresh angle to your gameplay. Tony Fallon, an experienced gaming journalist, recommends embracing this off-meta path to elevate your gameplay.

Journey of Adaptable Champions

Several champions often overlooked for the support role can offer surprising advantages. Let’s venture deeper:

Trundle: Though primarily a jungle champion, his simple playstyle and capability to outlast the tankiest of tanks make him a unique choice for support. His sustain and crowd control abilities can be of great use in the bot lane.

Jarvan IV: Once a popular off-meta support pick, Jarvan IV brings an aggressive playstyle that can take opponents by surprise. His ability to initiate fights can often tilt the game in your favor.

Shen: Shen has been a fantastic pick against aggressive team compositions. His ability to protect the ADC and disrupt the enemies’ attacks provides significant strategic value.

Sett: Primarily a top laner, Sett’s versatility allows him to transition into a formidable bot lane support. With the perfect blend of protection, utility, and damage, he enables ADCs to carry the game more effectively.

Pantheon: As one of the most aggressive supports in the game, Pantheon offers an opportunity for you to take control right from the start. He thrives against shorter-ranged opponents and can frequently catch them off-guard.

Each of these champions can be adopted as AD supports, offering novel approaches to gameplay and fresh strategic dimensions.


Why should I consider using an AD support?

Using an AD support adds an additional layer of versatility to your game, providing both damage and support benefits to your team.

Which are the top AD supports to consider?

Pyke, Senna, Ashe, Miss Fortune, and Jhin are some of the most effective AD supports in League of Legends.

Can an AD support replace a traditional support?

While AD supports can’t completely replace traditional supports, they offer a fresh angle and strategy to gameplay that can often catch opponents off guard.

What makes an AD support different from traditional support?

Traditional supports mainly focus on aiding their team with crowd control, vision, and healing. AD supports, on the other hand, can also provide significant damage, leading to a more aggressive lane.

Are there any cons of using AD supports?

While AD supports can bring surprising power to your gameplay, they often lack the healing and shielding capabilities of traditional supports. Hence, a balanced team composition is crucial.

How can I effectively use an AD support?

Effective use of an AD support depends on understanding the champion’s abilities and how they can be employed to pressure the enemy, protect your ADC, and control the lane.


The gaming realm is not immune to change; rather, it thrives on it. Adaptability is the key to outplaying your opponents, and the advent of AD supports in LoL exemplifies this.

So the next time you jump into the rift, don’t shy away from experimenting with these game-changing strategies. In the dynamic world of LoL, adaptability can be your secret weapon.

Embracing the power of AD supports can provide you with a distinct edge, adding an exciting twist to the gaming experience. As Marcus Sheridan wisely said, the key lies in adaptation. And when it comes to gaming, who better to understand this than you, the champions of the Rift?


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