The Best ADCs for Sona

Striking the Right Chord: The Best ADCs for Sona

Ever felt the joy of jamming out to your favorite tune? Now imagine hitting the right notes in the bot lane of Summoner’s Rift, all thanks to the harmonious pairing of Sona with the perfect ADC. This is the League equivalent of nailing a power ballad!


  • 🎮 Top ADC synergies with Sona: Miss Fortune, Draven, Lucian
  • 🎤 Sona’s CC sets up jaw-dropping ult combos
  • 🎵 Sneaky says it best: Sona + aggressive ADCs = A musical massacre!

Best ADCs for the Melodic Maven

With her ethereal melodies and crowd-controlling tunes, Sona has solidified her spot as the orchestra’s MVP. Here’s who pairs best with our musical maestro:

Miss Fortune: The Dance of DestructionMiss Fortune: The Dance of Destruction

  • Battle Ballet: Sona’s Crescendo creates the stage for Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time. The result? A deadly rain of bullets that feels like an encore performance!
  • Quick Feet: Thanks to Sona’s Song of Celerity, Miss Fortune can chase down or gracefully exit, making them the Fred and Ginger of the bot lane!

Lucian: Intergalactic DuoLucian: Intergalactic Duo

  • Double the Fun: The Lightslinger passive from Lucian, paired with Sona’s Hymn of Valor, pokes enemies to oblivion.
  • Bounty Hunting: Lucian, with his dazzling moves and relentless shots, becomes the perfect partner for Sona. It’s like watching a sci-fi flick where the two hunt down their prey!

Draven: Showstopper SupremeDraven: Showstopper Supreme

  • Glorious Onslaught: Draven’s spinning axes and Sona’s auras are like a front-row ticket to a rock show.
  • Uninterrupted Finale: Sona ensures with her Crescendo that no one dares to stop Draven’s Whirling Death.

Jinx & Kai’Sa: The Melodic Sidekicks

  • Party in the Bot Lane: Jinx’s rockets and Sona’s tunes? A musical festival right in the bot lane!
  • Synchronized Assault: Kai’Sa and Sona’s moves look so synchronized; they could be on a reality dance show!

“Sona is a fantastic support for aggressive ADCs. Her ability to poke, heal, and provide crowd control makes her a great partner for ADCs like Draven and Lucian who can capitalize on her abilities to deal high amounts of damage.” – Pro LoL player, Sneaky.

Underappreciated Ensembles: Ezreal, Vayne, Caitlyn

  • Long-range Duets: Both Ezreal and Sona deliver powerful pokes even from a distance. Think of them as a sniper pair!
  • Early-game Powerhouse: With Sona by her side, Vayne gets an early game boost.
  • Out-of-reach Harmonies: Cait’s range and Sona’s tunes? It’s like a symphony from another dimension!

Understanding the Rhythms of Rift

As you dive deeper into the strategic intricacies of League, you’ll quickly realize that bot lane isn’t just about two champions. It’s about two players tuning their frequency, understanding their champions, and crafting an in-game symphony. Sona, with her versatile toolkit, provides a melody that can be matched with a range of ADCs to create a tantalizing harmony.

Sona’s Secret Sheet Music

Apart from the meta picks, there are a few non-traditional ADCs that can surprisingly go well with Sona:

Kog’Maw: The Explosive Concerto

  • Shredding Performance: Kog’Maw’s artillery-style gameplay pairs brilliantly with Sona’s poke. Think of them as the bot lane’s siege engine!
  • Protect the VIP: Sona can play bodyguard, ensuring that Kog’Maw’s Bio-Arcane Barrage and Living Artillery hit the right notes without interruptions.

Tristana: The Rocket Jump RaveTristana: The Rocket Jump Rave

  • High-flying Harmonies: With Sona’s auras and Tristana’s explosive jumps, they can quickly become the crowd-pullers of team fights.
  • Bursty Ballads: Tristana’s all-in nature paired with Sona’s Crescendo can easily lead to a crescendo of destruction for the enemies.

The Sound Strategy

When Tony Fallon (yeah, the Tony from countless gaming expos) shared his secret tip, many were surprised. It wasn’t about mechanics or stats. It was about listening – to your ADC, to the game’s rhythm, and to the heartbeats of your enemies (metaphorically, of course). Choosing the right ADC for Sona is not just about the damage; it’s about creating the right mood, building tension, and delivering the climax in team fights.


🎮 Who does Sona synergize best with? Miss Fortune, Draven, and Lucian are currently top tier when paired with Sona.

🎤 Why is Sona’s crowd control crucial for ADCs? It sets up opportunities for ADCs to unleash their devastating ultimates, maximizing damage.

🎵 Do Sona’s auras benefit aggressive ADCs? Absolutely! Her auras provide damage, healing, and utility that can supercharge an ADC’s offensive capabilities.

🎮 Which lesser-known ADCs pair well with Sona? Ezreal, Vayne, and Caitlyn also make formidable partners with the Maven of the Strings.

🎤 How does Sona change the dynamic of the bot lane? With her healing, poke, and crowd control, Sona can shift the tide of the lane, offering sustenance and setting up kill opportunities.

🎮 How important is positioning when playing Sona and an ADC? Crucial! With Sona’s lack of mobility and ADCs often being squishy, positioning can make or break a fight.

🎤 Can Sona be aggressive in the early game? Absolutely! With her Q poke and a complementary ADC, Sona can apply serious early-game pressure.

🎵 How do runes and builds affect Sona’s synergy with ADCs? Optimal rune choices and item builds can amplify Sona’s synergy, providing added utility or damage to support her ADC better.

🎮 What if the enemy team has hard engage champions? Sona and her ADC should play cautiously, using their range advantage and waiting for opportunities to counter-engage.

Concluding Note

As we wrap up this musical journey, let’s not forget that League, much like music, is about evolution. Champions rise and fall, meta shift, but the beauty of the game remains. Pairing Sona with the perfect ADC is just a chapter in this vast playbook. So next time you lock in Sona, remember, you’re not just picking a champion; you’re choosing an experience!

According to Mobalytics, as of 2021, champs like Miss Fortune, Draven, and Lucian have the highest synergy rates with Sona. But always remember, it’s not just about stats. It’s about the dance, the rhythm, the joy of playing in perfect harmony!


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