Best Hybrid Top Laners in League of Legends

In League, champions who specialize in both AD and AP damage are unusual. Most Champions are designed to be magical or AD dependent. Riot, on the other hand, has repeatedly breached this threshold, giving rise to what is known as Hybrid Champions.

Knowing what hybrid champions mean is essential in this topic. This way, you can scrutinize clearly whether this champion really belongs on the list. With that being said, let’s get going with the article.

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Playing In The Top Lane

If you bring yourself to this article by yourself, I have the right to believe that you want to play the top lane. I guess that is obvious, especially considering the fact that it is written on the title. But what can you really expect when you play at the top lane?

The top lane is a long lane with no champion ally to share it with. This implies that top laners are frequently tanks or high-damage champions who can make use of the long lane to run down opponents. 

Because the top is a one-on-one game, there are more champion options than any other role.

While each champion’s runes are unique, top laners frequently use summoner spells. Certain split-pushers will employ Ignite for kill pressure, while almost every other top laner will use Flash and Teleport. 

Teleporting helps you to rapidly return to your lane following a recall or to make a team play across the map.

That is pretty much the basics if you want to play at the top lane. And aside from that, you might want to know the champions you want to play in this lane. 

In this article, we’ll be giving you a short list of the best hybrid champion for the top lane that you might want to try out.

Let’s hit the list now.

7. Irelia

Irelia is an excellent top lane combatant. She is not the greatest in the early game, but after a few levels and items, you can stack your passive to gain a lot of attack speed and utilize your ultimate to deliver a lot of damage. Irelia can also split push in a side lane and has tremendous 1 vs 1 potential.

Irelia employs a mix of damage and tank equipment to mitigate her damage and keep her alive for longer. Irelia’s first item should be Blade of the Ruined King. 

The goods provide her a lot of attack damage and attack speed, as well as the ability to steal movement speed from foes, which may be quite useful while dealing with Baron Lane. Another excellent item for Irelia is Divine Sunderer. 

This item increases her damage and tank stats. Spellblade, a passive effect of Divine Sunderer, also works well with Irelia’s abilities, particularly Bladesurge.

Overall, Irelia is one of those champions that may appear difficult to play at first due to her extensive kit and the need to maximize her skills. 

But if you learn her entire kit and put in a lot of practice time, she may be one of the finest champions in the game and carry your entire team.

6. Jax

Due to major nerfs on him and some adjustments in the items, some of you will probably argue that the Jax hybrid is not viable anymore. But this champ is a legend hybrid and that alone deserves him a spot on this list.

Because Riot removed the Hextech Gunblade, Jax will seldom be seen constructing a hybrid. There are a few builds, though, that turn Jax into a hybrid beast.

Despite becoming somewhat unpopular recently, hybrid Jax is all but forgotten now that Tank Jax is the real deal. I’d say that going Jax Bruiser/Tank is preferable, but going hybrid is also an option.

It will prioritize damage over sustain, which might be fatal versus big hitters or Assassins. Never construct mindlessly and always adapt to the scenario at hand.

Jax has a strong early game and an outstanding late game. He scales well and has a significant influence on the game. 

Jax is an excellent Champion to have on your team, whether you play him as a split pusher, Fighter, Tank, or anything else. I highly suggest this Champion to anyone who is playing on Top since his versatility makes him as lethal as they come.

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5. Ezreal

you probably usually see this champ at the bot lane with his support. However, some meta allows this champ to be playable at the lane as well. And to dominate that, Ez hybrid is the way to go.

With tremendous damage, no cooldowns, and general domination, Ezreal can win games on his own. He can one-shot someone, harass them, zone… There’s basically nothing this Champion can’t do.

Muramana with Luden’s Tempest and other outlandish combos are common for Ezreal. He can put pressure on his Lane and have a huge influence on the game. 

Ezreal is fantastic against healthy teams who prioritize tanking above everything else, since he can smash even the tankiest opponents.

I don’t even have to mention anything about squishies. Any adversary with a poor defense will be eliminated off the map with a single spell or two. 

Ezreal pushes hybrid builds to new heights, providing far more than anybody could have imagined.

4. Aatrox probably encountered this enemy and you just can’t kill this dude. You most likely lost a couple of brain cells just to search and counter and kill this player, but you still can’t. It’s all thanks to his hybrid meta.

Aatrox, the Darkin Blade, is a Melee champion that prioritizes attack speed and damage to inflict agony and maintain himself. And because of that, you might want to build something for him to counter that. 

Because the champion’s move set necessitates the usage of health as a resource, maintaining your health is a top concern while playing as this champion.

The champion performs well in lane, perhaps too well. Aatrox players will play aggressively in a lane all the time in order to get you out of position and kill you, even if it costs him his Blood Well. You may notice that when Aatrox’s passive triggers, you must play entirely different in combat.

Aside from charging into combat with your weapons blazing, you must concentrate on doing damage that will outlast your opponent. This is when Blood Thirst will outperform Blood Price.

Overall, Aatrox is a wonderful addition to the League of Legends roster and offers a unique experience to those who claim to be top lane monarchs. 

If you know how to create bruisers or sustain carriers in a lane, he is the champion for you. If you aren’t accustomed to creating champions like this, you might want to wait and test him out on your smurf account.

3. Akali

When people say AP/ Assassin, this champ was the first to come up in mind. Akali is a well-known AP Fighter/Assassin who is just interested in increasing his power. She scales incredibly well and is equally at home on the Top and Mid Lanes. 

Her combat abilities are nothing short of incredible. Akali can battle for what feels like a lifetime, because of her mobility, strong base stats, and amazing sustain.

She tends toward AP rather than AD. Akali would have been a real Hybrid in the days of the Hextech Gunblade. At the very least, she’d be more of a hybrid than she is today. 

Despite the lack of certain gear, Akali still deals a good balance of damage. There is a lot of focus on her employing basic attacks in conjunction with the passive.

Her incredible endurance makes her nearly immortal. It becomes so severe at times that it has gained a reputation in the neighborhood. Nonetheless, despite being rather broken, Akali remains an excellent Champion. 

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2. Kayle

This chic is a patron of our list. And that is not because of my bias toward her, she just really deserves to be on the lists that we put her into.

She is a top laner and is very famous for her scaling abilities. I bet you’d love what we write about her scaling in one of our articles. You should check it out.

Kayle’s build is mostly comprised of on-hit components. Many of the goods in the game are available in both AD and AP variants. 

Some even combine the two, giving AD passive Magic damage. She is more of a marksman than a mage, given her reliance on assaults over spells.

As a result, she is a true hybrid with several mage utilities like healing and an additional nuke. Her Ultimate gives invincibility as well as a great AOE AP bomb that can annihilate many adversaries at the same time. 

Kayle is without a doubt one of the finest hybrid Champions ever released in League of Legends, with such a nice blend of Mage and Marksman shenanigans.

1. Nasus

In terms of the laning phase, you might not want to pick nasus, I but kid you not, he scales really well. 

Obviously, he has the AD power, and if you combine with him an AP build, even his third and second skills will be very useful and annoying if you are laned against him.

 He doesn’t do anything until the age of six, and he can’t compete with aggressive champions. However, he will become a monster as long as he does not die and just scales.

Nasus’s Q, which he uses to last hit minions, makes him immensely strong. The greater the stacks, the more minions he kills with his Q. 

He ends up with an endless number of stacks. So, if he is left alone to farm for 30 minutes, he can easily have hundreds and hundreds of stacks.

Because of the massive amount of damage his Q can deliver to them, he can easily one-shot-combo wimpy champions or secure towers with these stacks. 

His development path and items will also make him indestructible since he will be highly tanky and hard to knock down.


It’s a little sad that we reach yet again another end of an article. But I hope we were able to at least instill some knowledge to you guys. 

If after reading this, you have spotted a champ that you think resonates with your gaming style, I suggest you give it a try. And let us know how it turned out. Good luck and have fun!

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