What is the Best Syndra Skin?

Discovering the Best Syndra Skin: A Deep Dive into Magical Designs

Ever felt that pang of envy, watching another player sport an epic Syndra skin you never knew existed? *We’ve been there too.*

In the bustling lanes of Summoner’s Rift, Syndra reigns supreme – and her myriad of skins makes her all the more fascinating. Let’s decode the magic, shall we?


  • Star Guardian Syndra: A magical girl transformation.
  • Justicar Syndra: An alternative universe of heroism.
  • SKT T1 Syndra: A mark of eSports triumph.
  • Insider’s Pick: Bewitching Syndra and Spirit Blossom Syndra.
  • Choosing the right skin can amp up your gaming experience.

The Majestic Universe of Syndra Skins

The Ever-Popular Star Guardian SyndraThe Ever-Popular Star Guardian Syndra

The world of anime often collides with that of gaming. And when it does? Magic. Pure magic. Take the Star Guardian Syndra skin for instance. Launched in 2017, this design transforms our powerful Dark Sovereign into a magical girl. For fans of vibrant hues and anime lore, this one’s a game-changer.

The Contrasting Beauty: Justicar SyndraThe Contrasting Beauty: Justicar Syndra

The lore of League isn’t just about what’s evident; it’s also about the ‘what ifs’. The Justicar Syndra skin beautifully showcases this. In the words of a seasoned player, “Syndra’s Justicar skin is a fan favorite because it shows a different side of her, one where she might have been a protector instead of a villain.”

Wearing a Badge of Honor: SKT T1 SyndraWearing a Badge of Honor: SKT T1 Syndra

In recent times, the SKT T1 Syndra skin has shot up in popularity charts. It’s not just a skin; it’s a testament to the triumphant win of the professional eSports team SKT T1 in the 2016 World Championship. Wearing this skin doesn’t just change Syndra’s appearance; it changes the player’s aura.

Why The Right Skin Matters

In the world of LoL, your skin isn’t just about appearance. It’s about the story, the statement, and the strategy. It’s about:

  • Expression: Showcasing your style and personality.
  • Engagement: Immersing in the world of your champion.
  • Experience: Elevating gameplay through rich lore and design.

Here’s a concise compilation of all Syndra skins with their respective prices:

Syndra Skins and Their Prices:

  1. Justicar Syndra: 975 Riot Points.
  2. Atlantean Syndra: 975 Riot Points. (Theme: Forgotten Depths)
  3. Queen of Diamonds Syndra: 750 Riot Points. (Theme: Highstakes)
  4. Snow Day Syndra: 1350 Riot Points. (Theme: Snow Day)
  5. SKT T1 Syndra: 1350 Riot Points. (Theme: World Champions: 2016)
  6. Star Guardian Syndra: 1350 Riot Points. (Theme: Star Guardian Season 2)
  7. Pool Party Syndra: 1350 Riot Points. (Theme: Pool Party)
  8. Withered Rose Syndra: 1350 Riot Points. (Theme: Withered Rose)
  9. Bewitching Syndra: 1350 Riot Points. (Theme: Bewitching)
  10. Prestige Star Guardian Syndra: 125 Mythic Essences. (Theme: Star Guardian Season 4)
  11. Spirit Blossom Syndra: 1350 Riot Points. (Theme: Spirit Blossom)

Please note that while the Riot Points (RP) pricing can be constant, the availability of these skins can vary based on events, sales, and other promotions. Furthermore, the Prestige Star Guardian Syndra skin, which costs Mythic Essences, requires a different acquisition method than the regular RP-based skins. Always ensure to check the in-game store or the official Riot Games website for the latest information and availability of skins.

Tony’s Insider Choices: Bewitching Syndra & Spirit Blossom Syndra

When sifting through the myriad of Syndra’s skins, two particularly stand out for their exquisite detail, intricate design, and the stories they tell. Tony Fallon, our in-house gaming journalist, personally vouches for these two: Bewitching Syndra and Spirit Blossom Syndra.

Bewitching SyndraBewitching Syndra

Priced at 1350 Riot Points and themed under “Bewitching,” this skin captures the essence of mysterious magic and haunting beauty. The design is impeccable: Syndra, draped in a spellbinding witch’s attire, exudes an aura of dark enchantment. The thematic elements, including her orbs, turned into glowing pumpkins, only add to the allure. Every time Tony dons this skin, he feels like the master of the Halloween Summoner’s Rift, casting spells and bewitching opponents.

Spirit Blossom SyndraSpirit Blossom Syndra

Available for 1350 Riot Points and falling under the “Spirit Blossom” theme, this skin is a stark contrast to Bewitching Syndra. Inspired by mythical tales and spirits, it paints Syndra in a light of ethereal beauty. The design is flush with pastel colors, floral patterns, and flowing fabrics, transforming Syndra into a spirit of nature. For Tony, playing with this skin feels like weaving a tale of ancient legends and spirits, making each game a narrative of its own.

In conclusion, while all of Syndra’s skins offer a unique gaming experience, Bewitching Syndra and Spirit Blossom Syndra hold a special place in Tony Fallon’s heart. Their detailed designs, coupled with the stories they tell, make them more than just skins; they’re experiences. Whether you’re looking to cast a spell or weave a legend, Tony believes these two are the go-to choices for any Syndra enthusiast.


What makes the Bewitching Syndra skin special?

Bewitching Syndra offers an entrancing design that perfectly blends the spirit of Halloween with Syndra’s powerful aura.

Is Spirit Blossom Syndra related to any in-game event?

Yes, the Spirit Blossom skin line celebrates the in-game Spirit Blossom festival, a homage to spirits and legends.

How often are new Syndra skins released?

While there isn’t a fixed schedule, Riot Games often releases champion skins during special events, holidays, or championships.

Which Syndra skin is the rarest?

Prestige Star Guardian Syndra is among the rarer skins, given its limited availability during special events.

Do skins affect Syndra’s abilities in any way?

Skins change the visual and sometimes audio effects of abilities but don’t alter their functionality.


So, while Star Guardian Syndra may dazzle with its anime magic, and SKT T1 Syndra may carry the weight of eSports triumph, in the end, the best Syndra skin is truly about your personal connection. Whether it’s the lore, the design, or a little insider secret Tony just shared – choose the one that resonates, and let your Syndra shine!


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