Can Yasuo Be Played in the Jungle?

Yasuo as a Jungler? Numerous would say NO to that, but is it possible?

Many players have different opinions about that. Some think they know what Yasuo’s role should be as he is a champion that can be played as a melee on all lanes, but that’s often not true.

This article will show you that if you are willing to try it, it is possible to play him as a Jungler. We will tell you all about the abilities and runes viable for Yasuo and how to pick the best for him.

In addition, we’ll give you a complete breakdown of how to play Yasuo in jungles, so you never have to ask the question, “Can You Play Yasuo In Jungle?”

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Why Would You Play Yasuo Jungle?

Yasuo, one of the most versatile and challenging to master champions in League of Legends, is someone that can be effectively used on multiple lanes. 

The Unforgiven one is often seen on Top lane, Mid ( the main one), and even on Bottom playing as ADC. He is a fighter champion that can take on many enemies based on how you build him and how the game flows. But is he as good as a Jungler, and why would you even want to play him in that role? 

Here are some of the main reasons why players want and would play him as a Jungler:

  • They are Yasuo Mains – this speaks enough by itself!
  • The enemy team composition is made of squishy characters that die quickly.
  • Your allies’ champions would create a pleasing combination upon ganks on their lane.
  • Or you want to try something off Meta.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons, with the first being the most serious and prominent one in the League community.

With the many bases of why you would try this champion in the Jungle, it is time to focus on more crucial questions that may arise. Such is how to play the winner in that role, what build to pick, runes, and overall camp strategies. All these are essential for success, so check them out and take notes!

How Can Yasuo Mains Play-Well As Junglers?

That is a complicated question to answer. At the beginning of time, when League of Legends champion Yasuo was planned and created. But unfortunately, the game, system, and the whole community were not ready for the unforgivable greatness of our mhm Yasuo mains awesomeness.

There is nothing that an honest Yasuo man can not play. We have seen fellow players who have even tried out support by playing the Unforgiven as a tank. That means nothing stops people from trying Yasuo in the Jungle.

The matter of how a man can play this versatile and op champion in the Jungle is relatively easy. All they have to do is:

  • Know how Yasuo’s skills and mechanics work.
  • Prepare to build according to the game and the opponents.
  • Pick the correct runes.
  • Have a good farming strategy and management.
  • Know when to initiate a gank and how to steal objectives.

If they prepare all of these, playing this character in the Rift’s Jungle will be a piece of cake; however, if they do not frame any of the above or miss up even one or two. 

Then, it is most likely that they will fail, receive a lot of hate from the otherwise lovely community and end up losing the match.

That is why being a main or not, whether you decide to experiment and play freely. We advise you to stick to some of the game basics and THINK. Analyzing the situation and reacting correctly is the key to winning in League of Legends. 

That is why even the weirdest Metas you see online work, because behind the actions of these players are hidden good thoughts, calculations, foreseeing how the game will flow, and all of these create good plays.

Best Yasuo Jungle Build – Prepare Well!

As we already said, if you plan to take on the challenge of playing Yasuo in the Jungle, you will need to prepare for it thoughtfully!

The first step will be to pick the correct runes for the champion, which will be the most beneficial for the role and his stats like a fighter.

Here you will see the steps you have to take in order to pick the proper runes:

  1. Firstly choose the Precision path.
  2. From there, select Lethal Tempo – Yasuo uses this Attack Speed boost!
  3. After that, you must select Triumph – you need to ensure your survivability after a won fight.
  4. Next is Legend: Alacrity – even more Attack speed! – Works well for his Q.
  5. Lastly, select Coup De Grace for an advantage in the one versus one brawl.

That quite nicely sums up the Precision Path for the runes. With Yasuo, it is the main one whether you play ADC, Mid, or Top. It does not matter the lane. You must pick this path mainly for the attack speed and the damage and heal bonuses.

After we finish the primary path, it will be time to move our gaze toward the secondary. In it, you have to pick the Domination if you want to dominate the enemies and win for your team!

Start by:

  1. Taste of Blood – the extra heal will be a lot of help early versus enemy champs.
  2. Treasure Hunger – playing in the Jungle will limit your gold income, primarily if you aim for assistance. Pick this for the extra coins!

Completing these two paths, you will have to pick the Runes stats. It will be best to go with Attack Speed, Adaptive force, and usually armor. The last will be mainly for the camps, but if an enemy team is full of mages, you can go for one or two magic resists and attack speed stats. 

Accordingly, you can do the same with armor, and only the first one must never be changed, as Yasuo uses the attack speed for his Q cooldown.

Best Yasuo Items – What To Start With, Core and Late Game Items!

As a Jungler Yasuo starter pack consists of Emberknife and Refillable Potions. These two are his essentials and best friends in the early game because the first is best against enemies, and the second will save on gold while using the potions. 

Unfortunately, in the early game, he has low to no lifesteal, and it will be hard to heal from all the damage he takes from the camps.

After you gain some gold, be it from doing camps or assisting the team to killing some enemies. After that, you will have to focus on the first main item – Immortal Shieldbow.

That is something we usually would not want in the early game, even if it is his best-fitting Mythic item. 

However, this one got everything he needed in a game where his survivability depends on lifesteal. The speed, critical, damage, and lifesteal will help him farm faster while surviving while doing ganks for the team.

After completing this item, you will need Death Dance or Mortal Reminder. This second pick depends on whom you are facing. One is to deal with enemies who heal a lot, while the other is to increase your chances to survive in fights – pick based on the match!

Third, but can be moved to second, is the boots—Yasuo depending on speed. Thus you will need Berserker’s Greaves to increase it. By doing so, you will gain a faster CD on his Q. That is why in cases you require that you can move this item as the second.

Following these three, you will need to get Infinity Edge, which will significantly increase his damage. If you do not need this extra damage, you can go for Bloodthirster and get some extra lifesteal.

Usually, after these, it will be for the best to pick a tank item. That is not something many players do, nor is it something we usually recommend. But if you play Jungle, you will need to ensure that you survive. You can pick armor or magic resist based on the opponent’s composition. 

Note: When picking a little tankier items, you can either focus on HP and MR or something that gives you AD and MR.

Camps Strategy – How To Start With Yasuo?

Regarding how he should start in the Jungler, things are not that hard. As you know, Yasuo is an AD champion based on his Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Critical Chance.

That means you will not go for Blue as the first camp. Instead, you must prepare at red and wait for your allies to help you. 

Unlike other champs that can clear these camps alone, Yasuo will have a difficult time until around levels 4 to 5, when he gets some gold and purchases a few essential beginning items.

Till then, you will have to be very careful of how you operate in the Jungle. As a strategy, you can start like this:

  1. First, always start with the Red camp!
  2. After it, head for the Raptors – ignore golems.
  3. Next will be the Blue camp.
  4. Following it, you will want to clear groups and back.

That should be what you have to clear first. Then, hopefully, you will not meet the enemy jungler and will be able to remove it in one go before backing. 

Once you return, you can get some items, usually lifesteal and attack speed, if you have enough, and some Critical Chance ones. Then you can rush to the enemy jungle or clear the camps you have left untouched. But, of course, by the time you do so, your ones will start respawning, and you have to repeat till you reach level 6.

At level 6, the strategy changes. You must follow for the bugs, have a vision on the Objectives, your Red and Blue, and at the same time find a chance to gank your allies’ lanes. 

This way, if you are lucky and know what you are doing, you will be able to aid the team and win the game if everything goes well.

Bottom Line

As you have read everything, you know whether it will be a good idea to pick Yasuo in the Jungle. 

You know that it is possible and is something that happens – most often because of Yasuo mains. However, now you have a more detailed look at how it is done, what builds to pick, runes, and the best overall strategy.

With all the information, you will try something like Yasuo Jungler is up to you; if you are curious and want to feel that many players who main this excellent champion feel, try it. If, on the other hand, you do not want to risk, then pick a traditional jungler and enjoy the game!

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