Is Evelynn AP or AD? The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Evelynn possesses one of the most substantial burst potentials in the game. She is one if not the best assassin in the game because she can turn invisible and pink wards, are the only thing that can detect her. 

This means that if her enemies don’t have control wards in the river, she can roam freely, and nobody would suspect that she’s coming for a scam. Aside from the burst damage of Evelyn and excellent gap closer and sustain, she also has a self-peel ability right after she bursts an enemy carry, and it comes from her ultimate. 

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Is Evelynn AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Evelyn is purely AP; all of her abilities scale with ability power, and even the heal from her passive also scales with her ability power. These are cast abilities, and all of their damage AP items increase. Her W is a great tool to deal with champions that stack on magic resist as it reduces the magic resist of a champion by a certain percentage depending on Evelyn’s level.

Nothing and nobody can be genuinely a tank against Evelyn; even if enemies build all magic resist items, she can still burst them thanks to the build she can run to extend her magic penetration. Here are the builds for Evelyn.

Best Items For Evelynn

  • Hextech rocket belt – Evelyn already has a gap closer on her E, but that alone is not enough to immediately get close to her opponent and charm them. Hextech rocket belt also gives Evelyn extra movement speed right after she uses its active. 
  • Mejai’s Soulstealer – If you know you can farm kills or takedowns, this should be your first item as it is cheap, and the bonus stats you gain from this item are just OP. Don’t often die to get the most value out of this item.
  • Lich Bane – Evelynn’s E trigger’s on-hit effects add tremendous damage to Evelyn’s W + E engage; this alone can bring the HP down of a squishy champion down to a quarter; having Lich Bane will most likely enable you to one-shot combo most of the champions. 
  • Rabbadon’s Deathcap – Build this item with Mejai’s soul stealer if the enemies are squishy and there are no tanks that stack on magic resist. 
  • Void Staff and Shadowflame is the best item you can build if the enemy team is mainly composed of tanks stacked on magic resist items. 
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes – For the extra Magic Penetration. 

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Best Runes For Evelyn

  • Electrocute – is the premier rune for when you are trying to burst an enemy champion down; Evelynn can easily trigger it because the damage from her W and E alone are two different instances and the lich bane proc finishes the requirement of 3 different attacks. 
  • Sudden impact – Evelynn can trigger this right after she reveals herself upon engaging enemy champions. 
  • Eyeball collection – is there for added adaptive stats in the late game.
  • Relentless Hunter – Evelynn will spend most of her time running around the map looking for a lane to swindle, and this rune combined with her passive is great. 

When Should You Pick Evelynn?

Evelyn should only be picked if the enemy team does not stack on tank champions; she is also a great pick; however, if the enemy team is planning to do a funnel strategy where they will all put it on one support, these supports are mostly squishy so an Evelynn is great as she can escape right after she ults that squishy champion down. 

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Evelynn is an excellent AP assassin that can burst all of the champions down; she can also self-peel with her ultimate while dealing tons of burst damage. However, she is a squishy champion, so try to play cautiously; one wrong move and the enemy team can easily burst you down. 

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