Is Galio AP or AD? The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide 

One of the surprise champions to dominate mid-lane, when the faker played him during the worlds and LCK championships, he showed the full potential of Galio as an offensive champion. He was initially designed as a tank that could take all the punishments from their enemies and return the damage twofold. 

A few years back, he received an update and a complete rework which changed his entire look and all of his abilities. After Galio’s rework, his kit completely changed, but his scaling remains the same. Is Galio AP or AD? And here’s everything you need to know about him.

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Is Galio AP or AD Champion?

Galio is a tank champion that scales with both defensive stats and AP, all of his ability’s damage scale with ability power. He can burst enemies down, given that he performs his combos perfectly. His burst depends on the sequence of his abilities, do it wrong, and you will have a goofy-looking go. 

His ultimate is the best response to the enemy’s attacks; he will jump towards his designated ally and slam the ground knocking all enemies airborne; the higher his ability power is, the higher the burst damage of this spell becomes. Enemies hit within his ultimate inner circle are knocked up longer and receive more damage. With Galio’s Kit, here are the best items you can build on him.

The Best Item Builds on Galio

  • Everfrost – A great initiating ability for Galio because after taunting his enemies, he needs an additional immobilizing effect to land all of his abilities. This item also gives him a massive boost in bonus ability power which is excellent if you will build him as an ap burst champion.
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass – Galio’s ultimate is an excellent response-ability that he can use to come to the aid of one of his allies immediately. But after he lands and his team doesn’t have a follow-up, he puts himself in danger, and being in stasis is a workaround for this issue.
  • Morellonomicon – Galio has low cooldowns from his abilities, and having Morellonomicon on champions with low cooldown abilities means that you can often apply grievous wounds to his enemies.
  • Demonic Embrace – This is an excellent item if you are facing tank champions; just like Morellonomicon, this item inflicts a continuous damaging effect on the enemy, and having low cooldown spells means you can inflict the DPS passive of this item on enemies quite often.
  • Void Staff – is a tremendous all-around item on Galio because it lets him deal the total damage of his spells on enemies even if they have magic resists. 
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes – Gives him extra magic penetration.

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Best Runes Gor Galio

  • Aftershock – Most of Galio’s abilities have CC effects on them, and he can abuse this rune’s bonus damage and defensive stats every time he engages an enemy. Initiating a team fight with your ultimate also gives you bonus defensive stats, which helps you survive the retaliation of the enemy team.
  • Shield Bash – every time Galio gains a magic shield from his abilities, he can activate the effect of this rune which also synergizes with his passive.
  • Bone plating – to prevent enemies’ bursts and mitigate damages from early game trade.
  • Overgrowth – This is a tremendous late-game rune that gives Galio bonus HP; since his items will be focused on offensive stats, he won’t have a high HP, and this rune solves that problem.

When Should You Pick Galio?

He is an excellent pick in the middle lane as a mage and a support tank; he is an excellent pick if you have allies that need babysitting in the early game like Vayne or Kaisa. Since he has his ultimate, he can quickly respond to an enemy’s deception and help them.

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Galio is an AP champion that can be built like a tank or a hybrid of AP and defensive mage. He has greatly Peeling and initiating abilities that are great during team fights.

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