Winning Big: The Ultimate Guide to LoL Ranked Rewards

Winning Big: The Ultimate Guide to LoL Ranked Rewards

Every seasoned gamer knows that winning isn’t just about personal satisfaction or bragging rights. For League of Legends (LoL) fans, it’s also about those tantalizing Ranked Rewards that add to the game’s thrilling appeal. What if you could navigate this rewarding ladder like a pro? Well, brace yourself, because we’re about to unravel the mysteries surrounding LoL Ranked Rewards.


  • League of Legends is the most-watched esports event, with a peak viewership of 45.95 million in 2020.
  • Riot Games uses Ranked Rewards as incentives for players to improve their skills.
  • Over half of the LoL players (56%) participate in ranked play.
  • This guide provides a comprehensive understanding of LoL Ranked Rewards.
  • We’ll explore some secret insider tips to help you make the most out of your gaming experience.

A League of Millions: The LoL Phenomenon

According to Riot Games, the brains behind the global sensation, LoL had a peak viewership of 45.95 million during the 2020 World Championship. This makes it the most-watched esports event of all time! And it’s no surprise, given the game’s exciting and competitive nature. Players are not just battling it out for glory; they’re also fighting for those coveted ranked rewards.

Ranked Rewards: The Power to Drive Progress

As Riot Games puts it, “Ranked rewards are a great way to incentivize players to climb the ladder and improve their skills in League of Legends.” This statement is more than just corporate spiel; it’s a testament to the pivotal role that rewards play in the game’s popularity. A survey by Newzoo confirms this, with 56% of players participating in ranked play.

The Allure of LoL Ranked Rewards: UnraveledThe Allure of LoL Ranked Rewards: Unraveled

What is it about these rewards that get gamers’ hearts racing? Well, ranked rewards include everything from rare skins and profile borders to emotes and summoner icons. Plus, these rewards change every season, keeping players on their toes and eager for the next big thing.

Insider Tips for Climbing the Ranked Ladder

Tony Fallon, our resident gaming guru, has spent countless hours in the Rift. He’s shared some top tips on how to climb the ranked ladder and unlock those much-anticipated rewards:

  1. Know Your Role: Stick to what you’re best at and specialize in it.
  2. Watch and Learn: Study professional games for strategy insights.
  3. Communication is Key: Work with your team, not against them.
  4. Stay Positive: Keep your cool even in the heat of the battle.
  5. Practise: Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep grinding!

Mastering the Meta: Your Secret Weapon

If you want to truly excel in LoL and reach those high tiers, you need to keep up with the game’s ever-changing meta. The meta refers to the most effective tactics and champion picks of the current patch or season.

Tony Fallon suggests:

  • Follow Updates and Patches: Stay in the know about the latest game changes, as these can significantly affect the meta.
  • Learn From Pros: Watch live streams and replays of professional gamers and learn from their champion picks and tactics.
  • Test Different Champions: Don’t shy away from trying new champions. The more you experiment, the better you’ll understand their strengths and weaknesses.

LoL Ranked Rewards: A Testament to Your SkillLoL Ranked Rewards: A Testament to Your Skill

Indeed, LoL Ranked Rewards are more than just cosmetic goodies. They are a testament to your dedication, skill, and determination. When you showcase that Victorious Skin or that flashy profile border, you’re making a statement. You’re not just another player in the Rift; you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Enjoy the Journey, Not Just the Destination

As you venture forth on your ranked journey, remember this: LoL is not just about the destination (or the shiny rewards), but also about the journey. It’s about those heart-stopping moments, the epic comebacks, and the camaraderie forged in the heat of battle. So, gear up, summoners! The Rift awaits, and so do those alluring ranked rewards!


What are LoL Ranked Rewards?

LoL Ranked Rewards are incentives that players receive when they reach a certain rank in the game. These can include exclusive skins, profile borders, emotes, and summoner icons.

How can I earn LoL Ranked Rewards?

You can earn Ranked Rewards by participating in ranked play and reaching a certain tier or division by the end of the season. Winning games will help you climb up the ranks.

How are Ranked Rewards different each season?

Every season, Riot Games introduces new and unique rewards for players to earn. These could range from an exclusive Victorious skin to unique ward skins or emotes.

Can I get previous season’s Ranked Rewards?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Ranked Rewards are unique to each season and once a season ends, those rewards are no longer available.

Are there any tips to help me climb the Ranked ladder faster?

Yes! Practise consistently, specialize in your role, study professional games for strategies, communicate effectively with your team, and maintain a positive attitude.

What’s the meta in League of Legends?

The meta in League of Legends refers to the most effective tactics and champion picks of the current patch or season. Staying updated with the meta is crucial for success in ranked play.

What are the best resources for staying updated with the LoL meta?

Some great resources include the official League of Legends website, LoL forums, and esports platforms. Watching live streams and replays of professional gamers can also help you stay updated with the current meta.

How does understanding the meta help in climbing the Ranked ladder?

Understanding the meta can significantly boost your performance in ranked games. It helps you pick effective champions, make strategic decisions, and understand the game’s current dynamics.

Your Takeaway

In conclusion, LoL Ranked Rewards aren’t just an added perk; they are an integral part of the game’s thrilling allure. They drive players to strive, improve, and ultimately, experience the thrill of victory. It’s time to make your move and climb that ladder!

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