How To Be a Good Top Laner in League of Legends?

Hello, League of Legends players! I hope you are well and hone your gaming skill to welcome the end of the ranked season in your desired tier. As you already know (and if you don’t know, you’re here to learn), the League of Legends match is played on Summoner’s Rift, two teams of five players each fighting who will win the opposing Nexus first and thus win the match and score points. 

Each of the players in the team has their own position to choose from before the game starts. The player can play support champion, roam in the jungle, or be the ADC of the game. Teamwork and communication are important, and with gaming skills, victory is guaranteed.

In League of Legends each player has their own preferences. Some players hone their skill by playing exclusively ADC champions and thus run the game. Some players like to play mid lane and are based on learning mid champions. Our advice is to know at least one champion from each role in case your first choice is already for another player when choosing a champion. In order not to lose the game in advance, it is important to know the alternative.

In this article, we will talk about the top lane champions and how to play well in this position. Let’s not waste time, let’s go.

When we talk about the top lane, we like to say that the top lane is a kind of island. Away from the others lanes, it is quite long and provides a real 1v1 fight experience. The player plays alone and has to watch how he plays because he cannot rely on the quick help of his teammates, like players on mid or bottom lane.

The first tip starts right when choosing a champion for the top lane. It is recommended to take a high damage champion and tank champion in order to protect yourself as much as possible from the opponent’s champion.

Choose runes depending on the champion you choose, but the spells that top laners mostly choose are Ignite, Flash, and Teleport. Some players choose Ignite because of the kills, but usually, players choose Flash and Teleport. As we’ve said before, the top lane is long and long, and Teleport allows players to get back to the lane faster when they recall to base.

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Behavior on Lane

You need to understand how your champion’s auto attack range works. The greater the distance between the auto-attack range between the two champions, the greater the chances for the champion with the higher auto-attack range to attack and win the kill. 

Or at least injure the opposing champion. Furthermore, watch for spells. For example, suppose your champion has spells that can’t pass minions or have a long cooldown. In that case, you have to be careful to target the enemy champion well because every attempt to attack is important in that case.

Of course, if your champion has longer-range spells, you will be able to harras your enemy champion all the time and thus be in the lead in the top lane.

Try to remember the tactics of the enemy champion. Remember how long his cooldown is and what his spells are. In that case, you can use his cooldown time to attack him.

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Don’t Forget to Use Wards

Seriously, players need to learn to use wards. A large number of players forget to set wards, which can significantly affect the course of the game. Especially when an entire opposing team unites to kill Baron Nashor or to hide in the bushes and wait for a player from your team to run into to win an easy kill.

Our tip is that if you play top lane, you set the Warding Totem sometime after the second minute – that will be enough for the enemy jungler to finish with the red and blue buff and start gank your lane. If you place the Warding Totem you will be able to see it and thus retreat closer to the turret.

Also, later in the game, buy Vision Ward. The Vision Ward can be placed close to your turret, also your jungler will be invisible to opposing champions.

As the game progresses, place Wards where enemy champions can jump out. Near Dragon and Baron Nashor, so your team can steal the loot in front of the stunned enemy champions.

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How to Farm as a Top Laner

It would help if you learned the basics of freezing and pushing the lane. Freezing the lane means you will not randomly kill enemy minions but will wait to kill them with the last hit. This way, you will prevent the enemy champion from killing your minions, because he will not dare to get closer to your turret. Make sure the freeze the wave away from your turret so the turret doesn’t kill enemy minions on its own and so the enemy champion doesn’t take the opportunity to get closer to crashing your turret.

On the other hand, pushing the wave means getting rid of the whole enemy minion wave in the shortest possible time. This way, you clear the way for your minion wave, which will then slowly approach the enemy turret. This will make it harder for the enemy champion to last hit your minions, and also give you a chance to go see if you need to help your teammates in another lane.

When to Use Ignite or Teleport

Playing as a top laner, you will usually choose Ignite or Teleport with Flash. Flash serves to avoid death in the event of an attack, or to capture an enemy champion on the run and kill him.

Ignite has a long cooldown so it is not recommended to use it in regular attacks but only when it comes to fighting where one of the two champions has to die. Ignite will drastically reduce the health of the enemy champion and thus speed up his dying process, so it’s your win.

Teleport allows your champion to return to the lane faster when he goes to base. This is most useful at the beginning of the game when your champion does not have increased movement speed, and it takes him an eternity to get from base to minions. Also, use Teleport when you need to get out of a tense situation as soon as possible or you need to show up to help your teammates in other lanes. With Teleport, you can easily surprise enemy champions by showing up behind them the moment they least expect it.

Tip for Teleport: If you estimate that Teleport is not valuable at the time you have already clicked it, feel free to stop it. In that case, his cooldown will be shorter.

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Should I Split Push?

Top lane is sometimes synonymous with split pushing. This is when one player separates from the rest of the team, takes advantage of the carelessness of enemy players, and breaks through the top lane all the way to the enemy base and their Nexus.

Not every top lane champion is meant for split pushing, so research your options in time to know if you can embark on this mission or it is better to play as a team player. With Teleport, you can easily split push your lane and if you see a fight brewing in another lane, just teleport and help your team.

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We hope these tips have helped you understand a little better how top lane roles work and how to make the most of your top lane champion’s abilities. Feel free to share with us who are the best top lane champions and what tips you might have for other players in this position. Good luck and have fun!

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