League GuidesHow to Get Into League of Legends Tournaments?

How to Get Into League of Legends Tournaments?

I am 100% sure that anybody reading this article or playing League of Legends dreams of being in the pro scene. I mean, who doesn’t, with all the perks you can get while doing something you love. 

When you become a pro player, you will have a company that manages your team in which everything you need is provided, from top-of-the-line gaming pc and peripherals to the tour around the world while earning tons of dollars. 

Being a pro player also gives you the recognition; you can stream on youtube or twitch, and people will idolize you. With all of these things, how does one be in a pro team and join the League of Legends tournaments?

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How Do You Get Into League of Legends Tournaments?

Getting into one tournament is relatively easy as there are different stages to League of Legends tournaments. The lowest level is tournaments held at your place or town. 

Local computer shops often hold tournaments; anybody can join if you have a team to play with. 

These tournaments require a team of five, and the tournaments are held in their simplest form; there will be brackets in which each win will bring you to a higher bracket until you defeat every team and become the champion of that local internet café. 

Of course, tournaments do not end there; if your local internet café decides to participate in higher tournaments, larger companies hold those with higher rewards and better opposition which are most likely champions of their respective local internet cafés.

When it comes to bigger tournaments, it is quite the same; you need to have a team of your own. Some tournaments will require you to have a coach, but most need the details of your participating members. 

There are also tournaments held online without the need for you to appear personally. There are many tournaments held online; you can find most of them on social media and other communities like discord or tournaments held by streamers. In this case, you must consider the region you are playing at. 

You might see a tournament held by your favorite streamer, but you are playing in another region. League of Legends is region-locked, so if the tournament is held at a server outside your region, you might not be able to join unless you have a VPN. 

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