How To Get More Dragons in League of Legends? 5 Easy Tips

Hello, League of Legends players, are you ready for another how-to guide to your favorite game of all time? League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that has been gathering loyal players since 2009.

In League of Legends, the goal is to beat your opponent on a map called Summoner’s Rift. The victory comes to the team that first knocks down all the turrets from the enemy team and reaches the enemy base where the Nexus is located. The team that first knocks Nexus to the ground takes the win and wins League Points. 

Seems easy? Well, it’s not. League of Legends players are very aware of how complex this game is and how many additional rules need to be followed in order for their champions to be successful in combat.

These additional rules determine the strength of the player. For example, players who play as ADCs have the greatest potential to be the strongest on their team. On the other hand, players who play as junglers know that their goal is to kill as many jungle monsters as possible in order to increase their power and advantage over the enemy team.

This is exactly what we are interested in today – jungle monsters. Jungle monsters are jungle creatures that give extra advantage to players who kill them. Killing a jungle monster is sometimes not an easy task as it takes multiple members of one team to kill them, and enemy players can interrupt that mission by ambushing and attacking their opponents in hopes of killing them and succeeding in taking away the jungle monster. 

Dragons and Baron Nashor are the most important jungle monsters in the League of Legends. They strengthen the champions and as we have already said, give a significant advantage over the enemy team, especially if the players manage to kill a few Dragons.

However, jungle monsters are not just for junglers. Junglers should have a focus on them, but the rest of the team should understand the importance of Dragons and participate in killing them. Keep reading because you will find out the tips and tricks to ensure your team collects the most Dragons in one match.

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What are Dragons in League of Legends?

Well, Dragons are – Dragons! They look like every Dragon you can see, these are jungle monsters who appear in the jungle often during a single match. So you can find Cloud Dragon or Mountain Dragon, for example. Dragons serve to strengthen the team that kills him, regardless of whether one or all members kill him. 

The team that kills four Dragons during the match gets a Dragon buff which makes champions more superior to the enemy team. After four Dragons, Elder Dragon appears, which additionally enables the team to become stronger. Each Dragon is special in its own way so the team should take every opportunity to secure it before the enemy team.

Ways To Secure More Dragons in League of Legends

Ideal for winning Dragons are junglers, they can kill the Dragon on their own without the help of their team, but of course not all champions are meant to do so so you have to choose carefully which jungle champion you want to play with.

5. Don’t go Kill a Dragon if you Don’t Have Smite

If you don’t have a Smith, you have nothing to do near Dragon, remember that. If you decide to attack Dragon without Smith anyway, you risk losing Dragon as well. Or you pose a danger in the form of an enemy team that will come to steal the Dragon, and probably kill you. 

If the enemy has an upgraded version of Smith, he has a better chance of winning the Dragon so don’t really try to play at risk. It’s simple – whoever has upgraded Smite will win the fight for Dragon. And maybe win a kill by killing the amateur enemy champion.

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4. Make Dragon a priority whenever possible

Many players deliberately choose to ignore the Dragon when he shows up. They focus on the minions or on knocking down the enemy turret as soon as possible. They’ll even get into a fight with enemy champions sooner than it occurs to them that it might be smarter to strengthen their champion first by winning the Dragon. 

When the Dragon appears he should be a priority and the players should immediately agree to go for his conquest. If your team doesn’t kill the Dragon, the enemy team will kill it and it will become significantly stronger than your team. And you don’t want that to happen, do you?

3. Head to the Dragon if you see the enemy Jungler on the top side of the map

When marching on the Dragon, it is important to pay attention to where the enemy champions are, more precisely, the enemy jungler. As the Dragon is on the bottom side of the map, it is advisable to wait and make sure that the enemy jungler has gone to the top side of the map. So we’re sure the enemy jungler is far enough away to jump out of the bushes and try to steal the Dragon. 

That way we’ll get enough time to kill the Dragon without interference. Therefore, always try to keep track of what is happening on the map and where the enemy champions are, this is of great importance, especially when it comes to killing Dragon.

2. Clean up your lane before you decide to head to Dragon

Every player should watch the condition of his lane before he kills monsters by the jungle. The first rule in the League of Legends is that the player must farm as quickly and successfully as possible. 

The faster and more successfully he kills minions the greater the chances that he will sooner collect the gold he needs to buy items. In addition, the sooner he clears his lane of enemy minions, and maybe crashes the turret very quickly, he will be able to roam the map to help his teammates or to kill monsters like Dragon. 

If your teammates push their lanes, this is the right opportunity to go Dragon hunting. They will be able to come and help you with the Dragon if you need it.

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1.Wards, wards, wards everywhere!

There are two types of players – players who know what Ward is and how to use it so they successfully place Wards around the map every time and players who ignore the fact that they have free Wards and just don’t bother to place them on Summoner’s Rift. 

Wards are useful objects that serve to illuminate the map and thus let players know where the enemy champions are. This is especially good for a jungle that is dark and unpredictable. And the space around the Dragon is extremely unpredictable. Wards can save lives by signaling players which places they should not go. 

Or they will betray their position, which is useful if enemy players set out to conquer the Dragon, your team will be able to get closer and try to steal the Dragon from a real distance. So, for better success – place wards near Dragon and wait for the right moment to attack.

Final Thoughts

Dragons are special beings, we all know that. And the Dragons in the League of Legends have an even bigger role, and that is to provide a strategic advantage to one of the two teams. The more successful one, of course. 

The team that wants to win the Dragon must follow a few rules, and those rules we have listed in the text. By following these tips you will very easily be able to win the Dragon and you will always be in the lead over the enemy team. 

Victory is guaranteed, so to speak. If you have some more tips that we may not have listed in the text, feel free to share them with us, we look forward to new  knowledge. And don’t forget to have fun while playing League of Legends!

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