How to Get a PBE Account?

You all probably know that PBE is also known as Public Beta Environment. It is a server of League of Legends, build for the sole purpose of publicly testing new patches.

It exists because the company needs to get data from everything new they decide to release. The best way to gather such information is by using this public test server. People in it play with the updates, and if there are bugs, they report them. At the same time, the system gathers enough data regarding the newly added things from the patches. And using that date, the company improves or fixes the found bugs.

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Why Do People Play on The Public Beta Environment Server?

That is an interesting question. You will be surprised by the answer. The reason why there are so many people. Which are willing to play there is not because they can help the game to clear bugs. 

On PBE, every player gets to experience the new features first. That means that if there is a new character to release, a new item, or a new mod. It will first appear in that test servers. The players with accounts there will be able- to experience the new things first and have an advantage in their main- servers. 

That is crucial, especially when- it comes to new champions and even items. Most of you know how buffed the new champions are. The same goes for items. Imagine you are able to learn a new phrase before anyone else and then run it in a ranked mod. You will have a serious advantage. 

The new champion will be strong, the enemies will have little to no experience playing against him, and you will be able to sneak a kill or two before they get used to the play.

Another reason is the opportunity to test skins, champions, and anything else you can think of. As long as it is something from the in-game store, players who play on PBE can access it easily and don’t have to pay for it. 

This, although not the main purpose of the server. It is something that many do. If someone plans to buy a skin. They go and get it there. Players check if they like it, and if they do, they go back to their main server and buy it there.

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How to Get on PBE in Steps

Although everyone has their own reason for setting up a PBE account, Be it testing skins, new champions, or just genuinely wanting to help with the game’s improvements by leaving feedback. You can register only by using your main account. That means that you need to have no bans, suspensions, or anything else related to your profile history, plus honor level 3 and above. The company does this in order to avoid trolls, AFK players, and toxic ones.

If your account has a good standing in the system records. You have to navigate to the PBE League of Legends sign-up page on their website. Once you are there, you will see a Log in button. It is there so you can be checked. If your account pass the requirement and you are eligible to register, you can proceed with the process. After that, simply follow the steps and complete the registration.

You have already registered, and the account is set up. The next step is to download the Public Beta Environment Testing client. It will not take you long, and the game installation happens fast. All you need for this is at least 12 to 15 GB of free space. That is changeable and can increase, but it should be around these numbers. 

At this point, you have an account and have downloaded the client. You can just log in as you do on the normal one. The only differences you will see are probably in the mods, as there is no ranked one here, and in the draft picks, there are no bans. You are now ready to go. Explore the new patches, learn the new rules first, and have fun trying the various skins.

PBE’s Disadvantages

When it comes to cons. They are by far less than the positives you can reap from the testing server.

The first negative thing about the public beta environment server is that there is a high possibility of experiencing lag. That is to be expected, as the servers for PBE are located in the United States. If you play from Europe or Oceania, you will most likely experience lag.

Another con is the long queue time. Although the server doesn’t lack people, The number of players online is not so big. On top of that, the criteria you have to meet exclude many of the normal League of Legends players. That makes the queues longer, and sometimes you have to wait five or more minutes.

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Final Thoughts

Although the testing server is great and offers many benefits. The cons and strict criteria that you have to meet. Make PBE less attractive to many League users. 

In the end, if you plan to participate in the public beta environment, it is worth it, mainly for the sole purpose of trying skins and testing new champions. Anything besides that is not, because it is time-consuming. If you do not have the time to wait for the match, or if you do not plan to give feedback on the new things, Do not create an account; instead, play on your regular one and concentrate on it.

 Overall, creating an account in PBE is easy. That is as long as you meet the requirements. If you do, then decide if it’s worth it and proceed. Thank you for reading this article, and till next time.

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