Is Annie AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Annie the dark child is a burst mage that can initiate fights for her entire team. She has a great gap closer from her E that boosts her movement speed, she can use this or her flash to stun multiple enemies with her ultimate. 

When she uses her ultimate, she summons Tibbers, a flaming bear that she can control, there are lots of uses for this ultimate as she can use it to tank towers when pushing, she can use it to deal additional damage to enemies whenever she is trading with them. Her basic attack has a very long range making her a very safe pick. 

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Is Annie AP or AD Champion?

Here’s the answer:

Annie is an AP champion with no AD scaling, all of her spells depend on how high her ability power is. Her Q is a targeted ability that can restore her mana and reduce its cooldown reduction whenever she kills a unit with it. Her W is an AoE damage that comes in a cone-shaped area in front of her, while her E gives her a shield and damage reduction along with a speed boost to set up for her ultimate’s AoE burst and stun.

Annie is a burst mage meaning you’re gonna want to build flat AP items on her so she can have a very high bonus damage with her abilities. Once all of her spells are off cooldown, she can burst enemies with a full combo of flash Q + W + R, so here are the best items you can build on her.

Best Builds For Annie

  • Luden’s Tempest – Deals bonus AoE damage when she uses her ultimate on multiple enemy champions, also gives her bonus movement speed to quickly disengage after bursting the enemy team. 
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass – If you don’t have a flash or you burned it to initiate a team fight, you can use this item to prevent yourself from immediately dying and waiting for your team to collapse on the enemy.
  • Shadowflame – A great item when there are tank champions in the opposing team. 
  • Void Staff – easily melts the Magic resist of enemies
  • Morellonomicon – to deal with the enemy’s heals after you burst them with your ultimate.
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes.

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Best Runes For Annie

  • Electrocute – being a burst champion, Annie will benefit from this rune as it can proc and also deal AoE damage every time she sets the entire team with her ultimate. 
  • Cheap shot – Can easily be procced whenever she stuns an enemy with any of her spells as long as she has a full bar on her passive.
  • Eyeball collection – mid game bonus damage
  • Relentless hunter – having no mobility spells with low cooldowns to get in lane fast or roam, relentless hunter gives that to Annie
  • Mana flow band  – Can easily make Annie spam her abilities because of the bonus mana you can accumulate every time you use your abilities.
  • Absolute Focus – One of the best runes ever as it gives you bonus damage with no conditions.

Where Can You Play Annie?

Annie is best played in the middle lane as she can control the lane with her spells. Her aggressive nature also makes for a great combo with a jungler and she is the champion that can either roam or continuously push the lane until she destroys the first turret. 

Being in the middle lane also gives her access to all other lanes that she can easily gank thanks to her abilities. 

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Where Does Annie’s Value Show?

During the late game teamfights because she can flank enemies with her ultimate or even be in the front line and still surprise the enemy team with her flash ult combo to stun multiple opponents. 

She is also great at zoning enemies especially squishy carry champions, one quick combo from her basic abilities can easily demolish the HP bar of a squishy ADC. 


Annie’s kit revolves around AP and is only viable to be built with AP items. Certain utility items can also be built on her as her base damage from her abilities is already high, and her value as a mid laner usually comes from her ultimate and not her damage.

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