Is Elo Boosting Illegal In League of Legends?

Elo boosting or rank-boosting has been around for a long time; this usually exists in online games where players can boost the ranks of their allies by using numerous methods. 

In some games, a player with a higher level takes an ally lower than him where monsters with very high levels spawn. 

While both players are in the party, they share the exp they get when slaying monsters; for the one with the higher level, it might not seem much, but the one with the lower level will level up fast. 

This seems unfair because some players spend a long time leveling their accounts to reach certain levels, while the player who avails a boosting service skips all this. 

Elo boosting is not illegal in the legal terms, or the government will get involved; it is illegal in that it might get you banned if people often report you for doing it. 

Elo boosting is also highly shunned by the league of legends community because of its imbalance in the ranking system.

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How Elo Boosting Messes Up With The Ranking System

Elo boosting is when a player plays a smurf account to duo with his friend or client, this is very unfair because the duo will dominate each game in low elo because of the difference in skill with the people they match within the lower elo. 

Another thing is that when the boosting service is complete, and the low elo player reaches the ranks of, say, diamond, it becomes a complete mess. 

Imagine having the skills of a diamond player and most of your team too, and one player runs around doing random things, not knowing what a macro even is. 

The vast difference between high and low elo players is the understanding of the game and how each player reacts to the different micro factors of the game like the item builds and the team compositions of the enemy team, as well as knowing how each champion synergizes with another.

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Final Thoughts 

You might want to reconsider if you are dreaming of reaching a higher rank and want to achieve it by hiring or availing of boosting services. 

You will throw your money away because after your account reaches a high rank, your skill level does not match with the players you will play with in the higher ranks, which will lead to deranking your account and simply returning to your actual rank. 

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