Is Fiora AP or AD? The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Fiora The Grand Duelist, from this title alone, you can almost guess if she is an AP or an AD Champion. Fiora is a melee champion with lots of heals and a passive who reveals champions’ vital points. Every time she hits these vital points, she deals bonus damage and heals for a certain percentage, which gives her a boost in movement speed. 

She has a gap closer that resets its cooldown every time she hits an enemy with it. She also has one of the best late games in League of Legends and is an excellent split pusher. If you’re asking if Fiora is an AP or an AD champion, the answer is quite apparent.

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Is Fiora AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Fiora is an AD champion that excels at healing and dueling with her opponents. Once she uses her ultimate, she can heal and deal bonus damage to her opponent; upon hitting all four of the vital points of her enemies, she creates a healing circle that she and her allies can heal from. 

She is excellent when she is built like a tank because her base damages are already significant. She is great at split pushing because it is designed for 1v2 or even 1v3, there is also an item that works well on her, and we’re going to discuss the best items to build on her now. 

Best Item For Fiora

  • Goredrinker – Fiora excels at extended fights and needs all the heals she can get; luckily, her kit gives her a lot of self-peels, even heals. Goredrinker allows Fiora to stay in fights much longer; this is even stronger as she split pushes because if multiple champions take on her, she can heal more upon activating this item’s effect.
  • Ravenous Hydra – This has been Fiora’s Staple item for the longest time; At the same time, she can deal tons of damage to a singular champion; the passive of this item allows her to deal with multiple targets and heal even more vital when she has this item. 
  • Death’s Dance – If you are using a champion that is expected to undergo extended fights, Death’s Dance is the best item. This item passive divides the damage that the user receives. In short, this is great if you want to mitigate burst damage from enemies. 
  • Hull Breaker – This is the best split push item in the game as it gives you bonus defensive stats and enhances the siege minion. This allows the user to survive the retaliation of multiple champions coming to clear the split push. This can be an excellent early game item. 
  • Maw of Malmortius – This, along with Death’s Dance, is Fiora’s premier defensive item; the only difference is that this provides her magic resistance. It also has a passive that gives Fiora a magic shield and gives her an extra 12% omnivamp.
  • Plated Steelcaps – This is the best item for champions with the potential to tower and dive, as it mitigates the damage you receive from towers. 

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Best Runes on Fiora

  • Conqueror – As I mentioned, Fiora excels and is expected to be at extended fights; the longer she fights with this rune, the more healing and damage she gets.
  • Triumph- When doing tower dives, Triumph is a must to survive that final tower shot that usually executes most players who miscalculate.
  • Legend: Alacrity – Fiora depends on her basic attacks, so having extra attack speed is a must.
  • The Last stand – gives Fiora the upper hand whenever she is low on health, a great combination to Conqueror during extended fights.

When Should I Pick Fiora?

If there are no burst mage champions, she is great if there are no champions that can burst her down within a second. She is also a great pick, even if you are blind picking. She can even deal tons of damage to tanks, even if she builds tank items.

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Fiora is an AD champion, but she has one ability that scales with AP. It is her W, but that does not mean you should build items to strengthen the damage of her W. Make her a tanky champion that can take on multiple champions at once, and you can brute force every game you play by only staying at the top lane. 

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