Is Irelia AP or AD? The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide 

Irelia is another 1v5 champion you see in all those flashy montages on youtube. Some of her most popular videos on the internet involve her reaching the dying state, and suddenly, she stacks her passive by using her Q fast on minions to heal and still turn the tide of battle. 

Her Q resets its cooldown each time she scores a takedown or when Irelia uses it on a champion she has marked with her E or her ultimate. Irelia is hard to master as you need to master the cooldowns and effects of her skills. 

You should also learn the sequencing of your spells, and the animation cancels she has. She is a bruiser champion that can 1v5 and has lots of heals. 

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Is Irelia AP or AD Champion?

Irelia is an AD champion, but she excels at building on-hit effect items. Her basic attack deals bonus magic damage which is great as you can build on-hit items and ignore the defensive stats of even the tankiest champions in the game. 

Irelia can be built with on-hit effect items or many lifesteal and healing items. Either way, she can still 1v5 any team comp if she does not get CC chained. Here are the best items that you can buy for Irelia.

Best Items on Irelia

  • Blade of the Ruined King – Dealing bonus physical damage for a certain percentage is great for Irelia as this item does not only have lifesteal. It also synergizes with Irelia’s passive. The bonus attack speed also helps Irelia deal with enemies even if her skills are down. The slow effect on the third hit of this item also helps Irelia chase enemies when they try to disengage.
  • Immortal Shieldbow – This item has a lifeline passive that triggers when Irelia drops on low health, when she activates, it increases her lifesteal high and gives her a shield; this is great for extended fights and especially if you plan to do split pushes as you can quickly bring your HP back up as long as there are enemy minions.
  • Death’s Dance – Irelia most likely will be built with lifesteal items, and the passive of this item negates so much damage. She can lifesteal with the DoT damage converted by this item. 
  • Wit’s End – This is Irelia’s secondary on-hit damage item as it gives her bonus attack speed, on-hit magic damage, and a boost in magic resistance. 
  • Divine Sunderer – Trinity force used to be Irelia’s premier spellblade item but because of the nerfs to that item, the best she can build now is Divine Sunderer. It’s excellent as it also gives her bonus heal each time she uses its spellblade effect. 

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Best Runes for Irelia

  • Conqueror – Irelia depends on her basic attacks to destroy her enemies. Once she reaches full stacks of Conqueror, she can heal much more robustly with her Q casts, which would also increase her insane damage. With so much heals and damage, Irelia can 1v5 if she doesn’t get CC chained.
  • Triumph – The heal from this rune comes in handy every time Irelia disengages from a tower dive or a fight.
  • Legend: Alacrity – Because of Irelia’s essential attack reliance, she needs all the attack speed she can get. This will also bring more value to her on-hit effect items.
  • Last Stand – Being a skirmishing split pusher, Irelia will need all the boosts she needs, and the lower her HP is, the stronger she can deal damage; this will also complement the effects of Immortal Shieldbow.

When Should you Pick Irelia?

Irelia is generally a good pick meaning you can blind pick her, and little to no champions counter her. Irelia can deal with tanks; even glass canon carries champions like Vayne. Make sure to build the right items if enemies stack on attack damage or ability power.


Irelia is an AD champion, and all of her abilities scale with attack damage, but the best items to build on her are on-hit effect items such as lifesteal or wit’s end’s bonus magic damage on each attack.

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