Is Jayce AP or AD? The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide 

Jayce recently received so much attention thanks to the success of Riot Games’ Arcane animated series. Jayce is one of the hardest champions to master in a league of legends because of his skill set. He has two forms, ranged and melee, which have unique spells, meaning he has seven activatable spells in total. 

Jayce has lots of combos that you can discover if you practice him enough. He also is one of the best poke champions in the game; his Q can be cast quite often,n and its damage can also be amplified by his E when in ranged form. 

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Is Jayce AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer

Jayce is purely an AD champion, and all of his primary damaging abilities scale with attack damage. His Q is devastating and has a very long range which makes for excellent artillery damage. You can build assassin items on Jayce to burst enemy carries from afar. 

He also has an AP scaling, but it doesn’t matter that much because it only comes from his W when in melee form, which damages enemies within his immediate vicinity. Being a poke champion, you will want to increase the damage of his Q, and we have listed below the best items to buy to achieve that.

Best Items on Jayce

  • Manamune – Jayce’s staple item and sd be for most poke champions like Ezreal. Manamune increases your champion’s mana pool when you use your abilities on other champions. This item also evolves when it is fully stacked into muramana, which adds physical damage to your damaging abilities, which can be great when poking enemies with your Q.
  • Eclipse – This is Jayce’s best Mythic item in the game because his combos are pretty easy to land, and once he engages an enemy with his melee form, the bonus movement speed, shield, and damage will significantly help him achieve easier kills and more efficient disengages. This item is also great for early to mid-game trades.
  • Serylda’s Grudge – Jayce has a long-range from his ranged form’s Q; this will be his initiating damage when doing an all-in on the enemy; the slow would help Jayce close the gap between him and his enemy.
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade – Jayce can increase his movement speed each time he switches his stance. This is great for roaming or walking back in lane and, when combined with Youmuu’s passive and active effect,t will make for a very fast roaming champion. 
  • Maw of Malmortius – Jayce needs a defensive item, although his very long-range; Maw of Malmortius will help Jayce deal with mages better, and the lifeline passive of this will also make Jayce stronger when he drops on a low HP.

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Best Runes on Jayce

  • Conqueror – Jayce’s poke doesn’t need to be improved by his pokes anymore; Conqueror will greatly empower Jayce’s melee form. His Ranged form also has a skill that increases his attack speed, which he can use before going into melee stance as melee stacks conqueror much faster than ranged.
  • Presence of mind – THis rune will help restore Jayce’s mana whenever he pokes an enemy with his Q.
  • Legend: Alacrity – After Jayce performs his all-in with all of his skills, he will be left with nothing but basic attacks. This rune will help him continue the fight even if all of his skills are down.
  • Last Stand – Jayce is an excellent poke champion but only comes during the mid to late game due to early the game; he will find it hard to come out on top and, having this rune will give him the advantage when his HP drops low.

When Should I Pick Jayce?

The perfect time to pick Jayce is if there are no projectile blockers in the opposing team and they are filled with squishy champions. Jayce can easily win the game if the enemy team is filled with squishy carries as he can poke them with his Q and kill them even if the team fight hasn’t started yet.

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Jayce is an AD champion that takes practice to master; he is excellent at skirmishes from mid to late game and is lly that reliant on his items as his combos alone are powerful enough to deal with his enemies. 

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