Is League of Legends Free on Mac?

Riot Games intended League of Legends to be free to play the game on PC; it is a MOBA game that is best played with a mouse and the keyboard, given its requirement to have lightning-fast hand and eye coordination. 

The keyboard’s arrangement of the keys to press when using skills is highly optimized. League of Legends can be played on most PCs, but it depends on your operating system. 

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Is League of Legends Free-to-Play on Mac?

League of Legends is free to play even on the mac; you only need to worry about if your apple computer can have the system requirements to run League of Legends. Given the fact that League of Legends has a shallow system requirement, it is highly likely that your MAC can run it. 

But from a gamer’s perspective, you should never use a MacBook for gaming as its true purpose is for productivity. Macbooks are not made for gaming and heavy usage; using them to play intensive League of Legends can damage your system. 

But if you want to play the game casually and not heavy, it is safe to say that you can play it on your mac. The setup and installation are similar to how you install it on your typical Windows operating system. 

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