Is League Of Legends Still Fun? (2022)

League of Legends is quite old now, released on October 27, 2009. If you come to think of it, most games released in that year have already died. From my personal experience, being a player that started playing way back in season 2 which was in 2012, I can say that League of Legends is still a fun game to play. 

This is coming from a player who has played the game actively accumulating thousands upon thousands of games. Other players may disagree with me here and it really all comes down to personal preferences there are a number of reasons why people still play League of Legends and why some quit. 

Lots of people say that this game is already dying and I really beg to differ, League of Legends is still fun and is actually much better than how it was back then. 

League is a multiplayer online game destined to evolve, if players don’t find the changes fun then they can simply let people who enjoy the game have fun. So to answer your question upon searching for this article, League of Legends is still fun and is still getting better. 

For me, League of Legends has always been the game I always come back to, sure there are times that I stop playing it because life gets in the way, but no matter how far I distance myself from this game, I find myself wanting to play it again. 

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Why is League of Legends Still Fun?

The reason why I still find League of Legends fun is because I play it casually. Whenever I try to play league, I play those champions where I can make a meme build and still come out on top, I also like to practice my main champions like Riven and Zed where I get to outplay players. 

Another thing that made me love League of Legends is its ranked system, I still haven’t reached challenger so there’s that goal that makes me want to play the game competitively at times. 

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It’s Just A Game

League of Legends really is a fun game if you treat it as what it really is, a game. Some people say that League of Legends is dying and it is not fun to play anymore but I think they only get that kind of reaction when they play it really competitively. 

If all you do in League of Legends is play rank and raise your LP then you might find the game stressful. Others say that bugs and unbalanced champions ruin the game, this is true but Riot Games really try to hear their player base out to balance the game. 

All games have bugs and unbalanced mechanics and as players, we are the ones to adjust and if there really is an unbalanced champion, there is a ban system for each ranked game, you can simply ban that certain champion that you think is unbalanced. 

The game is also constantly updated with new champions every year along with an update on items and the map that significantly changes the entire mechanics of the game. There is also the pro scene that keeps the game exciting and encourages most players to practice hard just so they can get a shot to play in the pro leagues as well. 

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It’s Not Over Just Yet

The Worlds Championship is now bigger than ever with the entire world watching whenever it’s held in a certain country. Statistics also say that e-sports which League of Legends is spearheading has grown more popular than most sports in the world. This just goes to show how popular this game really is for the majority of the world and Riot games are not showing any signs of slowing down.

League of Legends is now larger than ever, its player base has ballooned since its release date, and just recently, Riot games released other competitive games along with a number of single-player games and the much-appreciated Arcane animated series. So if people are saying that Riot games are dying, just look at the statistics available online and the different upcoming and released projects of Riot games. 

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