Mastering Kindred’s Ult: Unlock the Full Potential of Lamb’s Respite

Mastering Kindred's Ult: Unlock the Full Potential of Lamb's Respite

In the breathtaking world of League of Legends, survival can be as vital as dealing damage. And when it comes to life-saving mechanics, Kindred’s ult, popularly known as Lamb’s Respite, takes the spotlight. While its power to turn the tide of team fights is undeniable, mastering this unique ability demands exceptional timing, strategic positioning, and comprehensive game sense.


  • Kindred’s ult, Lamb’s Respite, is a game-changing tool in League of Legends
  • Proper usage demands good timing and excellent positioning
  • This ability has seen a rise in popularity in professional matches due to its strategic utility
  • The right application can significantly boost your team’s performance
  • Learn to optimize this ability from a comprehensive breakdown and expert tips

Unraveling the Mysteries of Kindred’s UltStrategic Surge in Professional Gaming

Unraveling the Mysteries of Kindred's Ult

Factually, Kindred‘s ult, Lamb’s Respite, is a unique ability that forges a zone preventing all units within it, both ally and enemy, from dropping below a certain level of health.

It’s the ultimate guardian angel in your toolkit, a ray of hope in desperate situations. As Phreak, a renowned League of Legends expert, once declared,

“Lamb’s Respite is one of the most game-changing ultimates in League. It requires not only good timing but also excellent positioning. It can be the difference between a won or lost team fight.”

Strategic Surge in Professional Gaming

Recently, we’ve noticed a fascinating trend in high-level play and professional matches. More and more players are strategically employing Kindred’s ult to protect key players during intense battles. This adaptation has led to a surge in Kindred’s pick rate, proving once again the tactical importance of Lamb’s Respite.

A Deep Dive Into Kindred’s Ult – Lamb’s RespiteA Deep Dive Into Kindred's Ult - Lamb's Respite

Unlike most champions whose ults are geared towards dealing damage, Kindred’s Lamb’s Respite is a purely defensive cooldown. It works to protect Kindred and their teammates from imminent death, rendering every unit in the zone virtually immortal for a few crucial seconds. Think of it as a universal safety net, spreading beneath both friend and foe, suspending the life-death cycle for 4 valuable seconds. It’s akin to Tryndamere’s Undying Rage, only more versatile and team-oriented.

So, How Should You Use It?

On the surface, it might appear as if Kindred’s ult is a double-edged sword since it can also benefit enemies. But with strategic timing and smart positioning, you can use it to gain a significant advantage over your foes. Here are some best-case scenarios:

  • When your enemies unleash their best cooldowns.
  • Saving low-health allies.
  • Countering execute abilities like Urgot’s R, Pyke’s R.
  • Playing aggressively and diving enemy turrets.
  • Prolonging your life while taking objectives or backdooring.

Avoiding Pitfalls and Making the Most of Kindred’s Ult

The real challenge with Lamb’s Respite is its potential to save enemies from dying. Kindred players need to be wary of champions that can push them out of the circle, making them vulnerable while the enemy enjoys the ult’s benefits. Silence and stun abilities can also be detrimental, preventing Lamb’s Respite from being activated on time.

Does Kindred’s Ult Work on Baron?

Yes, Kindred’s ult does work on Baron Nashor, Dragon, all jungle camps, and both ally and enemy minions. It makes Kindred the only champion in LoL capable of extending the life of Baron Nashor or the Dragons, potentially turning the tide of the game in a 50-50 smite fight.

Choosing When to Use Kindred’s Ultimate for Strategic Advantage

Ever felt that crushing disappointment of seeing your favorite pro player take a heavy fall in the middle of a fight? One second they’re up, then boom! They’re down. That’s when you wish they’d chosen Kindred, the eternal hunters, with the one-of-a-kind ability – Lamb’s Respite. This powerful ult can make the difference between a triumphant victory or a crushing defeat.

As Phreak, the revered League of Legends expert and commentator, says, “Lamb’s Respite is one of the most game-changing ultimates in League. It requires not only good timing but also excellent positioning. It can be the difference between a won or lost team fight.” So let’s delve into the intricate details of Lamb’s Respite, its strategic usages, and how to make the best of this ultimate ability to ensure your triumph in the game.

What Sets Kindred’s Ultimate Apart?

At the core, Lamb’s Respite is an AoE effect that creates a death-free zone for a specific time, similar to Tryndamere’s Undying Rage, but with a wider reach. The ability lasts for four seconds, during which everyone in the zone is kept alive, maintaining at least 10% of their HP. What’s peculiar about Kindred’s ultimate is its neutral nature – it works for both friend and foe alike. Yes, your enemies can also get the benefit if they’re within the zone. But that’s where the game of strategic positioning and timing begins!

How to Ace Kindred’s Ultimate?

While the primary aim of Lamb’s Respite is to keep Kindred alive when their health is running low, the chaos and unpredictability of League of Legends often force the usage of this ability in various scenarios to save an ally in distress. You have to be a step ahead, predicting the possible consequences and acting swiftly. Remember, this ability is not just a lifesaver, it can also turn the tide of a game.

Here are some strategies to maximize Kindred’s ultimate:

  • Timing the usage of Lamb’s Respite when enemies have exhausted their most potent abilities.
  • Saving multiple allies who are close to death.
  • Using it as a buffer while waiting for your other cooldowns.
  • Countering execute abilities like Urgot’s R or Pyke’s R.
  • Using it when you’re aggressively diving into enemy turrets.
  • Prolonging your life while taking objectives or backdooring.

Keep in mind that these are just the tip of the iceberg. League of Legends is a game that rewards creativity and intuition, and using Kindred’s ult is no exception.

A Word of Caution with Kindred’s Ultimate

While Lamb’s Respite is a potent tool, it’s essential to be aware of the flip side. Using it can inadvertently save an enemy from certain death. Also, some champions like Lee Sin or Blitzcrank can force Kindred out of their ultimate, leaving them vulnerable. On top of that, heavy CC teams can stun or silence Kindred, rendering their ultimate useless. So, always consider your opponents’ abilities and tactics before you make your move.

Interactions with Monsters and Nexus

The power of Lamb’s Respite extends beyond champions. It can also be used to keep the Baron Nashor, Dragon, and even jungle camps alive. A well-timed ult can be your best shot in 50-50 smite fights. But remember, Lamb’s Respite doesn’t work on the Nexus or any turrets. It only affects movable units, so no, you can’t use it to save your Nexus from being destroyed.


How long does Kindred’s ult last?

Kindred’s ult lasts for 4 seconds in total.

Can Kindred’s ult save enemy players? Yes, Kindred’s ult can save enemy players if they are within the AoE of the ult.

Can Kindred’s ult work on the Nexus or turrets?

No, Kindred’s ult does not work on the Nexus or any turret.

Does Kindred’s ult work on Baron Nashor?

Yes, Kindred’s ult works on Baron Nashor and can be used to extend its life during a smite fight.

What are the ideal scenarios to use Kindred’s ult?

Ideal scenarios include when your enemies unleash their best cooldowns, saving low-health allies, countering execute abilities, playing aggressively and diving enemy turrets, and prolonging your life while taking objectives.

How long does Kindred’s ult last? Kindred’s ult, Lamb’s Respite, lasts for 4 seconds.

Does Kindred’s ult affect both allies and enemies?

Yes, Kindred’s ult affects all units within its zone, whether they’re allies or enemies.

Can Kindred’s ult be used on Baron Nashor or Dragon?

Yes, Kindred’s ult works on Baron Nashor, Dragon, and all jungle camps, prolonging their life for 4 seconds.

Can Kindred’s ult save the Nexus or any turrets?

No, Kindred’s ult doesn’t work on the Nexus or any turrets. It only affects movable units such as champions, minions, and monsters.

Can enemies prevent Kindred from using their ultimate?

Yes, heavy crowd control or abilities that can force Kindred out of their ultimate zone can effectively neutralize Kindred’s ult.


Kindred’s Lamb’s Respite is a game-changing ability that requires strategic positioning, perfect timing, and situational awareness to maximize its utility. Like a double-edged sword, it has the potential to turn the tide of the game in your favor or against you if not used wisely. So the next time you’re in a League of Legends game, consider the eternal hunters and their intriguing ult, but use it with caution and strategy.


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