Why are Your League of Legends FPS Low on High-End PC?

Boost Your Game: Solving the Mystery of League of Legends Low FPS on High-End PC

Ever fired up your high-end gaming rig and dove into a match of League of Legends (LoL), only to find the game stuttering more than a nervous summoner in their promos? Frustrating, right? You’re not alone!


  • 10% of LoL players on beefy PCs face this FPS drop.
  • Often, software issues are the real culprits behind these hiccups.
  • Optimizing in-game settings, keeping drivers updated, and system tuning can work wonders.
  • Overheating issues? Time to cool things down.
  • Clean up your PC system and boost that performance.

The Stats and the Stakes

A recent survey conducted by Riot Games spilled the beans: around 10% of League of Legends players reported crippling low FPS, despite boasting high-end PCs that should theoretically be blasting through the game’s graphics. So, if it’s not the machine’s firepower, what’s dragging down the performance?

Unraveling the Software Snare

Low FPS in LoL on a high-end PC often hides behind software issues. David Turk, a Senior Software Engineer at Riot Games, aptly says, “Even with a high-end PC, low FPS can occur in League of Legends due to various reasons. It’s crucial to keep your drivers updated and to optimize in-game settings for your specific hardware.”

Time to Tune-UpTime to Tune-Up

Optimizing your system is one of the best avenues to chase those FPS blues away. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Change In-Game Settings: Before calling in the tech-cavalry, start within the game.
  • Minimize Effects of Heat: If your GPU’s sweating, you’re gonna have a bad time. Clear vents, use laptop coolers, and stay frosty!
  • All Sounds Off: A quirky trick, but disabling in-game sounds can sometimes boost performance.
  • Registry Cleanup: Over time, your system registry gathers a lot of junk. Regular clean-ups, perhaps with tools like CCleaner, can be beneficial.
  • Cut the Background Noise: Disable or remove resource-hungry programs that you don’t need. A clean boot might be your game’s new best friend.

Getting Technical

Oh, and while we’re down the rabbit hole:

  • Scan for PUPs and Malware: Some sneaky software might be hogging your resources.
  • Graphics Card Settings: Ensure that your graphic card’s software isn’t meddling with LoL. Reset settings if needed.
  • Windows in Top Performance Mode: Sometimes, simplifying Windows graphics and animations can lead to a smoother gaming experience.

Don’t Forget About Your Hard Drive

Defragmentation is like a spa day for your hard drive. Regular sessions can help it find game files more easily.

Hardware Hints

While software typically sits at the center of these issues, let’s not disregard hardware altogether. Here’s what to consider if you’ve already gone down the software rabbit hole and still have issues.

Double-Check Compatibility

Your PC might be ‘high-end,’ but is every component harmonizing with the rest?

  • RAM Compatibility: Having 32GB of RAM is lovely, but if it’s not playing nicely with your motherboard, you might face performance issues.
  • Power Supply: An underrated culprit! Ensure your PSU can provide adequate power for all components, especially during peak usage.

Monitor Refresh Rates

If you’re flaunting a 144Hz or even a 240Hz monitor, but your in-game settings aren’t aligned, you’re doing both yourself and your rig a disservice. Make sure your in-game FPS cap matches or slightly exceeds your monitor’s refresh rate for optimal performance.

Physical Cleaning

Dust and grime can accumulate inside your PC or laptop over time, obstructing airflow and causing components to overheat. Remember to give your system a gentle clean-out with compressed air once every few months.

External Factors

Ever thought that it’s neither your software nor hardware, but something else entirely?

Internet Connection

League of Legends requires a stable internet connection. While this doesn’t directly impact FPS, it can cause rubber-banding, lag spikes, or disconnections that may feel like FPS drops. Invest in a robust router, consider wired connections over wireless, and always ensure no significant downloads are running in the background.

Ambient Temperature

Is your gaming room a furnace? External temperatures can impact your system’s internal temps. Try to keep your gaming environment cool, especially during those intense ranked sessions.

Recommended Tools & Resources

  1. HWMonitor: Keep an eye on your system temperatures.
  2. Speedtest by Ookla: Check your internet connection speed and stability.
  3. CCleaner: Clean up your registry and remove unwanted files.
  4. Malwarebytes: Detect and remove malware.
  5. LoL Settings Guide: A deep dive into optimizing every in-game setting.
  6. CPU-Z: Provides information about your CPU, including single-core performance.
  7. Prime95: Test your CPU’s performance and stability, especially if overclocked.
  8. Task Manager (Windows): Check for background tasks that might be hogging CPU resources.


Why is my high-end PC having low FPS in LoL? Many reasons could be at play, including software issues, background applications, or overheating.

Does disabling in-game sounds really boost performance? It can, in some cases! Give it a shot.

How can I ensure my graphics card isn’t interfering with the game? Resetting your graphics card’s settings to default usually does the trick.

Do I really need to defragment my hard drive? If you’re on an older system, yes. It can help locate game files more efficiently.

Can malware affect my game’s performance? Absolutely. Malware can hog resources, causing drops in FPS.

Concluding Thoughts

Look, a high-end PC should translate to a high-end gaming experience. And while hardware upgrades might give you a shiny new toy to show off, sometimes the real villain is the software lurking in the shadows. With these tips, you’re well on your way to saying goodbye to those pesky FPS drops and hello to smoother rift runs!

Remember, every PC, every game, every Summoner is unique. While these tips have helped many, always do what’s best for your specific setup. Happy gaming and may you climb the ranks with ease! 🎮🌟


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Remember, Summoners: The rift awaits, so get those frames high and conquer the arena! 🎮🚀

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