LoL ADC Champions Guide: Unleash Your Inner Carry with Our Expert Tips

LoL ADC Champions Guide: Unleash Your Inner Carry with Our Expert Tips

Ever felt powerless as your team crumbles around you? Unable to carry them to victory? Fret no more! Welcome to our definitive LoL ADC Champions Guide, where we will transform you from a helpless bystander into a Rift-dominating force. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Master positioning and farming as the backbone of your ADC gameplay
  • Discover the top ADC champions for each playstyle and meta
  • Dominate team fights with expert targeting and positioning advice
  • Learn essential communication and map awareness skills
  • Unlock your full potential with our secret insider tips

🌟 ADC Fundamentals: Positioning, Farming, and Kiting

First things first, let’s cover the basics. An ADC, or Attack Damage Carry, is a champion that deals a majority of their damage through auto-attacks. They typically scale well into the late game and rely on their team to protect them. To master the role, you need to focus on three key areas:


As an ADC, positioning is everything. Poor positioning could lead to an untimely death, while good positioning can turn the tide of a battle. Here are a few tips:

  • Stay behind your frontline: Tanks and bruisers can soak up damage and peel for you.
  • Keep an eye on enemy threats: Be ready to avoid skillshots and dangerous abilities.
  • Don’t overextend: Greed can be your downfall. Focus on survival and consistent damage.


ADCs are heavily reliant on gold to buy items and scale into the late game. Here’s how to maximize your income:

  • Last-hit minions: Practice your timing to secure as much gold as possible.
  • Freeze the wave: Control the minion wave to farm safely near your turret.
  • Rotate for objectives: Secure jungle camps, turrets, and other objectives for extra gold.


Kiting is the art of attacking while moving, allowing you to maintain distance from threats. Master this skill with these tips:

  • Attack-move command: Use the A key or Shift + right click to avoid misclicks.
  • Orb-walking: Cancel your attack animation by moving immediately after the damage is dealt.
  • Utilize your champion’s kit: Use abilities to slow, stun, or create distance from enemies.

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🥇 Top ADC Champions for Every Playstyle and Meta

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s dive into the best ADC champions to play. According to League of Graphs, the top ADCs as of September 2021 were Kai’Sa, Jhin, and Aphelios. However, the meta always shifts , so it’s essential to stay up-to-date with champion tier lists and adapt your champion pool accordingly. Here’s a selection of ADCs for various playstyles:


These champions scale incredibly well into the late game, dealing massive amounts of damage if played correctly:

  • Kai’Sa: High mobility, mixed damage, and self-peel make her a popular pick.
  • Jinx: Long-range poke, AoE damage, and a powerful global ultimate.
  • Vayne: True damage, mobility, and invisibility make her a nightmare for tanks.

Utility ADCsUtility ADCs

These champions provide additional utility to their team through crowd control or other supportive abilities:

  • Ashe: Her global stun, slows, and vision control make her a versatile team player.
  • Varus: Long-range poke, crowd control, and %HP damage suit a more strategic playstyle.
  • Senna: A healing, shielding, and long-range poking marksman with global presence.

Early Game Bullies

These champions excel in the early game, often looking to snowball and end the game quickly:

  • Draven: Strong early game damage and snowball potential with his passive.
  • Lucian: High mobility, burst damage, and a relentless early game playstyle.
  • Miss Fortune: Heavy AoE damage and a powerful ultimate make her a lane bully.

Remember to choose a champion that fits your personal playstyle and the team composition. Adaptability is crucial for success as an ADC.

🎯 Team Fight Domination: Targeting and Positioning

Team fights can make or break a game, and as an ADC, your performance is critical. Follow these expert tips to dominate team fights:

Target Prioritization

While it’s tempting to dive into the backline and assassinate their carries, it’s often safer and more effective to attack the closest enemy threat. Here’s a simple rule of thumb:

  • Focus the highest-priority target within your safe attack range.
  • Reposition as needed to maintain a safe distance from threats.
  • Switch targets if a higher-priority enemy becomes accessible without compromising your safety.

Positioning in Team Fights

As mentioned earlier, positioning is crucial for an ADC. In team fights, consider these factors:

  • Stay aware of enemy cooldowns and positioning, especially from assassins and divers.
  • Use terrain and your teammates as protection, putting obstacles between you and threats.
  • Recognize when to move forward aggressively or retreat defensively based on the flow of the fight.

🗣️ Communication and Map Awareness: Winning the Vision Game

Communication and map awareness are essential skills for any ADC. Master these areas to unlock your full potential:


  • Use pings effectively to signal your intentions or alert teammates to danger.
  • Coordinate with your support in the laning phase, discussing playstyle, warding, and roams.
  • Discuss strategies, itemization, and team fight plans in chat when necessary.

Map Awareness

  • Regularly check the minimap for enemy movements, especially the jungler and roaming laners.
  • Track objective timers, such as Dragon and Baron, to prepare for contesting or trading objectives.
  • Anticipate enemy ganks, rotations, and flanks by analyzing the map state and warding effectively.

🔥 Insider Tips and Tricks to Unleash Your Inner Carry

As promised, here are some secret insider tips and personal insights from our experienced Gaming journalist, Tony Fallon:

Adapt Your Build

Don’t stick to a single build path. Adapt your items to suit the game situation, taking into account the enemy team composition and your own team’s strengths.

Learn Multiple Roles

Occasionally play other roles, especially support. This will help you understand how to synergize better with your support and gain insight into other perspectives.

Review Your Games

Watch your replays, especially after difficult matches. Analyze your mistakes and identify areas for improvement.

Follow Pro Players

Watch streams and VODs of professional ADC players to learn their decision-making, mechanics, and strategies.

🏁 In Conclusion

Mastering the ADC role takes time, practice, and dedication. By focusing on the fundamentals, staying adaptable, and implementing our expert tips, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the Rift as a fearsome carry. So, buckle up and get ready to unleash your inner carry with our LoL ADC Champions Guide!

🤔 FAQs

  • Q: What is the ADC role in League of Legends? A: ADC stands for Attack Damage Carry. They are ranged champions that deal physical damage, relying on their team to protect them while they carry the game with their high damage output.
  • Q: How do I improve my positioning as an ADC? A: Stay behind your frontline, keep an eye on enemy threats, and avoid overextending. Practice makes perfect, so focus on positioning in every game.
  • Q: How do I know which ADC champion to play? A: Choose a champion that suits your playstyle and the team composition. Stay up-to-date with the current meta and adapt your champion pool accordingly.
  • Q: How do I prioritize targets in team fights? A: Focus on the highest-priority target within your safe attack range. Reposition as needed to maintain safety and switch targets if a higher-priority enemy becomes accessible without compromising your safety.
  • Q: What are some tips for improving my map awareness? A: Regularly check the minimap, track objective timers, and anticipate enemy movements based on the map state and vision.

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