Ultimate LoL ARAM Guide: Strategies and Tips for Victory

Ultimate LoL ARAM Guide: Strategies and Tips for Victory

Does the chaotic fun of League of Legends’ ARAM mode have you hooked, but victory seems to elude you? Fret not; our expert LoL ARAM guide will catapult you to the top!


  • Understand the unique ARAM mechanics and champion synergies
  • Focus on team fighting and positioning
  • Utilize ARAM-specific items and summoner spells
  • Know when to push and when to fall back
  • Communication is key to success

The ARAM Phenomenon: Facts and Stats

Before diving into the guide, let’s get familiar with some key aspects of ARAM:

Fact: ARAM (All Random All Mid) is a popular game mode in League of Legends where players are randomly assigned a champion and must fight on a single lane map.

Quote: “ARAM is a great way to blow off steam and have some fun with friends without worrying too much about winning or losing.” – Doublelift, professional League of Legends player.

Statistic: According to a 2020 survey by Riot Games, ARAM is the third most popular game mode in League of Legends, with 28% of players saying they play it regularly.

Mastering ARAM: Strategies and Tips for Success

1. Understanding ARAM Mechanics and Champion Synergies

In ARAM, you need to be adaptable, as your champion is randomly assigned. Focus on learning a wide range of champions and their synergies, which will help you create a well-rounded team composition.

2. Team Fighting and Positioning2. Team Fighting and Positioning

ARAM is all about team fights. Prioritize your positioning and stick with your team. Make sure to protect your carries and focus on high-priority targets.

3. Utilize ARAM-specific Items and Summoner Spells

ARAM has unique items, like the Orb of Winter and Guardian’s Horn. Familiarize yourself with these items and choose the right summoner spells (like Snowball) to dominate your opponents.

4. Know When to Push and When to Fall Back4. Know When to Push and When to Fall Back

Map awareness is crucial in ARAM. Push when you have an advantage, but don’t overextend. Know when to back off to heal or regroup.

5. Communication is Key

Talk to your teammates! Use pings and chat to coordinate plays, share cooldowns, and discuss strategies.

6. Master the Art of Poking and Sustain

Poking and sustain are essential in ARAM. Utilize champions with long-range poke abilities to chip away at the enemy’s health, and make sure your team has sustain options to outlast opponents.

7. Learn to Adapt Your Build

Since champion selection is random, you may not always get your preferred champions. Learn to adapt your build and item choices based on your team’s composition and the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses.

8. Understand the Importance of Level and Gold Advantages

In ARAM, gaining a level or gold advantage can snowball your team to victory. Focus on last-hitting minions, securing kills, and avoiding unnecessary deaths to maintain an edge over your opponents.

9. Be Aware of Bush Control and Vision

Maintaining bush control is crucial in ARAM. Use skill shots and abilities to check bushes for enemies, and use vision-granting abilities or items to gain valuable information about your opponents’ movements.

10. Embrace the Chaos: Have Fun and Learn from Each Match10. Embrace the Chaos: Have Fun and Learn from Each Match

The chaotic nature of ARAM allows you to experience various champions and playstyles. Embrace the chaos, have fun, and learn from each game to improve your overall League of Legends skills.

Advanced ARAM Techniques and Tactics

11. Timing and Coordination for Ultimate Combos

Well-timed ultimate abilities can turn the tide of a battle. Coordinate with your team to unleash devastating combos that leave your enemies reeling.

12. Juggling and Sharing Health Relics

Health relics spawn on the map, providing valuable healing and mana regeneration. Share these with your teammates, especially those in need, to maintain a strong presence on the battlefield.

13. Focus on Objectives Over Kills

While getting kills is essential, always remember that the primary goal is to destroy the enemy nexus. Focus on objectives like turrets and inhibitors to push your advantage and secure victory.

14. Learn the Art of Engaging and Disengaging

Knowing when to engage in a fight and when to disengage is vital. Develop a keen sense of timing and decision-making to capitalize on opportunities and minimize risks.

15. Use the Environment to Your Advantage

The Howling Abyss has unique terrain features, such as narrow passages and choke points. Use these to your advantage by luring enemies into unfavorable fights or escaping from danger. With these additional tips and tactics, you’ll be well-equipped to dominate the Howling Abyss and achieve victory in ARAM matches. Good luck, summoner!

FAQs About LoL ARAM Guide

Q: What is the best strategy for ARAM?

A: The best strategy is to understand your champion, focus on team fights and positioning, utilize ARAM-specific items and spells, and communicate with your team.

Q: Are there unique items in ARAM?

A: Yes, ARAM has exclusive items like the Orb of Winter and Guardian’s Horn. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these items to enhance your gameplay.

Q: How important is communication in ARAM?

A: Communication is crucial in ARAM. Use pings and chat to coordinate plays, share cooldowns, and discuss strategies with your teammates.

Q: What summoner spells should I use in ARAM?

A: In ARAM, the unique summoner spell Snowball is popular and effective. Additionally, consider using Heal, Barrier, or Exhaust, depending on your champion and playstyle.

Q: How do I get better at ARAM?

A: To get better at ARAM, practice with a wide variety of champions, learn their synergies, master positioning, make use of unique items and spells, and communicate with your team.

Tony’s Personal Conclusion

Adapting to ARAM’s unique environment can be challenging, but with our LoL ARAM guide, you’ll be well on your way to victory! Remember, practice makes perfect. Good luck, summoner!


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