Master the Rift: The Ultimate LoL Support Champions Guide

Master the Rift The Ultimate LoL Support Champions Guide

Hey, fellow summoners! Tony Fallon here, and I’m stoked to share this ultimate LoL Support Champions Guide with you. If you’ve ever struggled to find your footing as a support player, you’re not alone. But fret not! This guide will get you ready to dominate the Rift as a top-tier support and be the backbone of your team. Let’s dive in!

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Key Takeaways

  • Master the art of warding and map control
  • Understand the different support playstyles and champion synergies
  • Adapt your item builds to counter your opponents
  • Learn to protect your carries and make game-winning plays
  • Discover secret tips and tricks from the pros

Support: The Unsung Heroes of Summoner’s Rift

Support players are the backbone of a League of Legends team, but they often don’t get the recognition they deserve. According to Riot Games, around 15% of players main support in ranked games, making it the least popular role(1). But don’t be discouraged, as a skilled support player can truly make a difference!

Ward Up: Mastering Vision ControlWard Up: Mastering Vision Control

One crucial aspect of being a support is vision control. Fun fact: A single ward can grant up to 1100 units of vision radius(2). That’s a lot of map awareness! Here are some tips to up your ward game:

  • Ward key objectives like Dragon and Baron
  • Use Control Wards to deny enemy vision
  • Keep an eye on the enemy jungler’s movements
  • Coordinate with your team for deep warding

Playstyles: Finding Your Support Identity

Not all supports are created equal. Here’s a breakdown of the various support playstyles and some popular champions for each:

  • Enchanter: Empower your allies with shields, heals, and buffs. (e.g., Soraka, Janna, Lulu)
  • Engage: Initiate fights and create opportunities. (e.g., Leona, Alistar, Rakan)
  • Poke: Chip away at the enemy’s health from afar. (e.g., Zyra, Vel’Koz, Brand)
  • Disruptor: Disrupt the enemy team and protect your carries. (e.g., Thresh, Braum, Tahm Kench)

Itemization: Adapt and Overcome

A good support knows when to adapt their item builds to counter the enemy team. Here’s a pro tip: Keep an eye on the enemy team composition and prioritize items that counter their threats. For example, if they have heavy crowd control, consider building a Mikael’s Blessing to save your carry.

Protect Your Carry: The Art of Peeling

As a support, your primary job is to keep your carry alive. Mastering the art of “peeling” – using your abilities to protect your carry – is essential for success. Remember, a dead carry deals no damage!

Secret Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Now that you’ve got a grasp on the basics, let’s dive into some secret tips and tricks from the pros to give you an edge on the Rift.

1. Roaming: Make an Impact Across the Map

Don’t just babysit your carry – look for opportunities to roam and create pressure around the map. Remember to keep an eye on your carry and make sure they’re safe before you leave the lane. As the famous support player Aphromoo once said, “Support is so easy, dude.”

2. Synergy: Know Your Champion Combos

Understanding champion synergies can give you a significant advantage in the bot lane. For example, Lucian and Braum’s passives work exceptionally well together, allowing for quick stuns and burst damage.

3. Wave Management: Control the LaneWave Management Control the Lane

Help your carry control the minion wave by learning when to freeze, push, or slow push. This can create opportunities for your jungler to gank or deny the enemy carry farm.

4. Communication: Stay Connected with Your Team

Stay in constant communication with your team, especially your carry. Use pings, chat, and voice comms to relay important information, such as enemy summoner spells, wards, and jungle movements.

Unlocking Your Full Support Potential

With this LoL Support Champions Guide, you’re well on your way to becoming the support your team needs. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep honing your skills and experimenting with different champions and playstyles. As a wise support once said, “The climb may be steep, but the view is worth it.”


  • Q: What are the best support champions to climb the ranked ladder?
    A: It depends on your playstyle, but strong meta picks include Leona, Thresh, Lulu, and Seraphine.
  • Q: How can I improve my warding as a support player?
    A: Always carry Control Wards, use your Sweeper Lens effectively, and coordinate with your team for deep warding.
  • Q: When should I roam as a support?
    A: Roam when your carry is safe, you’ve pushed the wave, or you see an opportunity to create pressure elsewhere on the map.
  • Q: What are some good support and ADC synergies?
    A: Some popular synergies include Lucian/Braum, Caitlyn/Morgana, and Ashe/Zyra.
  • Q: How do I deal with an aggressive enemy support?
    A: Communicate with your carry, play defensively, and ask for help from your jungler. Adapt your build to counter their aggression and look for opportunities to punish their mistakes.
  • Q: What are some underrated support champions?
    A: Some underrated supports include Zilean, Taric, and Senna. These champions can be quite potent in the right hands and with the right team composition.
  • Q: What are some advanced support mechanics I should learn?
    A: Learn to animation-cancel your abilities, master fog of war manipulation, and practice your skill-shot accuracy. The more advanced mechanics you master, the better your overall gameplay will become.
  • Q: How important is team coordination as a support player?
    A: Team coordination is crucial for support players. Good communication and understanding of your team’s win conditions can often be the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Q: How do I deal with a difficult bot lane matchup?
    A: Adapt your playstyle to the matchup, focus on surviving the laning phase, and look for opportunities to make an impact elsewhere on the map.
  • Q: When should I prioritize building utility items over defensive ones?
    A: Prioritize utility items when your team lacks engage or disengage tools, and your carries are performing well. Otherwise, focus on building defensive items to protect your carries and mitigate enemy threats.


Support players are the unsung heroes of League of Legends, and with this ultimate LoL Support Champions Guide, you’re well-equipped to make a significant impact on the Rift. Remember, practice, adapt, and communicate – and you’ll find yourself climbing the ranks in no time. See you on the Rift, summoners!


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