Top 7 Most Annoying ADCs to Play Against

Being an Attack Damage Carry (ADC) requires a player to have the game sense to play with a duo in the lane, mechanical prowess to farm minions while dealing with two enemies, and competent decision-making to keep oneself at an optimal distance to deal damage.

Despite the amount of skill required to play the role, some players find the role unnecessarily overpowered. In fact, there may be some truth in it. 

The item overhaul gave ADCs a significant amount of choices for different needs: lifesteal items there are for sustainability, lethality items for bursts, critical strike items for damage, and true damage or health percentage scaling damage items for killing tanks.

Annoying as the items are, even the skills of these champions may be the reason for the annoyance: the gap close, true damage, extended range, and auto-attack resets.

With all these reasons considered, we list down some of the ADCs League of Legends players find most annoying to play against.

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7. Caitlyn

Time and time again there is one ADC champ that seems to have never gone out of meta, that is Caitlyn. 

As a champion, Caitlyn possesses superior range against her fellow ADCs and as well reliable amounts of damage capable of bursting down or gradually cutting down her enemies.

Caitlyn has an array of choices she may use to further impose her superiority in auto attack range. 

As one of the champions with the longest auto-attack range at level one (with 650 units), combining her abilities with her auto-attacks makes her one of the most annoying ADCs to deal with.

Her ability Q – Piltover Peacemaker allows her to throw a single shot in a direction and reset her auto-attack. Her ability W – Yordle Snap Trap allows her to place a trap; holding down enemies walking up to it or extending crowd control set up by an ally. 

Her ability E – 90 Caliber Net allows her to dash backward in a direction and marks the enemy for her passive – Headshot – which effectively makes her deal extra damage. 

Finally, her ultimate Ace in the Hole allows her to lock on a target and shoot a homing round to an enemy she can vision of.

With all these abilities, she is able to stop an enemy from coming forward with W while constantly dealing damage with Q and damage resets. 

She is also able to dodge and increase the distance gap with E while dealing extra damage. Closing the gap to actually hit her is a big challenge for players going against this champion.

6. Vayne

True damage, that is the biggest strength Vayne has. This game mechanic is the bane of all defensive stats as both armor and magic resistance do not matter in the face of Vayne, therefore making tank mains hate fighting against her. 

The only saving grace for champions with no gap close or burst to push Vayne away is to get enough health, buying time for their allies to kill Vayne.

Yet this is easier said than done; more than her W passive – Silver Bolts dealing true damage, Vayne possesses enough abilities to make her avoid auto attacks and abilities with her passive – Night Hunter giving her movement speed (ms), ability Q – Tumble which allows her to go dash a short distance, and ability E – Condemn to push away enemies from her. 

The icing on the cake is her ultimate – Final Hour, this ability buffs her damage, gives invisibility to her W, and increases her movement speed even more.

While bursting her down is definitely an option, her enemies will have to catch her first or have their health whittled down over time despite all the resistances they have with true damage.

5. Samira

One of the newer additions to the ADC pool is Samira; capable of dashing, doing unique attack combos, and having potential for a 1-v-5 outplay.

Samira has abilities that allow her to stack up a passive which modifies her skills. With the right combo and resource management, opponents trying to duel her will find themselves losing health faster than they can even react to her quick burst of damage. 

Offensively, she can use abilities such as Q – Flair and W – Blade Whirl to poke her enemies from a distance. Defensively, she can use an upgraded W and E – Wild Rush to block projectiles and dash toward an enemy. 

At the peak of her combo, she can even use her R – Inferno Trigger to shoot everyone around her. 

This ultimate ability not only allows her to deal damage to all enemies, but also gain health through lifesteal – if she builds any lifesteal items.

If one is capable of holding her down, then there is definitely an opportunity to strike her down. 

Even better, avoiding attacks that build up her passive is important since it will stop her from dealing large amounts of damage she otherwise would if she had a fully stacked passive.

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4. Aphelios

Aphelios is the culmination of 200 years of experience – according to League of Legends Game Designer. 

A champion designed to be incredibly unique and complicated, trying to master this champion is definitely a large hurdle.

As a champion, Aphelios only needs to upgrade two (2) skills his ability Q – Weapons of the Faithful and ultimate R – Moonlight Vigil. 

Yet this supposed lack of abilities is definitely not a hindrance for Aphelios, the player is allowed switch guns with W – Phase and fit the right kind of weapon to deal with a situation. 

Going into the specifics of Aphelios’ guns and abilities is going to be a long explanation, all you have to know is that there needs an insane amount of mental power to remember and pull off gun combinations for Aphelios’ kit – something most players will have a hard time, especially under pressure in-game.

The combination of guns and abilities Aphelios’ kit has is flexible allowing him to put turrets for zoning and extra damage snares to apply when an enemy is tagged, deal continuous rapid firing shots while moving, and deal cleaving damage to enemies.

All these considered, Aphelios is both capable of dealing huge amounts of damage and creating space for his teammates. 

The durability patch along with his damage open up building items for lifesteal very viable for him. Bursting him down or stunning him are options to deal with him.

3. Jinx

Jinx has always been a viable pick ever since she was released, an auto attack speed (as) that can match almost all other ADCs, movement speed (ms) that can be buffed by her passive, and attack range that can kite enemies down from a safe distance.

She can poke down enemies with her W – Zap!, switch guns using Q – Switcheroo! if she wants to deal extra damage or deal faster damage, E – Flame Chompers to zone away or trap enemies, and R – Super Mega Death Rocket! to finish off enemies even across the map.

While these do not seem unique from any other ADCs, the right use of these skills allow her to kite down all kinds of enemies effectively. 

She also shines more with her passive – Get Excited! which gives ms bonus when getting a takedown. This helps her reposition for better angles or to run away from enemies.

Fortunately, she can be dealt with just like Caitlyn as one of Jinx’s strongest points outside her abilities is her range. 

Not allowing her to get a takedown is also a must as activating it will make it harder for her victims to run away or hit abilities against her.

2. Yasuo

There are many different unconventional ADC picks available in bot lane; like Rengar, Jarvan, and Pantheon. The champion that sticks out the most however, is Yasuo. 

Yasuo is capable of blocking projectiles with his W – Wind Wall, creating space of safety to run away or amidst a firefight. 

He can also close the gap using E – Sweeping Blade by dashing across enemies then poking you down with his Q – Steel Tempest. E and Q abilities together make it hard for you to hold him down as he can dash in and out of range to deal significant damage to you. 

If these do not scare you, his R – Last Breath can be used to close the gap when you are knocked up.

His damage is large enough to make you be aware of him, but the fact that he can knock you up and stay on your face makes it hard to kite him down. 

This also puts conventional ADCs at a disadvantage as health stats and resistances of these champions are usually weaker at early levels compared to Yasuo.

Managing distance while kiting him, and wave management is key to defeating Yasuo in lane. He is squishy enough to deal with as long as he does not deal damage to you – which is most likely more than you will dish out in the early levels. 

Yasuo in bot lane intends to snowball the game so players should try their best to merely kite him and zone him out from getting gold and experience.

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1. Tahm Kench

A supposed support pick that slowly crawled his way to becoming the ADC in bot lane, Tahm Kench. When Tahm Kench was released, he was initially made to be played in Top lane and Jungle. 

Eventually, people found his durability as a reliable asset in bot lane as a support. Further reworks on his skills made him an even bigger threat as a support.

However, further changes in the game sparked an interest in some creative players. 

Tahm Kench finally became an ADC no one knew he was truly meant to be. Tahm Kench along with Starving Senna became a terrifying duo. 

The playstyle is for Tahm Kench to effectively be the ADC, farming minions for gold and experience while Senna is there to support him while stacking souls for her passive.

In this situation, Tahm Kench is the ADC. He will engage using his W – Abyssal Dive for short trades, and poke down enemies using his Q – Tongue Lash. Going up the minion wave and farming is definitely a problem but with his large health pool along with his E – Thick Skin, taking damage is not a big threat. 

While the playstyle puts him as the damage dealer, farmer, and engager in the lane, Tahm Kench still plays his role as a supposed support since he is there to zone out the enemies. 

He can also use his R – Devour to either protect his teammate, or create better opportunities for his allies by using it on enemies.

Being able to play around this strategy is a hard task to deal with, but using champions that deal enough damage in the bot lane may stop him. 

Tahm Kench’s durability is definitely his strength but he is not invincible. Furthermore, poking down Senna is an option as this playstyle relies on Senna stacking her passive up for the late game.

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