Most Mobile Mid Laners in League of Legends

Hello, summoners! How is your climbing to the League of Legends rankings progressing? Do you have a plan for how you will get out of the current tier by the end of the ranked season or move on to a better tier? 

Riot strives to make each ranked season better than the previous one and for players to experience an experience they have never had before. That is why all players try to play the best they can in the ranked season and win as many League Points as possible. 

If you want to improve your gameplay, you are at the right place. In this article we will talk about most mobile mid laners in the League of Legends. Most of these champions will surely be familiar to you, and some champions you may play every day.

League of Legends has been a popular game for many years, and some players have been present in this gaming community since the beginning of the game. 

Note that the game was launched to the public back in 2009, and today we are in 2022. However, League of Legends still holds first place among the most popular multiplayer games.

The rules of this game are clear to you all: two teams, each with five players, compete on a map called Summoner’s Rift and try to bring down enemy turrets as soon as possible and reach the enemy base where the Nexus is located. 

The team that first knocks down the opposing Nexus wins the match and wins League Points.

Of course, this game is much more complicated – players choose the role they want to play at the beginning (they can choose between adc, support role, mid lane, top lane and jungler). Each role is special in its own way, and champions are divided according to the roles they can play.

In today’s focus is mid lane. According to many players, mid lane is the easiest and best lane to play. 

This is because mid lane is the shortest lane, players can come quickly from base, and other teammates can come quickly through the jungle and help their teammate who is on mid lane. 

However, mid lane can be very demanding because the strongest champions can be found on it. It will not be an easy mission to defeat a strong Yasuo or Katarina.

That is why we have prepared for you a list of top 5 most mobile mid laners in the League of Legends, each of these champions increases your chances of dominating mid lane and contributing to your team to win.

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5. Katarina

Katarina is one of the most mobile champions in the whole League of Legends champions pool. Over the years, this combat warrior has been reworked several times which has affected her gameplay. 

Once Katarina embarks on her murderous mission, it’s hard to stop her. That is why it is important to play more aggressively than her at the very beginning and try to push her as much as possible with her turret so that she has no chance to clean up the lane and collect items for her fantastically strong build. 

She is not only mobile, she is a hypermobile champion who can be jump behind the enemy champion in a few moves and attack him. 

That is, we better say – kill him. Just try to avoid enemy champions as often as possible. If you are interested in how to make a pentakill, Katarina is the right champion for you.

4. Akali

Akali can be a very demanding champion for players who are new to the League of Legends. Akali has different abilities that are best influenced when combined, and this is what players need to learn to be able to master Akali. 

In addition to moving extremely fast on the map, Akali has the ability to become invisible at the same time by being in a dark circle and thus deceiving her enemies. Akali literally understood the term “sword dance” and moved with ease while simultaneously handling swords and trying to attack her enemies. 

Even Riot knows how strong Akali can become, so Akali is a bit nerfed from update to update, then a bit buffed, depending on the outcome of her games. 

If you want to play with Akali take some time to watch how professional League of Legends players play with her, then taste a few games where you will practice her abilities. Only after you learn how to play with Akali, start dominating the mid lane.

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3. Zed

Who can say that he is happy to see that Zed is his opponent in the mid lane? No one, probably. Zed is a ninja warrior who with his shadow can inflict great damage and kill enemy champions who decide to oppose him. 

Zed is a very popular choice for mid lane because he can carry the game by himself, once he buys all the necessary items to become an unstoppable killing machine. Also, his power lies in the fact that he can very skillfully escape and avoid the attack of enemy champions. 

This makes Zed an ideal choice for mid lane. If Zed quickly clears his mid lane of enemy minions, he becomes a danger to champions who are on other lanes as well. 

We’ve seen a thousand times that Zed jumps out of the bushes and in a few moves kills enemy champions who get so scared they can’t even defend themselves.

2. Yone

When we thought no champion stronger than Yasuo could be found, Yone showed up. Yone is a brother of Yasuo who has everything Yasuo has – only better. Great damage and of course mobility which is why Yone is on this list. 

We must mention that Yone is a much simpler champion to master than Yasuo, his ability kit is much easier. Yone is an ideal roaming champion, which means he is a threat to the entire enemy team, as soon as he clears the mid lane and pushes the minion wave, Yone sets out to conquer the kills on the entire map. 

He has mobility on almost every ability, which is a big advantage over other champions, he also has crowd control and can kill an entire enemy team in a few moves. And we thought Yasuo was a strong champion.

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1. LeBlanc

In the first place, deservedly – LeBlanc. LeBlanc is a combination of all the best features that a strong mid lane champion can have. 

She has low cooldown and high mobility, which is an ideal combination when it comes to team fights and key moments in the match. When her clone appears, LeBlanc has the ability to confuse her enemies who won’t know who they just attacked, the real LeBlanc or her clone.

Like Katarina, she is a hypermobile champion who can roam around the map without any problems, and her abilities allow her to save herself whenever she is in danger. 

Players who manage to learn how to play with LeBlanc have secured themselves many matches in which they will be the most dangerous champion on the team and in which they will be able to secure League Points.

Final Thoughts 

As you can read, mid lane is probably the most fun lane for many to play on Summoner’s Rift map. 

Apart from being the most fun to play, it is also the most demanding, if we rank it by the strength of the champions who are ideal for the mid lane role. 

On this list, we have listed 5 most mobile champions who are intended for the mid lane role just because they have a great ability to roam around the map. Of course, many more champions can be found on this list but we have listed only five. 

If you want to share with us more great mid laners with high mobility, feel free to comment. Have fun playing League of Legends!

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