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Most Mobile Top Laners in League of Legends

Hello, League of Legends players, are you ready for a new guide that will improve your game performance? In today’s guide we will talk about mobility – why mobility is important and who are the 5 selected champions with high mobility in the top lane. 

The top lane is considered one of the most demanding and complicated lanes in the League of Legends. The top lane is the furthest from the other lanes and players who choose to play in the top lane must be prepared that most fights will have to be played alone, without the help of their teammates. 

Okay, if there is a good jungler in the team, he will take care to often gank the top lane and thus help his teammate. So, let’s find out which are the 5 most mobile top lane champions in the League of Legends.

In the League of Legends, mobility is a very important feature that makes the difference between champions. Immobile champions may have strong abilities, but if they find themselves in a situation where they have to fight a champion who is very fast, they will probably lose that battle. 

Mobile champions, on the other hand, have the privilege of capturing all immobile enemy champions, as well as avoiding danger if enemy champions approach them.

But mobility in the top lane is a completely different situation. Due to its remoteness and inaccessibility, a cannon can be very dangerous. 

Players in the top lane most often choose Teleport so they can quickly create close to their turret because if a player recalls to buy new items or heals himself, the enemy player also has more than enough time to clear a minion wave or even knock the enemy turret to the ground.

That is why it is important that champions who play in the top lane have some abilities with which they will be able to heal themselves, or they can buy items that will allow them to regenerate mana or health so that they do not have to recall to the base often. 

It was quite difficult to single out only 5 champions for the top lane with high mobility, but the list was compiled so take a look at our selection and consider whether you agree with all the selected champions on the list.

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5. Singed

Singed is a very mobile champion and very fast in clearing his lane from enemy minions. This allows him to quickly establish dominance and outwit his enemy. Also, he can deal a lot of damage and win kills so quickly. 

You think that’s all? Well, Singed is very thin, which means that he will not be easily destroyed by enemy attacks, so every champion should consider whether it is worth fighting Singed at all. 

If he uses the Noxious Slipstream, he will get extra movement speed which is excellent if he wants to catch enemy champions who are on the run or if he just wants to escape potential danger. 

At that moment, he can cast his famous green trail, which will further slow down the enemies and cause them damage.

4. Fiora

Slightly forgotten, but by no means underestimated – this wild woman is a killing machine in the top lane. Ever since she was reworked, Fiora has become much stronger and more dangerous. 

Did we mention she became even faster? Fiora excels in team fights, with her, pentakill will be guaranteed, of course, if you know how to use her abilities and combinations properly. 

Also, her Movement Speed increases with the items found in her build, so Fiora can roam around the map very quickly. She is excellent at capturing enemy champions, so it’s better to escape if you find Fiora on the way. 

In addition, every duel in which Fiora is gives her an almost one hundred percent chance of winning. If you haven’t played with Fiora before, now is the right time to see how Fiora is a great choice for dominating the top lane.

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3. Darius

Darius is always a strong pick, so it’s no surprise that it’s a very common choice, especially for the top lane. His advantage lies in the fact that he is very strong from the very beginning, which automatically gives him a strategic advantage over the enemy top lane champion. 

He is very good at farming; he can clear the lane very quickly and so push his minion wave to the enemy turret. Darius dominates in 1v1 duels, as does Fiora, but his contribution to team fights is sometimes so perfect that other teammates leave it to him to pick up all the credit and collect kills. 

He is also very mobile, so mobile that immobile champions have almost no chance in a duel with him. Beware if you see Darius nearby, it’s only a matter of time before he starts waving his ax and beheading you and your teammates.

2. Yorick

Are you surprised that Yorick is on this list? Well, you have every right to be surprised because Yorick is not such a popular choice, especially when choosing a champion who is very mobile and with whom you want to win in the top lane. 

However, Yorick is a real lane pusher – he can very quickly clear the top lane of minions and push his minion wave to the enemy turret. This is a big advantage because he can establish dominance in the early phase of the game, and you all know how much the psychological advantage of the player is if he dominates the top lane first. 

When Yorick finds himself under an enemy turret he will be able to demolish it quickly because he deals a lot of damage, but he also has a low cooldown which is very cool. 

With his Maiden of the Mist he can fight his enemies who will not be able to stop him in his murderous campaign. Maybe Yorick is a little bit underrated but give him a chance and you’ll see how easy it is to win with him.

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1. Kled

In League of Legends, Kled is synonymous with mobility. His entire ability kit is related to mobility, and Skaarl contributes the most to that. Skaarl is his lizzard who carries him on his back through the entire Summoner´s Rift and thus gives him high mobility.

Kled is a well-designed champion, who if he puts together the perfect build can carry the whole game by himself. With his abilities, Kled is a perfect example of how a high mobility champion can determine the course of a game. In the top lane, he will fight every single enemy champion, without even risking losing his life. 

Deservedly, Kled is in first place because of his virtuoso gameplay, so you know what you need to do in the next match to increase your chances of winning.

Final Thoughts

And here we are at the very end of the list of top 5 mobile top lane champions in the League of Legends. As you can see, high mobility is a big advantage in all lanes, and champions with high mobility can become a big threat to all enemy champions. 

In the early phase of the game, these champions can quickly increase their advantage by having the ability to quickly clear the lane. With pushing the lane players create opportunities to quickly bring down the enemy turret and thus begin to break through the defense of the enemy team on the way to the ultimate goal – enemy Nexus.

These 5 champions can improve the quality of your gameplay, so try to play with them and see it for yourself. 

Of course, if we forgot some high mobile champion who plays perfectly in the top lane, feel free to comment. We look forward to your suggestions. Also, have fun playing League of Legends and good luck!

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