Who Is The Newest Champion In League of Legends?

The newest champion in League of Legends is Bel’Veth, a void champion that is pivotal to the lore of League of Legends. She has voice lines that says she brings about the end of Runeterra and will unleash the power of the Void to the world. 

She even has an awesome cinematic released by Riot Games where she easily defeats Kai’Sa. Bel’Veth is shown to be a melee champion that works like Yasuo, she has four different dashes that she can use once in four different directions. 

She can cast an airborne skill on her opponents within a straight line in front of herself, her gameplay trailer also shows that she has a skill that lets her attack with very high speed meaning items like Kraken slayer and other on-hit effect items work greatly on her. 

There is not much detail released on this champion yet so let us all watch out for the other detailed releases of Riot Games to this champion which will also feature a void event for Runeterra’s overall lore. 

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