Top Champions With Best Quinn Support Synergy

Mastering the Quinn Support Synergy: Unleashing the Falcon’s Potential

Quinn, the Demacia’s Wings, has often been an underappreciated choice for ADC. Despite her enormous potential in damage dealing, many gamers find it difficult to leverage her strengths, especially due to her reliance on the right support synergy. But what if we told you that with the perfect partner, you could unlock a whole new level of dominance on the Rift with Quinn? Let’s dive in to explore!


  • Quinn has over 50% synergy score with support champions Thresh and Leona according to League of Graphs.
  • Quinn performs best with supports providing crowd control and damage lockdown.
  • Renowned gaming experts claim that Quinn’s synergy with CC heavy supports can be game-changing.
  • The right Quinn support synergy can turn the tide in bot lane.



Decoding the Synergy

As Mobalytics’ gaming expert so aptly puts it, “Quinn’s synergy with crowd control heavy supports can turn the tide of the game. The right support can unlock Quinn’s full potential, ensuring she can swoop in and out of fights dealing maximum damage.” This means, in the right hands, Quinn can be a significant threat to enemies in the bot lane, transforming from a vulnerable marksman into a swift and deadly predator.

The Ideal Support Champion for Quinn

The best support for Quinn are champions that can lock down enemies and provide crowd control. This allows Quinn to deal high amounts of damage while remaining safe from retaliation. In other words, Quinn needs a frontline partner who can disrupt enemy movements and create opportunities for her to swoop in for the kill.

Top 5 Support Synergies for Quinn

Based on expert analysis, gameplay experience, and statistics, here are the top 5 support champions that can bring out the best in Quinn:

1. Janna:

With her shielding, knock-up, and healing abilities, Janna enables Quinn to play aggressively and sustain in the lane.Top 5 Support Synergies for Quinn-Janna

2. Braum:

His passive, ‘Concussive Blows’, provides a stun effect that sets up a perfect opportunity for Quinn to unleash her burst damage.Top 5 Support Synergies for Quinn-Braum_

3. Amumu:

Amumu’s crowd control abilities make him a great partner for Quinn, keeping the enemies in place for her to land her attacks.Top 5 Support Synergies for Quinn-Amumu

4. Blitzcrank:

Blitzcrank’s infamous pull and silence combination is a nightmare for enemies when paired with Quinn’s damage potential.Top 5 Support Synergies for Quinn-Blitzcrank

5. Yuumi:

Yuumi’s support abilities grant Quinn freedom to play as aggressively as she wants, ensuring her survival during daring dives.Top 5 Support Synergies for Quinn-Yuumi

Finding the Perfect Wingman:  Thresh and Leona

Finding the Perfect Wingman: Leona and ThreshAccording to statistics from League of Graphs, Quinn holds a strong synergy score of over 50% when played in the top lane alongside support champions like Leona and Thresh. This indicates a highly positive interaction between these characters in the League of Legends gaming universe.

But, you may ask, “Why exactly are these characters successful as partners?”

Firstly, Leona and Thresh’s crowd control abilities allow Quinn to safely unleash her damage potential. Their stuns and snares give Quinn an opportunity to take out enemies without much retaliation.

Secondly, these supports have powerful protective tools that can shield Quinn, increasing her survivability during fights. This gives her the freedom to focus solely on dealing damage, rather than worrying about her health bar.

Lastly, these supports can engage fights efficiently, allowing Quinn to capitalize on unsuspecting enemies. This tactical advantage can potentially change the tide of the game.

A popular gaming expert from Mobalytics once stated, “Quinn’s synergy with crowd control heavy supports can turn the tide of the game. The right support can unlock Quinn’s full potential, ensuring she can swoop in and out of fights dealing maximum damage.” These words are not far from the truth, as a skilled Thresh or Leona can certainly boost Quinn’s effectiveness in the field.

A Winning Combination

Pairing Quinn with a support champion that can immobilize enemies while providing protection is a surefire strategy for dominating the game. This synergy allows Quinn to focus on dealing substantial damage without worrying about her survival.

For instance, consider the potent Quinn-Leona combo. Leona’s stun abilities combined with Quinn’s burst damage can result in devastating takedowns. The timing and coordination between these two can make or break team fights, tipping the scales in their favor.

Similarly, Thresh’s abilities to trap and pull enemies are an excellent complement to Quinn’s rapid strikes. A well-timed Thresh play can set up Quinn to swoop in for the kill, turning an intense match in their favor.

The Bottom Line: Quinn’s Right Hand Men (or Women!)

Quinn is an exceptional champion with a potent damage output. Pairing her with the right support can drastically improve her effectiveness in matches, making her a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s the stalwart Leona or the tactician Thresh, a well-chosen partner can indeed unlock Quinn’s full potential and turn the tide of any game in their favor.

From controlling the crowd to setting up kills, these supports can help Quinn excel, enabling her to confidently deal massive amounts of damage. So, next time you’re drafting, keep in mind these support champions, and watch as Quinn’s potential soars on the battlefield!


Why is Quinn not a popular pick in the bot lane?

Quinn is considered a risky pick due to her short-range and vulnerability. However, with the right support synergy, Quinn can be a powerful ADC.

Which support champion provides the best synergy with Quinn?

While this depends on the player’s strategy and comfort, champions like Janna, Braum, Amumu, Blitzcrank, and Yuumi are generally considered excellent partners for Quinn.

What makes Quinn unique as an ADC?

Quinn’s uniqueness lies in her speed, burst damage, and map pressure ability. Properly utilized, Quinn can control the game tempo and be a significant asset to her team.

Why is crowd control important for Quinn?

Crowd control abilities lock down enemies, giving Quinn the opportunity to deal her high burst damage safely.

Why is Quinn often paired with Thresh or Leona?

Quinn synergizes well with Thresh or Leona due to their crowd control abilities that allow her to safely deal high amounts of damage.

What makes Quinn’s synergy with these supports so effective?

The combination of crowd control from the supports and Quinn’s burst damage can be devastating for enemy champions, especially when timed correctly.

Who are other good support partners for Quinn?

Other support champions like Braum, Janna, and Yuumi also have good synergy with Quinn, thanks to their abilities to lock down enemies and protect Quinn.

What is Quinn’s role in a team fight when paired with these supports?

Quinn’s role is to focus on dealing damage, especially to enemy carries, while the support controls the crowd and protects her.

How can I improve my synergy with Quinn as a support?

Good communication, understanding of both characters’ abilities, and strategic timing are key to improving synergy with Quinn.

Are these supports viable with Quinn in every game?

While Thresh and Leona have good synergy with Quinn, the effectiveness can vary depending on the team composition and the enemy lineup. It’s important to understand the game dynamics before making the final decision.

In Conclusion…

Unlocking the full potential of Quinn comes down to understanding the power of Quinn support synergy. Pair her with the right champion, and you’ll not only be having fun but also carrying games in solo queue. Go forth and dominate the bot lane, summoners!


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