Red Kayn vs Blue Kayn – Who Reigns Supreme in LoL?

The Great Showdown: Red Kayn vs Blue Kayn - Who Reigns Supreme in LoL?

In the universe of League of Legends, the battle between Red Kayn (Rhaast) and Blue Kayn (Shadow Assassin) has been a subject of heated discussion.

From professional streamers to everyday gamers, everyone has their personal preference. But the question still looms, which form should you choose? This article sets out to quench your curiosity, once and for all.


  • Red Kayn (Rhaast) has a higher win rate (51%) in ranked games compared to Blue Kayn (Shadow Assassin) at 49%.
  • The choice between Red and Blue Kayn is highly dependent on the situation of the game.
  • Streamer and professional gamer, IWillDominate, believes that the Blue Kayn form can be devastating against squishy champions while Red Kayn is more suitable for dealing with tanks.
  • Understanding the mechanics of Kayn’s transformation, as well as the distinct abilities of each form, is essential to mastering the champion.


The Mechanism of Kayn’s Transformation

League of Legends is no stranger to unique champion designs, but Kayn’s transformative mechanism is a league of its own. His passive, the Darkin Scythe, empowers him to morph into two distinct forms: an assassin obliterating squishy targets (Blue Kayn) or an over-healing bruiser that tanks through any foe (Red Kayn).

This transformation isn’t merely aesthetic; it significantly impacts your gameplay strategy, altering Kayn’s abilities and determining the runes you equip. But the real question is: when should you opt for Red Kayn, and when is it better to become the Blue Kayn?

This guide is here to answer that exact question.

Red Kayn – The Over-healing Bruiser

Known as Rhaast, Red Kayn is the formidable bruiser variant of Kayn that thrives in sustained fights. He’s ideal when facing tanky enemies or when your team needs a champion to soak up damage. Boasting high survivability, Rhaast’s transformation gives Kayn’s W – Blades Reach a knock-up effect, making him a force to reckon with in team fights.

Even in 1v1s, Red Kayn shines through. As IWillDominate aptly stated, “If you need to be more durable and deal with tanks, Red Kayn is the way to go.” With his insane self-healing and low cooldowns, Red Kayn can match any champion on Summoner’s Rift.

Here are some recommended items and the most common build order for Red Kayn:

  1. Start with Emberknife and Health Potion for effective jungle clear and early game sustain.

  2. The first core item is Goredrinker. This item provides bonus Attack Damage, Health, Ability Haste, and its active ability can be used to heal for a significant amount of health in the middle of a fight.

  3. Boots of Swiftness or Mercury’s Treads should be your footwear choice, depending on the enemy team’s composition. If the enemy team is heavy on crowd control, go for Mercury’s Treads. If not, Boots of Swiftness is an excellent choice for the extra movement speed.

  4. Your next item should be Black Cleaver. This item grants bonus Attack Damage, Health, and Ability Haste. Its passive ability allows you to shred the enemy’s armor, making them easier to take down.

  5. Sterak’s Gage is another key item. This grants additional Health, restores Health over time, and gives a shield when taking damage.

  6. Next, get Death’s Dance. This item provides Attack Damage, Armor, and Ability Haste. It also delays a portion of damage taken, healing you for a percentage of the damage dealt.

  7. Finally, Spirit Visage is an excellent last item. This increases your total healing received, which synergizes well with Kayn’s kit and his other items like Goredrinker and Death’s Dance.Red Kayn - The Over-healing Bruiser

Please note that this is a common build and can vary based on your play style and the enemy team’s composition. Always adapt your build to the specific game you’re in.

As for skill order, you should typically start with W, then Q, then E, and prioritize maxing out Q first for the best damage output. Max W next and then E. Upgrade your R whenever it’s available.

Blue Kayn – The Swift Assassin

Enter Shadow Assassin, or Blue Kayn, the lethal slayer designed to swiftly take out high-priority targets. Choosing this form signals your intention to snowball early, exploiting his boosted speed while using E – Shadow Step and his ability to pass through walls to stage unpreventable ganks.

But be warned, Blue Kayn’s strength in team fights is significantly reduced after he blows his cooldowns. As for 1v1s, he may struggle against bruisers and tanks due to his squishy nature. Yet, in the words of IWillDominate, “If you’re up against a lot of squishy champions, Blue Kayn can be devastating.”

Blue Kayn is all about the quick in-and-out style of dealing damage. Here are the optimal runes for him:

  1. Dark Harvest: This is Blue Kayn’s best keystone because it stacks indefinitely and can secure kills more easily. It gives him an advantage in ganks and skirmishes.

  2. Sudden Impact: Since Blue Kayn often uses his E for mobility and his W-Q combo for burst, Sudden Impact gives him an additional Lethality boost after using these abilities.

  3. Eyeball Collection: This Rune helps to amplify Blue Kayn’s damage as he racks up kills and assists, further increasing his snowballing capabilities.

  4. Ravenous Hunter: This rune provides Kayn with additional healing from his ability damage, which synergizes well with his playstyle.

Secondary path – Precision:

  1. Triumph: Blue Kayn is all about scoring kills and this rune will provide additional healing and gold whenever he manages to secure one.

  2. Coup de Grace: This Rune helps Kayn secure kills on low-health targets, providing a damage boost against enemies below 40% health.

For stat shards, take two Adaptive Force (for additional Ability Power or Attack Damage) and one Armor or Magic Resist, depending on your specific game matchup.Blue Kayn - The Swift Assassin

Always remember that this is a general guideline and your rune choice can change based on the matchup, enemy team composition, and your personal playstyle. Always adapt as necessary for each game.

Red Kayn vs Blue Kayn: Which Form Reigns Supreme?

Based on statistics, Red Kayn had a slightly higher win rate (51%) than Blue Kayn (49%) in 2021. However, the ideal form largely depends on the team compositions. In ELO below Platinum, Red Kayn is typically more favorable as games tend to be longer, and Blue Kayn’s late-game scaling isn’t as impressive.

Always analyze the situation before deciding. If your team needs a tank and the enemy team is full of squishy champions, and you’re confident in your abilities, feel free to go Blue Kayn and let the assassinations begin!


Is Red Kayn or Blue Kayn better for beginners?

Red Kayn is generally considered easier for beginners due to his higher durability and healing abilities.

When should I pick Blue Kayn?

Blue Kayn should be picked when the enemy team has more squishy targets and you’re confident in your ability to eliminate them quickly.

How can I optimize my orb collection for the Kayn form I want?

Prioritize dealing damage to either melee champions (for Red Kayn) or ranged champions (for Blue Kayn) to gather the orbs you need.

Is Red Kayn good for team fights?

Yes, Red Kayn’s durability and crowd control abilities make him excellent for team fights.

What is Blue Kayn’s strength?

Blue Kayn excels at quickly eliminating high-priority squishy targets and navigating the map unseen.

How does Kayn’s transformation work?

Kayn’s transformation is facilitated by his passive – Darkin Scythe. Dealing damage to champions causes them to drop orbs, which Kayn collects. Once he’s gathered enough orbs, he can choose to become Red or Blue Kayn.

Which Kayn form has a higher win rate?

As of 2021, Red Kayn (Rhaast) had a higher win rate of 51% in ranked games, while Blue Kayn (Shadow Assassin) had a 49% win rate.

When should I choose Red Kayn?

Red Kayn is better for tanking and excelling in prolonged fights. It’s a solid choice when your team needs a tank or the enemy team is filled with tanky champions.

When is it better to become Blue Kayn?

Blue Kayn shines in swiftly taking out squishy targets, making it an ideal choice when the enemy team has more squishy damage dealers.

What do I lose or gain from each transformation?

The transformation impacts Kayn’s abilities. Red Kayn gains a knock-up effect on his W – Blades Reach, increasing his survivability. Blue Kayn gains boosted speed and an improved E – Shadow Step, making him a feared assassin.


Whether you choose Red Kayn or Blue Kayn, understanding your opponents, acknowledging your team’s needs, and adapting your strategy to the game situation is key to wielding Kayn’s full potential.


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