5 Tips to Secure More Dragons in League of Legends

Secure More Dragons in League of Legends

Getting dragons in League of Legends is important since they provide your entire team with special bonuses that can help you win the game. This is especially true after your team can secure the soul by getting four drakes to gain a special power depending on what type of dragon is spawning. If you want to know how to get more objectives, this guide will show you 5 tips to secure more dragons in League of Legends.

To get more dragons in League of Legends, you must:

  • Try to get more priority in the mid and bot lane
  • Pick junglers that excel in getting drakes
  • Start the drake if the enemy jungler is on the opposite side of the map
  • Ensure that you have Smite up or it can get stolen
  • Get vision control before starting the dragon

Those are the 5 tips to secure more dragons in League of Legends. However, they are easier said than done. If you are still having issues securing more dragons, continue reading to find out how you can follow these tips effectively and win more games.

Gain Lane Prio

Secure Dragons Gain Lane Prio in League of Legends

This is one of the most important things before going for the dragon. If your bot lane does not have prio, the enemy will always reach the drake first and start attacking your jungler. This will always put you at a disadvantage since your jungler will die before you can reach there and they will get the dragon as well.

To avoid this issue, you can either pick good pushing champions that will ensure that your lane is mostly pushed or you can push the lane when your jungler wants to get the dragon. Also, make sure that you keep looking at the map when your jungler is near the dragon so that you can quickly rotate depending on the situation.

The same applies to the mid-lane as well. Make sure that your mid-laner also has prio so that your team can have the numbers advantage when you start the dragon.

As a jungler, you should always look at where the wave is in both of these lanes and when the next minion wave is approaching. If your laners are pushing, then it is safe to start the dragon. Also, another thing to consider is what HP and mana your bot and mid lane are at. If they are low but have prio, you should never start the drake since it can mean that they can potentially die.

Pick Strong Junglers

How to get more Dragons? Pick Strong Junglers in League of Legends

Depending on what patch is currently live, there will be different junglers that are in the meta right now. However, there are certain champions that excel in taking drakes easily despite being strong or not. Some of these champions include Shyvana, Nunu, and Fiddlesticks just to name a few. All of these champions have abilities that not only help them sustain but also take the dragon quickly.

On top of that, champions like Shyvana benefit from taking the dragon early as she gains additional stats thanks to her passive. On the other hand, Fiddlesticks can easily sustain during the dragon fight thanks to his W ability that allows him to constantly heal. Plus, this ability has a short cooldown so you can spam it while taking the drake. Finally, champions like Nunu are strong at taking objectives thanks to their abilities. Using his Q, Nunu can not only heal himself but deal a lot of damage to the dragon.

If you want to ensure that your team gets the soul or gets the dragons early on, pick champions that are fast at taking drakes so that your team gets a quick advantage.

Look For the Enemy Jungler

How to get more Dragons? Look for Enemy Jungler in League of Legends

Another essential aspect to consider is the location of the enemy jungler since he can easily steal the dragon from you. During the game, when the enemy jungler ganks your top lane, you can either counter his gank or start the dragon since there will be no one to contest. If you are near the dragon and the enemy jungler on the top side, it is only natural to start the drake.

Even if the top lane ganks succeed, you will at least get an objective that will keep your team in the game. If you do not do anything other than farming during that time, your team will continue to fall behind. Plus, if you get the drake while your top laner is getting ganked, they will have some incentive since they know you are getting objectives. Otherwise, they might give up since your team is getting nothing while the enemy jungler is helping out his top lane.

Speaking of keeping an eye on the enemy jungler, you can also start the dragon if you locate them near the top side of their jungler. They might be taking their buffs or other camps and you can start dragon to ensure that they cannot reach you in time. To do this, you must either place wards in the enemy jungler yourself or ask your team to do it. This will allow you to know exactly where the enemy is and you can safely do the dragon.

If their jungler is ganking the bot lane or the mid lane, do not start the dragon since that is where they will be after ganking. Not only will you die to their jungler and their laner, but you will also give the dragon away for free.

Time Your Smite

Get more Dragons Time your Smite in League of Legends

Starting the dragon is one thing but successfully getting it is another. As a jungler, you must ensure that you always have your Smite up before starting the dragon or any other objective. It can be quite tempting to use Smite on jungle camps to clear them early but if you want to do the dragon or know that the enemy is planning it, make sure that your Smite is always up.

Since the recent changes, Smite is quite strong and will help you secure objectives. So, the next time you want to start the dragon, make sure that your Smite is off of cooldown so that the enemy cannot steal it. Also, make sure to note the damage your Smite does so that you can use it exactly at that time. To know how much damage your Smite does, take a look at the status bar and you’ll see a number there.

Depending on your level, Smite will do that much damage. If you are higher level than the enemy jungler, you have a better chance of getting the dragon since your Smite will deal more damage. So, make sure to farm and level up before going for the drake.

Get Vision Control

Get more Dragons by gaining Vision Control in League of Legends

Before getting any objectives, always make sure that you have good vision control. This will allow you to locate the enemy and know exactly where they are and how they are planning to steal the dragon. Getting vision control isn’t just limited to the support role. All of your teammates must contribute so that you can cover as much area around the dragon pit.

On top of that, always place a control ward in the middle of the pit to deny the enemy vision and make sure that there are no wards nearby. Otherwise, you might be doing the dragon thinking that you are alone but the enemy will be ready for you.

Before the dragon spawns, place some wards in key locations from where the enemy has to pass to get to you. This will not only reveal their location but also allow you to prepare yourself for any surprise attack. Depending on which side you are in the match, you must place wards accordingly.

If you follow these tips, you will secure more dragons for your team and will have a higher chance of getting the dragon soul. Depending on the situation of the game, this might save you from losing. While you cannot implement all of these tips suddenly, make sure that you practice so that you get the hang of them and they become a part of your game.

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