The only reason this skin is right at the top of this list is that I think its in-game animations are a bit underwhelming. None of them really scream “Christmas” and they aren’t very different from his default skin. The only saving grace for the model and animations is the fact that Nutcracko’s dagger looks like it hits like a ton of bricks.

5. Nutcracko

 I love this skin because it fits our favorite mummy so well. It’s hilariously depressing how this little guy just can’t catch a break, not even on Christmas.

4. Re-Gifted Amumu

I think it’s a really fun skin idea, and kinda obvious if I’m being honest so it’s a good thing Riot gave it to us. Granted, if you just wanted to nail people with snowballs, you could play Nunu and Willump for free.

3. Snow Day Syndra

I had to pay homage to the old guard, and this is by far my favorite skin in the first set of Christmas skins. I won’t lie, most reworks don’t sit well with me and I’ll find myself pretty nostalgic for the old art and mechanics of certain champs.

3. Workshop Nunu

Okay, I hate putting this hideous Yordle disgrace ahead of Workshop Nunu, and quite frankly, I hate looking at his ugly face in general. But from a completely objective standpoint, even I have to admit, it’s a pretty sick skin. This doesn’t mean I want to see it on the rift. Quite the opposite, actually.

2. Snowmerdinger

First off, we have to talk about how awesome this splash art looks. Twitch looks like a whole dragon looming over the golden lights of the city. Speaking of golden, I love the colors used in this artwork. The white and blue combination looks so clean and crisp. It’s like night and day compared to Twitch’s dirty, grimy default skin.

1. Ice King Twitch

by: Tony Fallon

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