Unlocking the Power of the Void: Finding the Best Synergy with Kai’Sa in League of Legends

Unlocking the Power of the Void: Finding the Best Synergy with Kai'Sa in League of Legends

Feeling stuck in the bot lane, finding it hard to maximize Kai’Sa’s potential? We’ve all been there. Kai’Sa is a high-damage ADC, but she needs the right partner to really shine. Don’t fret, we’ve got the solution for you! It’s all about synergy!


  • The best supports for Kai’Sa are those with crowd control abilities and engage potential like Nautilus, Thresh, and Leona
  • According to Mobalytics, Kai’Sa works incredibly well with supports that provide hard crowd control.
  • There has been a recent trend in pro play pairing Kai’Sa with aggressive supports like Alistar and Rakan.

Mastering the Kai’Sa Combo: The Art of Synergy

Mastering the Kai'Sa Combo: The Art of Synergy

In the Summoner’s Rift, it’s all about teamwork. Having the right synergy in the bot lane can make or break your game. That’s especially true with Kai’Sa, the Daughter of the Void. With the right support, Kai’Sa can turn into a beast, shredding through enemy health bars like a hot knife through butter.

Fact: Multiple League of Legends community discussions and guides, including the likes of LoLKing and ProGuides, highlight supports with crowd control abilities and engage potential like Nautilus, Thresh, or Leona as the best synergies with Kai’Sa. Why? Simple. Their ability to lock down enemies allows Kai’Sa to fully utilize her damage potential.

Expert Opinions: What the Pros Say

Expert Opinion: According to Mobalytics, a leading platform for League of Legends statistics and guides, “Kai’Sa works incredibly well with supports that can provide hard crowd control. This allows her to stack up her passive quickly and deal a lot of damage.”

Our friendly, neighborhood pro-player Tony Fallon adds, “Landing hard CC and letting Kai’Sa proc her passive is like a one-two knockout punch in the bot lane.”

Trends in Professional Play: The Aggressive Supports

Trend: In recent professional play, there has been a trend of pairing Kai’Sa with aggressive supports like Alistar and Rakan. These supports have the ability to engage on the enemy, allowing Kai’Sa to follow up with her ultimate ability, Killer Instinct, for a quick and decisive kill.

Tony muses, “Seeing Alistar headbutt an enemy into the wall, followed by a quick Kai’Sa R is one of the most satisfying sights in a LoL game.”

Final Words: The Road to Victory

Remember, synergy is key in bot lane. So, make sure to try out these powerful combinations with Kai’Sa in your next match. With a little practice and the right partner, you’ll be a dominating force in the Rift. Now, go out there and show them the power of the Void!


Why does Kai’Sa work well with crowd control supports?

Kai’Sa’s passive, Second Skin, allows her to deal bonus damage to enemies affected by crowd control. As a result, supports with hard CC abilities can help Kai’Sa maximize her damage output.

Why are aggressive supports a trend in pro play with Kai’Sa?

Aggressive supports can initiate fights, enabling Kai’Sa to follow up with her ultimate ability, Killer Instinct, for a quick and decisive kill. It’s a high-risk, high-reward strategy that works well in professional play.

Are traditional healer supports bad with Kai’Sa?

Not necessarily, but Kai’Sa benefits more from supports who can provide hard crowd control and engage potential. This allows her to fully utilize her damage potential.

What are some good strategies to play Kai’Sa with a crowd control support?

A popular strategy is to let the support engage first with their crowd control ability. Once the enemy is immobilized, Kai’Sa can follow up with her Icathian Rain (Q) and Supercharger (E) for maximum damage. If the enemy tries to escape, Kai’Sa can use her ultimate, Killer Instinct (R), to finish them off.

Who are some other supports that synergize well with Kai’Sa?

Other than Nautilus, Thresh, Leona, Alistar, and Rakan, supports like Blitzcrank and Zyra can also synergize well with Kai’Sa. Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab (Q) and Zyra’s Grasping Roots (E) are excellent tools for setting up Kai’Sa’s attacks.

What makes a good Kai’Sa player?

A good Kai’Sa player is aggressive, knows when to engage, and how to capitalize on the crowd control provided by their support. They understand the power of Kai’Sa’s passive and use it to secure kills. They are also mindful of their positioning, making the most of Kai’Sa’s mobility and survivability.

Are there any specific runes or items that would make these synergies more effective?

For runes, Hail of Blades is often used to help Kai’Sa stack her passive more quickly. As for items, Kraken Slayer is a popular choice as it helps increase Kai’Sa’s overall DPS, especially when combined with the attack speed boost from her E, Supercharge.

Is synergy with the support the only thing I should be considering when picking Kai’Sa?

While synergy with your support is crucial, it’s also essential to consider the overall team composition and the enemy team’s picks. For instance, Kai’Sa can struggle against teams with a lot of crowd control or burst damage. Always consider the broader context of the game when picking Kai’Sa.

Conclusion: The Perfect Partner for Kai’Sa

In conclusion, the best synergy for Kai’Sa is a support who can control the battlefield, engage enemies, and set up her passive. Whether it’s a sturdy Nautilus, a disruptive Thresh, or an aggressive Alistar, the right support can make Kai’Sa the nightmare of the enemy team.

No matter the battle, remember, the right synergy can make all the difference. Now you’re equipped with the knowledge to elevate your Kai’Sa gameplay, ensuring the Void’s Daughter isn’t just a participant in the Summoner’s Rift, but a dominating force. So, get out there, summoners, and let the games begin!

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