16 GB vs. 32 GB RAM – How Much Memory Do You Really Need?

16 GB vs. 32 GB RAM - How Much Memory Do You Really Need? League of Legends

Random Access Memory allows you the capacity to store data. It is where data is stored within a computer before processing. Its only limitation is that it only offers temporary storage for information. Information is lost as soon as it is powered off.

The need for you to have a high RAM capacity keeps growing with technological advancement. You require much more capacity in order to be able to access the web and utilize applications.

A little rendering activity such as trying to upload a YouTube video or opening many google tabs at once may cause your computer to slow down its performance if you are using a low RAM device.

A huge determinant for your RAM capacity is what you intend to use the memory for. Do you need it for daily basic functions? Is it a necessity for your productivity and you run many tasks at a go? This blog will help you look at these two different capacities and help you decide on which one will be the best for you.

Types of RAM

Dynamic Random Access Memory

This type of RAM requires that power stays on in order for information to remain stored in the device. These data must continuously be refreshed to ensure that data is not lost.

Static Random Access Memory

Though the SRAM also needs power to store data, it is not necessary for it to keep being refreshed. It is also faster and uses less power than the DRAM. This RAM is however more costly.

There are a number of things that you should consider when making a choice between the 16 GB and 32 GB RAM. They are as listed below:

RAM Frequency

The time it takes to relay data to the central processing unit after a request is made should be very short when there is sufficient RAM capacity. This means that delays in completing tasks calls for a RAM upgrade.

Single or Dual Channel

If you have a high workload a dual channel memory is the most viable choice for you. It will ensure that you achieve high productivity especially for rendering and video editing enthusiasts. These are high memory intensive tasks.

Duration of Use

The RAM capacity you require for your device also depends on how long you wish to use the RAM. If you are looking to use it for a long duration, then the 32 GB RAM comes highly recommended.


Some types of RAM surpass regular voltage standards. Because of this, it is essential that you ensure that the device’s motherboard can supply the amount of voltage required.
Please keep in mind that using more than 1.7V on a RAM with core i7 processors. If you surpass this voltage you risk processor damage.

Type of Operating System

If you are using 4GB RAM and above on your computer, it is advisable that you use a 64 bit operating system in order to efficiently utilize your RAM.

16 GB vs. 32 GB RAM - How Much Memory Do You Really Need? League of Legends

Why opt for the 16 GB RAM?

This memory provides both affordability and capacity for people who carry out multiple tasks at a time. It is ideal for office work such as online browsing and creating spreadsheets. It is also recommended for gaming enthusiasts.

The 16 GB RAM is however not future proof anymore. If you however seek to make your purchase once in a while then the 32 GB RAM is now the best option for you.

Why opt for the 32 GB RAM?

If you are a professional and carry out memory intensive work then this RAM is for you. It provides you with the freedom to open as many tabs as you need and render large uploads without any hitches in your productivity. It is also great for people who seek online streaming services.
This is an exceptionally great choice for creators and individuals who run large applications on their computers for work purposes It ensures everything runs fast and smoothly for effectiveness.

How To Upgrade Your RAM

When seeking to increase your memory capacity, the rule of thumb is usually the more the better. More memory affords you the ability to run more programs and applications on your computer.
It is important to find a RAM that is compatible with your system and also find out how much RAM capacity your system can hold and the current RAM capacity.


1. What is the best RAM choice for my computer?

Your RAM capacity is dependent on the tasks you carry out on your device. If you are a creative professional then you will require at least 16 GB. For simple basic tasks such as online research, you can go for lower RAM.

2. Why is RAM so costly?

Supply and demand within the market are the main determinants for RAM pricing. Also, new RAM technology may influence high prices until manufacturers are able to find ways to reduce production costs.

3. Is purchasing a 32 GB RAM an overage?

While purchasing a 32 GB RAM may be overkill for many, the choice is dependent on the workload. If you operate demanding programs and applications a 32 GB RAM is definitely a great choice as compared to the 16 GB RAM.

4. Will adding RAM to my computer increase its speed?

Additional RAM will only increase your computer’s speed if it currently has insufficient RAM storage leading to fewer hitches. The speed will not be altered if the available RAM is enough.

5. How do I know when my RAM is insufficient?

While running your daily programs on your computer, click on the task manager and check on the memory used. If it is more than 85% then upgrading your RAM will be of value to you.


RAM is a vital component in ensuring the smooth operating of a computer or laptop. Insufficient RAM capacity may be problematic for you. It is therefore important that you accurately determine what capacity you need before making a purchase. This will ensure that you obtain value for your money and avoid losses.

If currently, you are not able to fully utilize a 16GB RAM then sticking with it will be the smartest choice for you. But if you are seeking to amplify your productivity and speed of task completion then you should obtain a 32GB RAM to enjoy the added benefits.

Please note that it is recommended that you always purchase RAM that is upgradable in case your needs change. Please also ensure that when making your RAM purchase, you obtain them from a reputable manufacturer. Some of the best RAM manufacturers include Corsair, G.SKILL and Crucial.

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