Best Top Lane Streamers (League of Legends)

Hello, League of Legends players! How are you today? Have you watched any quality content on the topic of League of Legends recently? 

Yes, these are streamers – today we will talk about League of Legends streamers that create content for all players or just those who want to watch new gameplays and have fun with energetic and fun streamers. 

Streamers in the gaming community take up a lot of space, especially today when content can be shared on different platforms, such as Twitch or Discord, they don’t have to be exclusively tied to YouTube. 

As a result, their popularity is growing and the fan base is growing. League of Legends streamers are divided into several categories, but are most often divided according to the role they play. 

Today we will present you a selection of 5 best top lane streamers in the League of Legends.

Ever since it was launched on the world stage, the League of Legends game has not stopped gaining in its popularity. Since 2009, this MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game holds a convincing first place among the games that are most played, stream or commented on the Internet. 

Riot is really trying to enrich the game from update to update with new content and make modern changes that will satisfy the ever more demanding young audience.

Because of all this, Riot has released several new spin-off games, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics and a mobile version of League of Legends called Wild Rift. 

Furthermore, if you have Netflix, you can find an animated series called Arcane and follows the lives of favorite League of Legends champions such as Jinx, Vi, Tarik and many others.

The League of Legends game has even made its way to esports competitions in which players compete for big cash prizes but also for the popularity that this competition brings them. All this influenced the emergence of a new career – the career of a streamer. 

A streamer is a person who records how he plays the game and entertains the audience with his comments and advice. Players love streamers because they can learn new strategies and tactics that they can use later in their matches.

Of course, today anyone can be a streamer, but it is important to create content that will be different from many others and that will really catch the eye of the audience. 

This makes it difficult to reach the professional scene, but those who succeed can be happy because it means that their work is appreciated and inspires players around the world.

It was really hard to single out the 5 streamers that best represent the top role among the multitude of quality players that stream their content, but here’s how they are ranked:

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5. TFBlade 

In fifth place is TFBlade, which currently plays on a Korean server, and what is fascinating about it is that it has reached the Challenger tier on various servers. 

What an achievement! TFBlade is known for its specific gameplay, and its content always has a lot of viewers who like to watch it play since it is very professional. 

His videos are very educational and can teach you how to carry the whole game and that your whole team (and opponents) admire you.

 Just follow the tips that TFBlade offers and you are on your way to the Challenger tier this season.

4. Tyler1

Tyler1 is perhaps best known for his toxic gameplay and hilarious humor with which he entertains his viewers. And his fan base is huge, trust us.

He most often played with Draven and made his enemies’ lives miserable along the way. He is popular because he was banned from all possible locations related to Riot Games. 

He even won the title of the most toxic player ever on the NA server. How much that man can shout at his opponents! He was banned for almost 2 years, and in 2018 he returned to the League of Legends scene. 

He has over 4 million fans and his goal is to reach the Challenger with various roles. However, Tyler1 is a very fun player who knows how to create interesting atmosphere and give viewers quality content.

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3. Bwipo

Bwipo is one of the streamers you won’t be able to catch online so often because he doesn´t stream so often, but that by no means means he’s not that good and professional player. 

He is one of the best top lane players on Twitch, and this will be confirmed by the many fans who follow him regularly and look forward to his new content. 

Bwipo has a very developed vocabulary and its videos are therefore very informative and educational, players can follow his strategies step by step and later apply them in their matches. 

He plays with different champions and tries to show the players some key differences between the champions, which is very useful. Find him on Twitch and wait for him to announce when he will stream his content, you won’t regret it.

2. SickMotion

SickMotion is a great top lane player! He is very interesting because of his cheerful character, interesting statements and because he enjoys every game very much, which can be deduced from how loud he is when the game reaches its peak. 

SickMotion plays with different champions – Poppy, Irelia, Zion, Ekko, Maokai, Fiora and many others. You can really learn a lot from him, and at the same time have fun watching him professionally kill his opponents and carry the game by himself. 

He is special in that his streams generally do not have more than 500 viewers, which means that his viewers can always expect his answers to various questions, which means a lot to the players because they know they are involved. 

His streams often last longer than 8 hours so if you have the questions you want to ask him, SickMotion will have plenty of time to answer them.

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1. LastShadow

In first place is LastShadow, an American who currently lives in South Korea, and he is in the first place of this list because he differs in many ways from other top lane streamers. 

First of all, he plays on the most demanding ladder in the League of Legends, where it is very difficult to succeed and beat the competition, so kudos to him. 

Also, he takes his role as a streamer seriously because he is aware that he can pass on his knowledge to players, so he regularly tries to do it as professionally as possible. 

You can often see him on Twitch trying very extensively to answer all the questions his fans ask him, and he will answer everyone. 

LastShadow is known for playing other roles very well, so its channel is not only for top lane fans but also for players who also play mid lane or jungler roles. 

He will certainly answer the players and questions related to other content in the League of Legends, so find him on Twitch if you are interested in anything, he will find the answer to your questions.


It was really hard to choose only five League of Legends streamers for the top lane category, there are many more that deserve to be mentioned but we will talk about them on another occasion. 

It’s important to remember that being a streamer doesn’t just mean recording how you play and trying to market it to the public, but you have to have charisma and try to stand out from the crowd of other streamers. 

All these streamers spent many, many hours playing League of Legends to a professional level, and only when they became aware that they had enough knowledge and skills did they decide to share it with the gaming community. 

If you want to watch quality and educational content that is interesting at the same time, choose any of these streamers listed on our list and have fun watching your favorite champions. 

Of course, do not forget to later apply all the tactics and advice you hear from these professionals, these tips are very useful.

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