How to Carry a Losing Team as a Jungler

Carry a Losing Team as a Jungler in League of Legends

There is no better feeling for a League of Legends player than to secure a ‘comeback’ in a match, you fight against all odds, and against all the buffed enemy champions to get yourself a victory, but winning a losing game is no piece of cake in League of Legends, but that is what makes it so special.

Jungler is a role that can help you turn the tides of a match when things aren’t looking that good for you, but picking a Jungler and having the know-how of its abilities is different from maneuvering the role in a way that helps you land a win in a difficult situation. So let’s dig in and find out how you can secure a win in a losing game with a Jungler.

To carry a game as a Jungler you need to be really patient, you’ll have to stay away from most of the team fights and be really cautious and choosey with the fights you pick. You should try to maximize your time in your jungle with a proper vision of course and it is always important to go for the right items.

Carrying a team is not so simple regardless of the role that you are playing, stick with us as we tell you how to maximize the Jungler role in a hard-to-win match.

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Focus on Jungling

Carry a Losing Team as a Jungler - Focus on Jungling League of Legends

It’s a no-brainer that as a Jungler you will have to spend a lot of time in the jungle, that is what junglers are known for. By the time you have realized that you are losing, that game has progressed enough for you to gain some levels, so fighting the jungle monsters isn’t going to be tough.

First thing you want to keep in mind is your jungle route, which is the order in which you kill the neutral monsters.if you’re on the blue team you should follow start with the Red Brumbleback and then move onto Raptors and then go for the Blue Sentinel. After this you can move to Murk Wolves and Gromp. By this time in game you probably have enough health to move clear the Krugs too. This path is suitable for champions who need the health regeneration buff from the Red Brumbleback.

If you are on the Red team it is recommended that you start jungling with Blue Sentinel, then find your way to Gromp or the Murk Wolves and then finish with Red Brumbleback. After this you can go for the Raptors and Krugs.

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Make Sure You Have Vision of the Map

Carry a Losing Team as a Jungler - Map Vision League of Legends

Without having the right vision your jungling will probably fail, as enemy team champions are probably stronger than you because they are winning, they’ll keep creeping into your Jungle and you can prove to be an easy and vulnerable target for them. You will need to make good use of the wards and keep your side of the jungle majorly warded.

Buying a Blue Trinket will allow you to place a ward from a distance, saving your time in the jungle and keeping you safe from enemies. You don’t need to ward everything yourself as a jungler, ask your teammates, mainly supports, to ward the jungle for you but we all know that isn’t an easy task.

Warding will not only keep you safe and comfortable in your jungle but will also help you and your teammates secure some kills on an enemy when they wander into your jungle.

You should frequently take a quick glance at the map while you change jungle camps, while jungling you are in a relaxed mindset and you’re better able to call out or warn your teammates about a potential threat.

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Gank, Gank, Gank

Ganking is going to be an integral part of your strategy if you wish to win a losing game, it is not possible for you to pick fights with the enemy team head-on because they are stronger than you.

The most efficient way to gank is to gank while you’re jungling, being in the jungle will give you adequate positioning for Gank. The enemy minions will probably be on your side of the map as they have pushed some turrets by now. You will always find one or more champions too far away from their turret and that is the champion you should target.

It’s always a good idea to give your teammate who is in the lane a heads up before you get into the lane for gank. Don’t stick around for too long in a lane waiting for a ganking opportunity as that time can be spent better in the jungle farming, let the target present himself.

Buying The Right Items

Carry a Losing Team as a Jungler - Buy right Items League of Legends

The reason that you are jungling is to get more gold and XP and the gold that you earn is going to be used in buying the items. Buying the right items can be the difference between a win and a loss. In situations where it doesn’t look that good for you, items can make an even greater impact.

Items that you will buy, mainly depend on the champion that you are playing, so it’s a good idea to pick a jungler about which you have ample information. Remember to win a losing match you will have to keep a balance between offensive and defensive items.

Night Harvester, Lich Bane, Rabadon’s Deathcap, and Void Staff are some of the items recommended in your build.

Team Work is Crucial

All of the above strategies and tricks that we have mentioned won’t really be effective until you are in sync with your team. Having your team ready for ganks and giving them a bit of an idea about your strategy will work wonders.

You will have to convince your team to delay the enemy’s victory as much as possible for you to have enough time in the jungle. Warding is a task that you can’t do alone, your supports will have to ward off the jungle and other important areas for you, so just always make sure you have good communication with them.

Ending Notes

Carrying your team as a jungler is all about patience even if you are not losing a game, in the scenario of losing game, patience becomes more crucial, you will have to wait for your moments. You will need all the help you can get from your team as they will be the ones who hold the enemy team and make space for you before it’s your time to shine.

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