How To Change Spells In League Of Legends?

How To Change Spells In League Of Legends? Complete Guide

Summoner spells are the backbone of outplays in League of Legends. While champions may vary in terms of statistics, items and even runes; one thing remains common among all of them. Every champion has to take two summoner spells that they can use ocassionally with no cost at all.

Summoner Spells in League of Legends can be changed by clicking on them in champion select and choosing the spell of choice. You can also use third-party apps to automatically change your spells. Unsealed Spellbook allows you to use various spells during a game by temporarily equipping them.

Every summoner spell has its own use. Some are more popular than others, and how useful they end up being depends on which champion you are playing and how efficiently you execute these spells. There are various ways of changing your summoner spells, we will list them now.

Importance Of Changing Summoner Spells

You might be wondering why you should even go through the hassle of changing summoner spells so frequently. To reach an answer for this, we must first understand the importance of summoner spells and what they can allow you to achieve if you pick the right ones.

The default summoner spells that you start with are Ghost and Heal. While these two are very strong summoner spells on their own, you are missing out if you don’t swap them for something more specific. Let us take a look at the most popular summoner spells and how they can be of use:


League of Legends Change Spells Flash Complete Guide

This is the most popular summoner spell in the game and is taken my the vast majority of champions in the game. Flash allows players to close the gap instantly to finish a kill or to escape over terrain that they otherwise would not be able to cross.


League of Legends Change Spells Smite Complete Guide

The Must-Have spell for Junglers. Smite is essential for buying jungle item, getting bonus experience from jungle monsters and also for contesting epic monsters (Baron, Herald, Dragons). No jungler can perform their role without this spell.


League of Legends Change Spells Ghost Complete Guide

Very standard Summoner Spell for champions that lack sticking power and need a way to keep up with their opponents. This spell extends its duration upon takedowns so it can be very useful for kiting in teamfights.


League of Legends Change Spells Ignite Complete Guide

Ignite is THE combat summoner for any laner. It provides damage and Greivous Wounds, both of which are very useful when trying to win a 1v1 fight or simply trying to burst someone. Ignite is also used to counter Heal.


League of Legends Change Spells Exhaust Complete Guide

Ever since the buffs to Exhaust, it has become an essential summoner spell to take in botlane. It can even be taken on other lanes depending on matchups. This spell allows you to slow your opponent and even decrease the damage they deal. It is extremely efficient at dealing with burst damage.


League of Legends Change Spells Cleanse Complete Guide

Cleanse is mainly taken by carry champions that are at a threat of being crowd controlled. It allows you to escape most CCs and can counter spells like Ignite and Exhaust if timed correctly.


League of Legends Change Spells Heal Complete Guide

While Heal’s popularity is fading after the buff to Exhaust, it still remains the best 2v2 spell in the game. Heal not only recovers HP for yourself, but also for an ally. It also provides a burst of movement speed that allows you to gap close or make an escape.


League of Legends Change Spells Teleport Complete Guide

Teleport is no longer as popular as it used to be, but it is still a very solid summoner spell. Teleport allows you to channel and appear at turrets before 14 minutes. After 14 minutes, you can teleport to any allied minion or ward (except blue trinket) and set up a flank. The cooldown is also reduced after 14 minutes.


League of Legends Change Spells Barrier Complete Guide

Barrier is the least popular summoner spell in Ranked Solo. It grants you a shield, the value of which varies with your level. The shield fades fairly quickly but can be used to outplay burst or to survive lethal damage such as Karthus Ultimate.

Changing Spells From Champion Select

League of Legends Change Spells Champion Select Complete Guide

The simplest and easiest way to change summoner spells in League of Legends is through the Champion Select itself. Once you queue up for a game and then accept when the prompt pops up, you will be placed in the lobby with 9 other players.

Here you can freely choose the two summoner spells that you wish to carry with you into the game. Just click one of the summoner spells displayed in the bottom middle part of the lobby. This will open a window with every single summoner spell available to you. Just click one of the summoner spells to replace it with your current one.

If you want to trade spots for the summoner spells, you simply have to open one of them and select the other one. This will swap the two summoner spells. For example, if you have Flash in Slot 1 and Ignite in Slot 2, you can click Flash and then select Ignite from the Spell Menu. This will put Ignite on Slot 1 and Flash on Slot 2.

Unsealed Spellbook

League of Legends Change Spells Unsealed Spellbook Complete Guide

If you like to use summoner spells more than anyone else, then just picking two of them in the lobby might not satisfy your needs. Unsealed Spellbook is a special keystone in the Inspiration tree, specifically meant to provide you power through summoner spells.

After being out of combat for 5 seconds, you can swap one of your summoner spells for a temporary (Single-use) summoner spell of your choice outside of the two you already picked in the lobby. Picking a summoner spell will put it on a 5-second cooldown after which you will be able to use it. Once used, the slot will return to the summoner spell it originally had.

You can use 3 different spells before re-using the spell you first used. The cooldown of your original spells will continue to tick down while you have a temporary spell equipped. So do not worry and maximize the use of your summoner spells.

Using Third-Party Applications

If you are confused about which summoner spells to take, or simply don’t want to go through the hassle of changing them every game to meet your champion’s need, this is the best solution for you. Various third-party applications detect the champion you are playing and assign you the most commonly used summoner spells with the best win rate. All it takes is one click (or even zero in some cases).

Some of the popular applications in this regard are:


League of Legends Change Spells SenpAI Complete Guide

While not as popular as some other options on the list, allows you to copy runes, builds, and spells from the pro player or content creator of your choice. It is a very light and handy application and you can use it as a guest without even logging in.


League of Legends Change Spells Facecheck Complete Guide

If you’ve heard of Overworlf, then you have probably heard of Facecheck. Facecheck is an application on Overwolf that allows you to pick the best champion for your draft, and even automatically changes your summoner spells for you.


League of Legends Change Spells Blitz Complete Guide is no stranger to all-in-one assistance applications for League of Legends. The free version of Blitz offers you various benefits like Auto Importing runes and spells. You can pay a small price for Pro to avail yourself features like builds from LCS players and the removal of ads.


League of Legends Change Spells Mobalytics Complete Guide

Mobalytics is the best in the business when it comes to dealing with statistics and analysis. With the Mobalytics desktop application, you can auto-import matchup-specific runes and builds, and perform various other functions with a click of a button.

Should Junglers Change Summoner Spells?

Jungle is a role that is somewhat different from other roles when it comes to summoner spell usage. Junglers need to take Smite in one of their slots to perform their jobs optimally. This is NOT an optional summoner spell and there is no exception to it currently.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the other slot available to junglers. We discussed earlier that Flash is by far the most common and the most popular summoner spell available. Most champions use it and some even require it.

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If, however, your champion does not require flash, you can opt into any of the other combat spells to give you an edge over your opponents:

  • Ignite is a great summoner spell for junglers that want to duel early game and gain a lead by killing the opposing junglers or to burst the laner that they are ganking (Example: Graves).
  • Ghost is good for sticking with your opponents and some champions already have synergy with it (Example: Hecarim).
  • Exhaust can be useful when you want to land skillshots or want to survive burst damage (Example: Karthus).


Summoner Spells are extra functionalities available to your champion but usually at a very high cooldown. These spells are game-changing and can single-handedly turn the tide of a battle and allow you to outplay your opponents. Make sure you carefully consider what summoner spells you are picking and what are the best options for your champion.

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