League of Legends Clash Tiers – Explained

Created in early 2020 after many attempts prior, the Clash game mode in League of Legends has since been a very popular game mode, especially among the players who want to play with their friends. 

In Clash, players form five-person teams -called a Clash- to compete with other player-formed teams of the same skill level in a tournament. 

Entering a tournament costs tickets and tickets provide different rewards depending on the team’s performance. Players can also choose the buy the costlier Premium Ticket which will provide them with better rewards.

Besides these, there are also Clash properties. Every Clash has a name and a tag, as well as a logo and a banner all of which the captain of the Clash decides on. 

More importantly than these, and also the subject of this post, there are Clash Tiers. They are basically the Clash equivalent of the Rank System in the SoloQ and the FlexQ game modes. 

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How Are Clash Tiers Decided?

Similar to how ELOs of players that decide who they will be matched within a match are hidden, the exact formula of how the Clash Tier of a Clash is determined is kept from us. 

We only know that the Clash Tiers are determined by the average rank of the players in a Clash. Using this information allows us to estimate which Clash Tier corresponds to which SoloQ or FlexQ ranks. 

So far, the speculation goes: Tier 4 for Bronzes and Silvers, Tier 3 for Golds, Tier 2 for Platinums, and Tier 1 for Diamonds and any other rank above.     

Victory Points

Aside from providing fair matchmaking, Clash Tiers also affect the rewards a Clash will gain from a tournament. The important thing is to keep in mind that Clash Tier only improves the Clash’s rewards, not the players’. 

Specifically, they provide more Victory Points for the Clash that you will later use to unlock banners and team icons.

The math of how much VP you will win is pretty simple. First of all, regardless of the Clash Tier of your Clash every game won will give you 200 VP. 

You will also gain a “First-Win VP Bonus” for every first game your team wins in a day. And this is where your Clash Tiers comes into play. 

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First-Win VP Bonus

While the unfortunate Tier 4 Clashes will not be given this additional reward, Tier 3 Clashes will be gifted with 50 VP, Tier 2 Clashes will be given 100 VP, and Tier 1 Clashes will take home a grand 150 Vp per every First-Win VP Bonus. 

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Clash Banners and Team Icons

Every two weeks, a new banner and logo theme is presented to Clash players. 

By collecting VP, Clashes can be rewarded with three banners and two theme logos during this two-week period. While new banners are rewarded at 400 VP, 1000 VP, and 1400 VP; theme logos are gifted at 600 VP and 2000 VP. 

Banners are cosmetic items introduced to the game along with the Clash game mode. They are displayed on your profile, the Clash’s profile, as well as on the Summoner’s Rift during the Clash games. 

And Theme Logos are icons you can use for your Clash, very much alike your profile icons. 

Also, by winning multiple banners during a Clash Season, your Clash will be awarded increasingly glorious banner frames.


While Clash Tiers show the skills and capabilities of your team such as your SoloQ and FlexQ ranks, they also provide you with more VP for your clan. 

With the VP your Clash gets from your higher Clash Tier, your team can get rewards like banners, icons, and banner frames a lot more easily. 

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