Does Cosmic Insight Work on Smite?

Does Cosmic Insight Work on Smite? Complete Guide

Winning in the ever-popular League of Legends is in no way an easy task. It requires you to know everything from runes to Summoner’s spells. Certain strategies work better for support champions and others for Tankers.

The Cosmic Insight is a rune that’s particularly useful for support champions. Its effects are focused on Summoner’s Spells like Heal and Cleanse. This game-changing rune is a favorite among players of Morgana, as well as those who favor the Teleport Summoner’s Spell. 

But, does Cosmic insight work on all the Summoner’s Spell, especially Smite? Read on to find out.

What is Cosmic Insight?

Cosmic Insight is a rune present in the Inspiration Path. This path is concerned with creative tools as well as bending rules for the betterment of a champion. It can be used in the third slot, which also contains Approach velocity and Time Warp Tonic. But a player must choose only one of these three runes to equip- in the third slot.

This favorite rune has the power to lessen the cooldown times for your champion’s Summoner’s Spell and their items. More precisely, it provides 18 Summoner’s Spell Haste and 10 Item Haste. This can be massively useful for champions who rely on Spells and Items more than other powers.

What Is Smite?

What is Smite in League of Legends? Explained Complete Guide

No, this is not the action RPG game called Smite that we’re talking about here. Smite in League of Legends, is one of the Summoner’s Spells that you equip your champion with before a match. Each player is allowed to choose a total of two spells for their character. As the player’s summoner level increases, new spells are unlocked, for a total of 12 different spells.

Smite is a very powerful spell that is used especially by junglers. This is because the key point of this spell is to do damage against monsters, minions, or pets. Smite can deal 450 true damage to these creators. Furthermore, if it is used against a monster, it also heals its champion for 80 health, plus 7.5% of its total health.

The number of charges this spell has is 2, with a cooldown time of 15 seconds between each charge. It takes 90 seconds of recharge time for single use of this spell. Smite has two possible upgrade paths. These are the Challenging Smite and the Chilling Smite. These upgrades allow it to be used against enemy champions as well.

For Junglers, this spell has to ability to radically reduce the time it takes to clear the enemies. This is due to the high true damage it deals to monsters. Not only that, it provides a health buff every time your champion uses it, making it perfect for clearing jungles.

Does Cosmic Insight Affect Smite’s Cooldown?

Cosmic Insight Smite Cooldown League of Legends Guide

Yes! Cosmic Insight can substantially reduce the cooldown time for Smite, making it even more useful. The base cooldown time of Smite is 90 seconds. Once you equip the Cosmic Insight Rune, your cooldown can drown down to around 75 seconds. The 15 seconds this rune can shave can be crucial and allow you to strike killing blows on monsters more often.

The cooldown can be further lowered if you choose to equip boots of Ionia. If you are a fan of the ARAM game mode, the Howling Abyss Aura can provide you with an even higher Summoner Spell Haste when used in conjunction with Cosmic Insight.


Cosmic Insight is a very powerful rune within the Insight Path. It reduces the cooldown times for not just the Summoner Spells, but as well as for the Items that a champion can use. This can prove to be crucial for winning, especially for the builds that rely more on spells and items.

In this article, we talked about Cosmic Insight and what advantages this rune can provide to a champion. We also discussed the Summoner’s Spell called Smite, and why it is a favorite among Junglers. That brings us to the end of this guide. Thank you for reading.

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