How Does Critical Strike Work in Teamfight Tactics?

How Does Critical Strike Work in Teamfight Tactics League of Legends?

Teamfight Tactics took the world by storm when it was released by Riot Games. They took the famous auto chess formula and mixed it with their own rich world of League of Legends. Since the game already had a massive following, it was easy to get players to play TFT. It offers tons of mechanics that you need to be aware of if you want to get first place and climb the ranked ladder. One such mechanic is known as critical strike. That is why this guide will show you how does critical strike work in Teamfight Tactics.

Critical strike is a damage multiplier that deals 200% to the enemy target. This allows you to quickly defeat the enemy thanks to your high damage. The amount of times you can critical strike depends on your percentage which you can increase with various items.

If you are new to TFT and have not played League of Legends before, this might sound extremely confusing. However, we will explain everything you need to know about critical strike in TFT in the next section down below. If you are curious to know about that, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s take a look at how does critical strike work in Teamfight Tactics.

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What is Critical Strike

Critical Strike Teamfight Tactics in League of Legends Guide

First of all, let’s find out what critical strike is and how you can get it. It is a mechanic that allows your auto attacks to deal increased damage. While your normal auto attacks do a 100% damage, critical strike allows you to deal 200% damage to the enemy. This can only be applied on auto attack, not on spells.

Every champion has a critical strike rate of 25% as default. So, even if you do not make any items, you still have a slight chance to deal increased damage. Also, you cannot exceed your crit chance of more than a 100% since that is the maximum. If you do not critically strike in a few auto attacks, your rate will automatically increase and you will have a higher chance to deal a crit in future attempts. While you cannot see how likely you are to hit a crit, you can expect one if you do not crit after 3-4 attacks.

This is extremely useful on champions whose primary source of damage is their auto attacks. Champions like Jhin, Yasuo, Jinx, Galio, and others benefit from critical strikes greatly. Also, even though your abilities do not critically strike, any spell that deals physical damage has a chance to crit as well. This allows your AD champions to perform really well with this mechanic.

However, it would be extremely unfair if there was no counter for crit, since it deals a lot of damage. You can make items such as the Bramble Vest or Rosethorn Vest to reduce the damage of critical strike. This allows your champions to survive longer and have a higher sustain in fights.

On the other hand, if you want to build more critical strike, you can equip your champions with items such as the Infinity Edge, Zenith Edge, Jeweled Gauntlet, and the Glamorous Gauntlet just to name a few. The best part about the last two items is that they allow your magic and true damage spells to critically strike as well. You can equip them on your magic champions so that their abilities deal even more damage than usual.

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Good Comps For Critical Strikes

Good Comps Critical Strikes Teamfight Tactics in League of Legends Guide

Now that you know how crit works in TFT, let’s take a look at some of the comps and champions that you can use to have a high crit chance. Your team will deal a lot of damage and will quickly destroy the enemy. However, if they have a few tanks that have items that reduce crit, you will have a difficult time.

The best comp for crit is to go for the assassin build. The best part about this is that not only will you have high damage but you will also be able to jump to the enemy backline thanks to your passive. All assassins can instantly jump to the enemy’s backline and start attacking them. This allows you to attack their strong characters that are otherwise squishy since players put their tanks at the front.

If you are looking to go for the assassin comp, here are some champions that will be a great fit for your team:

  • Diana
  • Kayn
  • Pyke
  • Qiyana
  • Talon

You can add more champions alongside these ones to complete your team. However, having these as your main assassins will allow you to get the bonus and more. If you have 2 assassins on your team, they will gain a +15% crit chance and +20% crit damage. If you have 4 assassins, they will gain a +30 crit chance and +40% crit damage. Finally, if you have 6 assassins, they will gain +45% crit chance and +60% crit damage. Having about 4 or 5 assassins is ideal since you can mix them with other sets to gain more bonuses.

As for the items, I suggest that you give Diana the Hextech Gunblade, Infinity Edge, and Ionic Spark. She can use her ability to shield herself for a few seconds and summon 5 orbs around her. These orbs deal damage to any champion they hit, and her shield refreshes once the orbs are gone.

You should give Kayn the Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, and Last Whisper. He sweeps his scythe in a straight line to damage all targets that are hit by it. The damage dealt is about 180% – which can critically strike as well.

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Give Qiyana the Hextech Gunblade, Infinity Edge, and Ionic Spark. She dashes to a position from where she can use her blade to hit enemies. Since she often finds herself next to the weakest enemy in terms of HP, she can instantly destroy them with her crits and damage.

As for Pyke, give him the Hextech Gunblade, Infinity Edge, and Ionic Spark. His ability allows him to dash to the weakest target and use his ultimate to kill his target and damage any enemy nearby. Any enemy that is hit with this ability will have 50% reduced healing as well.

Finally, give Talon the Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, and the Last Whisper. He becomes invisible for a few seconds and flings out a ring of blades that damage all enemies hit by it. This is a great spell to deal damage to multiple targets. Since he will have a lot of crit chance and damage, he can instantly kill a few champions without even trying.

Critical Strikes Combinations Teamfight Tactics in League of Legends Guide

If you want to know about how to position your champions, you can place them as you see in the image above. This is known as a Guild + Assassins comp. It is really great to use since your damage will be extremely high.

Critical Strike Combination Teamfight Tactics in League of Legends Guide

Alternatively, you can use the Tempest + Assassins comp that has a little sustain and high damage. Regardless of which build you want to go for, the main focus here will be picking assassin champions to gain that crit strike and damage passive bonus.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will not always get the champions that you are looking for. In that case, you can use any other assassin since they will also allow you to use the passive bonus. However, if you get your hands on the aforementioned champions, there are none better than them.

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