5 Hardest Junglers in League of Legends

Hello guys, are you ready for another League of Legends article where you will learn some new cool pieces of information? As you already know, League of Legends is a world-famous gaming franchise that Riot Games launched in 2009. 

League of Legends has become an increasingly popular MOBA game over the years in which two teams fight over who will be the first to reach an opponent’s base, knock down an enemy Nexus, and win League Points. 

Of course, this game is much more complex and requires many hours of practice and practice. And Riot is trying to complicate the lives of players by injecting new champions and new updates, so players can never get satiated when playing League of Legends matches.

The League of Legends currently has about 150 champions. And every few updates Riot inserts a new champion. These 150 champions have different abilities, gameplay, and role. It is the role that separates the League of Legends champions the most. According to the roles, the champions go to lanes and fight the enemy champions there.

On Summoner’s Rift, there are five roles: Solo Laner, Mid Laner, ADC, Support, and Jungler. Some champions can play multiple roles because their abilities are more flexible, while some are intended for a single role on the map. Likewise, players often have a favorite role and choose champions according to it. 

So you will find players who play only ADC champions (maybe they want to be the main and deserving of victory) or players who adore champions intended for the jungle (they are introverts who prefer to depend on themselves far from lanes, and yet can come to hang out with other champions when they want to).

Today we will talk about this specific role in the League of Legends. Who are the junglers and with which 5 champions are the hardest to play in the jungle? Keep reading and find out!

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Top 5 Hardest Junglers in League of Legends

If you ask many League of Legends players about which role is the hardest, many will tell you that it is precisely the jungle role. The jungle role requires a sharpened focus and concentration that players need to always be ready for the enemy jungler to jump out of their bushes. Or some other champion who decided to take a shortcut and get to another lane through the jungle.

That is why it is important that the player who chooses the jungle role is ready for surprises but also skilled in quickly killing jungle monsters, otherwise, he may be left without valuable bonuses that jungle monsters have.

5. Qiyana

Many will agree that Qiyana is a demanding and complicated jungler who can be a very strong champion in the right hands, of course. Her biggest weapons are her Elements, and a player who decides to play with Qiyana must learn how to combine and when to use Elements. 

If Qiyana uses the wrong Element at some point, it will be disastrous, both for her and for her entire team. Another advantage is her extremely high mobility, which allows her to quickly catch an enemy champion who has strayed into her jungle territory or to escape if the enemy champion attacks her. 

We can say that it is very useful to learn how to play Qiyana, once a player masters her gameplay, his team will be at a significant advantage and enemy players will be amazed at how strong Qiyana is as a champion.

4. Nidalee

Watch out if you run into a cougar in the jungle, it’s just Nidalee who decided to transform and take a little walk through the jungle on all fours. This transformation makes her special, and the player who chooses Nidalee must be aware of how much responsibility lies on him. 

Players need a lot of time to learn how to play properly with Nidalee and when is the right time for her inner beast (okay, cougar) to throw out her claws. Enemy champions in this case have to rely on wards so that Nidalee would not jump them out of the bushes and cause them damage, and maybe even kill them right away. 

As expected, Nidalee has high mobility (that’s a puma, come on, what you expected) which means it will be on the heels of all enemy champions, but it will also be able to escape at any time when she feels threatened. 

Aside from being a tough champion, Nidalee is terribly fun and it’s very interesting to change from a cougar to a real warrior and thus confuse your opponents. If you want to become the best jungler of all time today, choose wisely – choose Nidalee.

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3. Kindred

Kindred, the god of death, sneaks through the jungle waiting for the right moment to send the poor enemy champions to their deaths. But fast and painless, of course. Kindred has a pretty clear ability kit but players generally find it hard to choose when is the right time to spell, which often puts them at risk. 

With really high damage per second, Kindred is a strong champion who should not be taken lightly. Kindred also has high mobility so he will easily avoid danger and escape back into the jungle expanse. 

Players have to accept the fact that with Kindred they have to have a few (a few more) matches just for practice, and only later can they afford a real match in which they will try to show what they have learned. Kindred can be a really powerful weapon from the jungle that can bring victory to his team, it is only important to get to know all its possibilities better.

2. Lee Sin

This list would not be complete without Lee Sin, a jungler very well-known to older players. Lee Sin is one of the more powerful champions in the League of Legends (thanks to Riot Games, of course), which is often found on the top-tier rankings of the most popular junglers when the ranked season begins. It can be said that Lee Sin really dominates the jungle. 

He has very high mobility which is one of his best abilities because he catches enemy champions extremely quickly and gives them the final blows. Why is he so hard to play with, you ask? Well, his abilities need to be properly combined to keep his potential at the highest level, and that’s what new players most often miss. 

So take enough time and master this powerful champion and become the best jungler in the League of Legends.

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1. Rengar

Rengar is a beast (literally) that we really don’t like to meet on a map. He has simple abilities, but his success depends on the timing when he will use them. Rengar will be a tough bite for new players who don’t know when and how to use his really powerful spells. 

He must skillfully kill objects in the jungle but at the same time, he must be ready to gank other lanes and thus help his teammates. Rengar is very good when the mid and late stages of the game come and when teamfights start. 

In teamfights, Rengar can benefit by surprising enemy champions and jumping on them, he can choose whether to finish them off himself or still leave the kill ADC champion on his team. When you learn what Rengar can do and when you choose the right moment for the gank, you are good to go.


As you can see, not all champions are easy if they have easy abilities. Most of them require a lot of exercises, and these light abilities don’t really matter if they aren’t combined properly. 

Some of these champions are a common choice of players in the League of Legends, but only a few manage to use their potential and really contribute to their team to take the victory. If you think we have left out some champions, feel free to share your ideas with us!

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