7 Hardest Supports in League of Legends

What’s new, League of Legends players? How is your ranked season progressing and are you happy with your current tier? In the League of Legends, the ranked season is certainly the most dynamic period of the year, with players doing their best to finally reach the highest tiers and thus become part of the League of Legends history. 

And who knows, maybe among you there is a future Challenger or a professional League of Legends player that we will watch in esports competitions that have gained significantly in popularity in the last few years. Did we mention today’s topic of the article? 

We are not, well, today we are talking about the most difficult support champions in the League of Legends. Scroll down and find out which 7 champions are the hardest to learn to play.

As you already know, in the League of Legends there are five roles according to which players choose champions and the lane where they will play. These are ADC, solo lane, jungler, support and mid lane. 

Support roles are not as common a choice among players because support players are often targeted by other players – because they steal minions, are not on time to cast a spell to save their ADC or simply serve as an easy kill for enemy champions.

However, the support role is very important once the match starts. Support champions put wards around the map and with their abilities protect their ADC from enemies, allow him to attack while they are behind him, and are ready to fight and even die instead of their ADC. 

Since the support champion must play in the duo lane, he and ADC must have a useful strategy to defend themselves from enemies, save their turret and attack enemies to win the lane.

Contrary to a common opinion about support champions (they are weak, do not have quality abilities, depending on their ADC, are useless in the late game, etc.) some support champions require a lot of skills and practice to reach their full potential. 

In the next part of the article, we will list seven support champions that take some time to get a player used to their gameplay, and later the effort invested in learning and playing with them will magically pay off. Who knows, maybe your future champion for victories is among them.

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7 Hardest Support Champions In League Of Legends

7. Thresh

Thresh is (along with Blitzcrank) another champion who is known for his hook by which he attracts enemy champions and thus incapacitates them to escape. That way the enemy champions become easy prey for him and his ADC teammate. In addition to his hook, Thresh has an ult that creates a box whose purpose is to trap enemies inside and inflict damage on them. 

But beware, Thresh has such an ability kit that it takes a lot of time and effort for one player to learn how to combine his abilities. Also, his abilities have a long cooldown which means Thresh has no right to make a mistake because he will pay dearly for it. Therefore, Thresh will be just a useless support that the enemy champions will continue to kill throughout the match.

6. Bard

The bard is known for his journey through portals, which means he can teleport from one part of the map to another in seconds. This is a particularly good ability when teamfights are happening or when his teammates need extra help. 

At the beginning of the game, the Bard should be careful because he is the most vulnerable in those moments. It can very easily happen that the enemy champions, who prefer the initial phase of the game, quickly send him to his death. 

Playing with Bard can be an interesting experience, but new players should keep in mind that Bard has complicated abilities that need to be carefully studied, otherwise Bard can use his strongest weapon, which is ult, to benefit the enemy team and end up at the base. Of course dead, again.

5. Blitzcrank

Speaking of hooks, it’s important to mention Blitzcrank, probably the most famous hook in the League of Legends. Blitzcrank is among the most hated champions precisely because of its hook that can decide the game right from the start.

Blitzcrank just needs to throw a hook on the enemy champion and pull him towards him with lightning speed, and there he will be greeted by a ready ADC to take the credit. 

But beware, his hook takes up a lot of mana and has a long cooldown, too, which means Blitzcrank has no right to make a mistake. New players need to practice a lot of tactics on how to most successfully throw the hook and catch the poor enemy champion, otherwise he will not be useful during the match.

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4. Rakan

Rakan has a very interesting ability kit that makes it a very common choice by players. He can be a good support because he can shield their teammates, he can also heal them but if needed he can knock down his enemies, as well. 

He also has a very effective crowd control ability with which he can disable all enemy champions who find themselves in an area where Rakan cast his spell. In theory, Rakan is an ideal support champion, but in practice, this is difficult to do. Players often choose Rakan but realize late that they don’t really know how to use his abilities.

3. Alistar

Alistar is a champion who can really instill fear in the bones of his enemies. His ability kit is a powerful weapon, of course depending on who is behind the keyboard. This is because his abilities must be combined at the right time to have the right effect on enemy champions. 

Alistar is ready to capture enemy champions and allow his teammates to kill them quickly, and this is a very important quality of any support champion. He is one of the champions who must play together with other champions because otherwise, he can easily get hurt, so it is important that Alistar does not go into battle alone, he will probably lose. 

Main tip: learn Alistar’s combos and become the best support player League of Legends has ever seen.

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2. Taric

Taric is also one of the very powerful support champions who need a lot of time and practice to reach his full potential. If he plays against players who know his style of play, they will also know that they have enough time to avoid his ability called “Dazzle”, which can cause serious damage to enemy players. 

However, Taric has to be precise when he wants to cast this spell because if he misses his target he and his ADC will become the target for the enemy team. 

His heal can sometimes save his teammates but there are many better support champions if you ask us. If you still want to play a match with Taric, you have to be ready to prepare well beforehand and learn how to play him in order to win.

1. Zyra

In the first place on this list is Zyra, a champion who was originally intended as a midlaner, but later it turned out that Zyra is a much better support. Zyra is a champion who, with the help of plants, more precisely roots, has useful crowd control with which he can capture enemy champions and thus set a deadly trap from which they will not be able to escape. 

Zyra can become one of the strongest support champions, with a few hours of practice and well-played matches.

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As you can see, there are seven support champions on this list that are by no means an easy task. If you want to build your League of Legends career as a support player these champions will help you a lot in that mission. Also, feel free to share with us your tips for these champions and make it easier for other players.

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