How to Teamfight with Vi

How to Teamfight with Vi

When it comes to teamfighting, there are so many variables to consider. This can make it really hard to perform well and win fights consistently.

Luckily, team fighting with Vi is not that challenging since she has a pretty straightforward kit. To excel at team fighting, you only need to learn when and who to engage.

In this guide, I will cover how to teamfight with Vi, depending on the factors such as team composition, enemy team composition, and the build you are running.

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus The Enemy Carries
  • Protect Ally Carries
  • Landing Q is really important

Vi abilities (Teamfighting Guide)

Vi’s kit features a dash, auto attack resets, armor shredding ability, and most importantly an undodgeable ultimate. All this makes her one of the best teamfighting champions in the League.

This section will cover each ability in detail, and how you can make the most out of Vi’s kit. You can expect this to give you a significant edge over the enemies, as you will be able to give all your champion has to offer, in every fight.

Passive – Blast Shield

Passive - Blast Shield

Vi’s passive is a simple spell. It activates whenever you hit an enemy, and it gives you a small shield. The ability does have a cooldown, but the cooldown is reduced each whenever you hit an enemy 3 times within a short span of time.

It is really important to watch out for when this spell is active, as it can turn around many fights. Most enemies will not know if it’s up or not, some will not even think about it. This will allow you to catch them by surprise.

Q- Vault Breaker

Q- Vault Breaker

Vault Breaker is a dash spell. It charges up to a distance that is equivalent to that of the flash. The longer the charge, the more damage this spell does. It is also important to note that charging it will slow you down by 15%.

When it comes to teamfighting, it is really important to land this spell, since missing it can often make the difference between life and death. There are multiple reasons for this: loss of damage, mispositioning, and loss of a W stack.

To land this spell more often, you should not rush to cast it. Holding it for longer will allow you to see the enemy dodge patterns, and it will also force some enemies to flash, which will make it easy for you to hit them afterward.

W – Denting Blows

W - Denting Blows

The second Vi’s spell is passive and the whole kit revolves around it. It is applied to enemies when they are hit by a spell, or by a basic attack. To activate its benefits, you need to hit enemies 3 times consecutively, in a short window of time.

This will remove your passive’s cooldown by 3 seconds, it will also reduce the enemy armor by 20%, it will also deal damage, and give you extra attack speed for a brief period of time. This spell is deceptively strong.

The easiest way to prock it is by landing Q, then hitting an auto attack, and pressing E as soon as your auto attack animation loads. This is a great way to engage, and it will leave your enemies shredded, and more vulnerable to incoming damage.

E – Relentless Force

E - Relentless Force

Vi’s E is an autoattack reset. It hits the enemy dealing a fixed amount of damage, additionally it creates a blow that will hit everyone behind the target, provided they are in the small range the ability has.

The E stacks up to 2 charges, which you can use whenever you like. To make the most out of it in the fights, make sure you are saving it up when clearing the last camp, in order to have both charges when fighting.

You can consider yourself a master of this ability, once you start killing people with the blow that is created after hitting the enemy. You can do this to catch the enemy of guard, as many people are not prepared for the blow.

For example, if there is a low HP enemy, and they are behind their minion, simply hit the minion with E active, and the blow will execute the enemy, provided you hit in the right direction, and the enemy is low enough.

This can also be done in a teamfight. You can press E on a full HP enemy, and kill the unsuspecting low HP ally behind him. If you are in a tricky position, and you can not get the right angle, you can always use flash to reposition.

R – Cease and Desist

R - Cease and Desist

This spell has made me embarrassed of being a Vi main. It is a point and click ability which locks you on to an enemy, and chases them until they are hit. Needless to say, it is one of the greatest ganking and teamfighting spells in the game.

With this ability, you will mainly want to target enemy carries, especially in the teamfights. They will have very few ways of countering it. A thing to consider is that you will be CCed to, since there is no way to cancel this spell. This means that you can easily die by pressing it at the wrong moment.

As with every spell listed so far, I have one secret tip for Cease and Desist. When it is charging towards the enemy, you can flash in to any direction to briefly reposition it. This way, you can hit additional enemies, and score some extra kills in niche situations. To be honest, this is more useful for flexing the hidden mechanic, then getting a substantial lead.

Teamfighting With Vi – Advanced Tips

After having Vi as my main, and scoring over 1 million mastery points with her on my road to Master, I feel pretty confident sharing teamfight tips. The tips I am going to share will leave your enemies scratching their heads and wondering how exactly they lost their fights.

I would like to separate this into two categories: general tips, and build-specific tips. The general tips will apply to every build, while build-specific tips will focus on all 3 popular Vi builds individually. For those unfamiliar the builds are bruiser, tank, and assassin.

General Vi Teamfighting Tips

General Vi Teamfighting Tips

When it comes to teamfighting, the first thing you should be thinking about is how your team stacks up against the enemy team. What are the chances of having a winning fight? Everything below 75% is not that great.

However, if you are a beginner player, feel free to take some liberty with your plays. It is important to fail at times since this is the only way to find your limits.

The second thing you should focus on is being ready yourself. The easiest but really important thing you should do is check your cooldowns. Is your ult up, what about your summoner spells? The more information you have, the easier the fight will be.

The next thing should be making a mental checklist about your teamfight objectives. As Vi, you will mainly want to focus on the enemy carries, but sometimes you should protect your carries instead. Try to evaluate what is more important.

After the fight has started, make sure to figure out the fastest way to kill one enemy carry, without dying yourself. If you do this successfully, you will be able to enter the fight once more and do immense damage to the enemy team.

Late-Game Secret Teamfight Strategy

Finally, there is a major strategy you can employ in late-game fights. Since these fights often decide the outcome of the game, winning them pretty much converts to winning the game. This is where the Stopwatch and Guardian Angel come in.

Before the fight, make sure you equip yourself with the Stopwatch. This will enable you to all in one enemy, and make yourself untargetable once their whole team lies eyes on you. Your team will now be able to save you, and the fight will continue 4v5.

Now should there be a need for another fight, you can still upgrade your item to Guardian Angel. This will pretty much allow you to repeat the same strategy all over again. I can not tell you the number of times that these two items have saved my games.

Build Specific Teamfight Tips

Build Specific Teamfight Tips

When you will be playing, you will either run one of these three builds tank, bruiser, or assassin. Depending on the build, you will definitely want to change up your playstyle a little bit. Playing the assassin Vi the same way you play tank Vi will put your teamfights to an end rather quickly.

Tank Vi Teamfighting Tips

When playing tank Vi, you will be stacked with armor, magic resist, and HP. This will allow give you a great deal of liberty in teamfights. You will definitely want to be the one engaging teamfights 90% of the time.

As with any other build, you will go for the enemy carries. Most of the time you will not be able to one-shot them, but you can still expect to deal great amounts of damage. Make sure to ping your allies as you are fighting the carry, so that they can help you finish the enemy off.

Bruiser Vi Teamfighting Tips

Bruiser Vi is giving us the best of two worlds, the build has enough damage to kill enemies, while also being tanky enough to survive the incoming damage after engaging. However, you should still be a little conservative when playing this build, as you will not have the same amount of sustain as with the tank one.

Assassin Vi Teamfighting Tips

The assassin Vi build is definitely the hardest to play, and you should reconsider playing it unless you are really great at Vi, or you have a great deal of experience playing assassins.  Naturally, this build has a lot of kill potential, but it also has a lot of potential to get you killed.

One of the most important things to focus on when employing this playstyle is hitting Q. Missing Q will make you miss out on a lot of damage, and there are high chances that it will make your allies miss you too.

Additionally, this is definitely not the build you want to engage with. Unless you have your flash up, it is very hard to escape once the enemies start all-ining you. Therefore, you should wait for your allies to engage, and make a strong follow-up, focusing on the enemy carries as always.


The main thing you should be focusing on when playing Vi is focusing the enemy carries, and protecting the ally carries. In the case of Assasin Vi, you might want to spend a little more effort on killing enemies though.

When it comes to engaging, you will want to do it most of the time when playing tank Vi, a little less when playing bruiser, and you should try to avoid it when playing assassin. The last thing to pay attention to is landing Qs, as missing them will set you in unfavorable positions, which will often have you killed.

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