Is Aphelios AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Aphelios has been quite a meme for the League of Legends community because he was considered as the most unbalanced and most overpowered champion Riot Games released. He is also the reason why the 200years meme was made. 

If you look at him, he looks like he’s just a simple marksman ADC, but his kt is pretty complicated if you haven’t mastered the sequence of his weapons. Mastering the sequence of his weapons gives you a good idea no the combos that you can perform with him. 

When Aphelios levels up, instead of learning a new ability, you get to choose from three bonus stats instead which makes him really OP. he develops bonus stats each time he levels up while having all of his abilities learned at level one alone. 

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Is Aphelios AP or AD Champion?

Here’s the answer:

Aphelios is an AD champion and all of his guns are based on AD scaling. While he can increase his stats when he levels up, these are also AD-relevant stats being attack damage, attack speed, and Lethality. Aphelios doesn’t have abilities, instead, he has guns each with their unique active effect and he can equip two guns at once, and when one gun runs out of bullets, the next gun is in his queue. If you master his sequencing, you can perform different combos with him.

Aphelios can only be built with AD items as he really doesn’t have AP scaling on any of his guns, in fact, items that improve basic attacks are the best items to build on Aphelios. Aphelios’ kit makes him a great champion to build Runaan’s and here is why.

Best Aphelios Build

  • Galeforce – Gives Aphelios his much-needed mobility ability that he can use to either close the gap between him and an opponent or as a disengage or a sidestep tool.
  • Runaan’s Hurricane – This item lets him consume three bullets at once but it greatly helps him as he can use his active skill effect on multiple enemies easily. 
  • The Collector – This item stacks with his bonus lethality stats and if he hits multiple enemies with Runaan’s and Infernum ultimate, he can quickly burst and one-shot all of the opposing team’s champions.
  • Infinity Edge – basically increases his damage output with his basic attacks.
  • Lord Dominik’s Regards – Works great against tanks or if Aphelios has a very low HP.
  • Berserker’s greaves – Aphelios is highly reliant on his basic attacks so having bonus attack speed works great on him.

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Best Runes for Aphelios

  • Lethal Tempo – With the reworked version, not only will this give Aphelios bonus attack speed, it will also give him bonus attack range which always works great even if he already has a galeforce.
  • Presence of mind – Aphelios is a killing machine and he doesn’t build mana items so having to restore mana every time he scores a takedown is a must
  • Legend: Bloodline – Free lifesteal from early to late game should be a staple mechanic for an ADC 
  • Coup de grace – This will greatly synergize with Aphelios’ The collector item and this will work wonders when Aphelios hits a five-man ult on his infernum
  • Taste of Blood – Aphelios can poke enemies giving him free heals. 
  • Treasure hunter – bonus gold on each kill

Where Can You Play Aphelios?

Some ADC champions can be played at the top lane because of the huge range advantage they gain whenever they face melee top laners. Aphelios is an exception to that as he doesn’t have an immediate CC or a disengage ability.

He is solely played in the bottom lane along with an aggressive support to dominate the lane even in the early phase, or play slowly and win the game in the late game phase. 

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When To Pick Aphelios As An Adc?

Aphelios is pretty much a great blind pick champion meaning there are not that many that counter him, this is because of the kit that lets him control the flow of his guns. He has a gun for each occasion.


Aphelios is an AD champion that has a very high damage output given that he is peeled by his support correctly. Be careful at falling behind in Aphelios because while he has little to no counters, his damage output falls off if the enemy ADC plays more aggressively and builds items faster than him.

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