How To Lane Against Rell – UIltimate Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide to beating Rell, the Iron Maiden! If you’re tired of getting your butt kicked by this tough tank support, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the knowledge and strategies you need to make Rell cry like a little baby.

She has a kit capable of chain-stunning you to oblivion. And with the ability to shift between a Ferrari and a Boom Truck, you’re bound to have difficulty approaching her – especially if the ADC behind her is half-decent.

So, in this article, we will be breaking down everything you need to know about Rell in order to shut her down – not only in lane, but also in teamfights. So with that said, let’s jump right in!

Rell – Quick Ability Rundown

Let’s start with Rell’s abilities. She’s got a passive that lets her mount and dismount her horse, which is cool and all, but it also gives her extra armor and magic resist.

Talk about unfair! She’s also got a Q that stuns enemies and a W that lets her turn her armor and magic resist into a shield.

And let’s not forget about her E, which makes her and her allies even tankier while slowing down enemies. Oh, and her ultimate? It pulls enemies towards her and then stuns them. Yikes!

Countering Rell – The Basics!

Here are all the steps you need to take in order to shut Rell down. It might sound too much in the beginning, but don’t worry, most of this is passive memory, so you just need to focus on your individual plays.

Step #1: Pick Her Lane Counters

Step #1: Pick Her Lane Counters

First off, let’s talk about champions that work well against Rell. Morgana is a great choice, thanks to her Black Shield ability that can completely negate Rell’s Q stun and ultimate’s pull effect. Plus, her Dark Binding can root Rell in place, making it tough for her to engage.

Janna is also a good pick, as her Howling Gale can interrupt Rell’s engage and her Monsoon can push Rell away from her allies. Not to mention, Janna can grant bonus movement speed to her allies, making it harder for Rell to catch them.

In essence, some long-range enchanters tend to work great against her. Emphasis on the LONG RANGE since it’s pretty easy to mix them up, and pick exactly what Rell wants to lane against!

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Step #2: Counter-Build Her!

Step #2: Counter-Build Her!

Now, let’s talk about items. If you want to ruin Rell’s day, grab an Executioner’s Calling. This little beauty reduces the healing received by enemies hit by the wielder’s basic attacks, which can really mess with Rell’s W ability.

Another option is Morellonomicon, which applies a grievous wounds effect to enemies hit by the wielder’s abilities. And if you really want to beef up your defenses, try out Randuin’s Omen.

It grants bonus health and armor, plus its Cold Steel passive can slow down enemies’ attack speed when they try to attack you.

Keep in might that these items are intended to disable Rell’s team instead of her since she’s pretty much useless without it. However, if you’re going Support against her, then it might be a good idea to grab a Mikael’s Blessing as well since it gives your ADC that extra layer of protection!

Step #3: Play With the Limitations of Her Kit

Step #3: Play With the Limitations of Her Kit

First off, when Rell is unmounted, that’s your chance to strike! She’s vulnerable to crowd control, so make sure to focus all your efforts on her to keep her from re-mounting and escaping.

If you let her get back on her trusty steed, she’ll be able to deal some serious damage to your team, and that’s no bueno.

If you can’t take her down in time, then you need to stay out of range of her mounting damage. When Rell is mounted, she can deal significant damage to multiple enemies, so don’t get too close or you’ll be in for a world of hurt.

And whatever you do, don’t try to take on her ADC head-on. Rell’s primary role is to protect her ADC, so if you can take them out quickly, Rell will be left floundering like a fish out of water.

Step #4: Respect Her Roams

Step #4: Respect Her Roams

When it comes to Rell in roaming situations, things can get a bit trickier. But fear not, my friend! With a few tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to handle Rell like a pro. The first thing you should do is ward your lane. By placing wards in strategic locations, you’ll be able to keep tabs on Rell’s movement and avoid her ganks like a pro.

If she manages to find a gank timer on you, the best thing to do is stay close to your tower. This will help you avoid taking too much damage and give you a fighting chance to take her down. And don’t be afraid to call for backup!

 If you’re struggling to deal with Rell’s ganks, call for help from your jungler or other teammates. There’s no shame in admitting that you need a little extra muscle to push Rell back.

Last but not least, keep track of Rell’s ultimate. Her ultimate can be devastating in roaming situations, so make sure to keep an eye out for when she uses it and avoid engaging her when it’s available.

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Countering Rell – The Advanced Stuff

Once you’ve gotten the hang of the basics it’s time to look at the more intricate stuff to understand exactly what makes her so oppressive, and how you can neutralize her in-lane.

Here are some tips and tricks that will leave her scratching her metal head in disbelief:

Mind Your Positioning

Mind Your Positioning

Rell’s Q, Shattering Strike, is her bread and butter when it comes to dealing damage. It allows her to charge towards you and unleash her fury in a small area of effect. So, to avoid getting whacked by this ability, you gotta be smart about your positioning.

Hide behind your minions or make like a tree and get out of her way. Not only will this help you dodge her Q, but it’ll also limit her ability to engage on you. Talk about a win-win.

Abuse Her Cooldowns

Abuse Her Cooldowns

Rell’s abilities have relatively long cooldowns, especially in the early game. Her W, Ferromancy, has a whopping 16-second cooldown at level one, while her E, Attract and Repel, isn’t much better at 18 seconds.

So, try to bait out her abilities and then pounce on her like a hungry lion when they’re on cooldown. This will give you a window of opportunity to deal some serious damage or maybe even score a kill.

Punish Her for Overextending

Punish Her for Overextending

Sure, Rell is a tanky champion, but even she has her limits. If you notice that she’s overextending, don’t be shy – call for a gank or take matters into your own hands and engage on her with your own abilities.

This will force her to either burn her abilities defensively or risk getting killed. And trust me, nobody wants to be killed by a lowly (same rank basically) summoner.

Build Executioner’s Calling

Build Executioner's Calling

I know, I know, we said we wouldn’t rely on counter building, but this item is just too good to ignore. Executioner’s Calling reduces the healing of enemy champions, which is especially useful against Rell’s passive, Break the Mold.

This will make it harder for Rell to sustain in lane, especially if she’s relying on her passive to survive. And who doesn’t love watching a tanky champion struggle to stay alive? It’s like watching a turtle trying to run a marathon – hilarious and satisfying all at once.

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Can You Beat Rell as a Squishy Champion?

Can You Beat Rell as a Squishy Champion?

I’m guessing you’re one of those nimble little champs who likes to dart around the battlefield, landing blows and then retreating to safety. Maybe you’ve got some fancy footwork or some sort of sneaky abilities that let you slip in and out of danger.

So, can you beat Rell as a squishy champion? Well, let’s be real here: it’s not going to be easy. Rell is built to take hits and deal out massive damage. If she gets her hands on you, you’re probably not going to survive for long.

But hey, don’t lose hope just yet. There are a few things you can do to try and tip the scales in your favor. First of all, you’re going to want to be quick on your feet. Rell’s attacks are slow and telegraphed, so if you can dodge them, you might be able to slip in some damage before she can retaliate.

Additional Tips

Secondly, you’re going to want to be clever with your abilities. Maybe you’ve got a stun or a snare that can lock Rell in place for a few precious seconds. Use that time to dish out as much damage as you can before she breaks free.

Finally, don’t be afraid to run away. If you find yourself getting too close to Rell and you’re taking too much damage, it’s better to live to fight another day than to end up as a smudge on the battlefield.

So, can you beat Rell as a squishy champion? It’s going to be tough, but with some quick feet, clever abilities, and a healthy dose of caution, you just might be able to do it. Good luck out there!

How to Deal with Rell’s Crowd Control?

How to Deal with Rell's Crowd Control?

Rell’s crowd control can be frustrating to deal with, but you can avoid it by dodging her abilities or using mobility spells to get out of range. Additionally, you can build items that grant tenacity, which reduces the duration of crowd control effects.

We need to be smart about positioning. Rell’s Q has a fairly short range, so if you can stay at a safe distance, you’ll be able to avoid it. Her ultimate, however, has a massive range, so try to keep some distance between you and Rell at all times.

If you’re too close, you’ll get pulled in and stunned, and that’s no fun for anyone.


All in all, Rell has a pretty vulnerable kit once you get the hang of everything. And we get it, It’s not the most fun to lane against her. However, you just need to respect the moments when she’s strong and stay out of her stun radius, and you’re good to go!

By following these tips, you’ll be able to handle Rell like a seasoned pro and come out on top in your next team fight. Good luck out there!

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