Best Minimap Settings And Tips In League Of Legends

Best Minimap Settings And Tips In League Of Legends Guide

League of Legends is a very complex game. There is a lot going on at any given point in the game across the entire map. This is why the game provides you with a small version of the map in the bottom right corner of your screen so you can take a peek at any moment you want.

Minimap Settings can be accessed by opening the Settings menu and navigating to the Interface menu. From here, you can increase the minimap size or position it to the left. Set it according to your preference and frequently check the minimap for information.

While looking at the minimap appears to be common sense, there are actually a lot of functionalities that can be performed using the minimap. Some settings are also dedicated strictly to how the minimap behaves.

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Minimap Settings

Here we will take a look at the various settings that change how the minimap appears and how it behaves when you interact with it. When it comes to these settings, there is no correct way to set them. It is mainly based on preferences and you should play around with them yourself to figure out what works best for you.

Change Minimap Size

First and foremost, the minimap size is the most important setting you can change. There is no right Minimap size for all. This mainly comes down to preference. Having your minimap too large can hinder your play because it covers too much space on your screen. You can also misclick the minimap if it is too large.

If your minimap is too small, then there would be no point in having one anyway. Everything will be too small for you to notice and you are bound to miss out on tiny details in your peripheral vision. You can change your minimap size by following these steps:

  • Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of your client.
  • If you are in a game, you can simply press Escape to open the Settings.
  • Now navigate to the Interface menu on the left side of the Settings.
  • Here, you can see the ‘Minimap Scale’ setting.
  • You can adjust the slider to fit your preferences.

Change Minimap Size Settings Guide in League of Legends

Change Minimap Position

Some players that start playing League of Legends have previous experience in other MOBA games. When these players switch to League of Legends, they have trouble adjusting to the minimap placed in the bottom right corner.

For players who prefer having the minimap on the bottom left side of the screen, they can easily switch the position in the settings. To switch the minimap position, follow these steps:

  • Click the Settings Icon or press Escape to open the Settings.
  • Click Interface on the left side menu.
  • Scroll a bit down until you reach the ‘Minimap’ subcategory.
  • Check ‘Show Minimap on left’ to switch the position to left, and vice versa.

Change Minimap Position Settings Guide in League of Legends

Disabling Minimap Movement

If you uncheck this setting, you will be unable to right-click on the minimap to navigate your character around the map. This setting can be helpful if you play with a large minimap and tend to misclick a lot, resulting in unintentional movements during a team fight.

But for the vast majority of the players, this setting should remain turned on. It can allow you to walk back to the lane or navigate around the map without having to drag your camera over an area on the actual map and right-clicking.

You can turn toggle this setting by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the Interface menu in the settings as instructed above.
  • Now scroll down to the Minimap subcategory.
  • Uncheck ‘Allow Minimap Movement’ to disable it.

Turning Off Neutral Camps

This minimap setting is pretty simple and self-explanatory. Unchecking this setting will stop displaying the neutral monster camps on either side of the jungle on your minimap. This setting is checked by default and should be left in that state. No noticeable personality in the League of Legends community plays with this off and it does not offer any benefit outside of practicing jungle timers without icons.

  • First, click the Settings icon.
  • Navigate to the Minimap settings in the Interface Menu.
  • Now uncheck ‘Show Neutral Camps’.

Minimap Awareness Tips

Increasing Minimap Size

If you feel like you lack map awareness and you usually tend to miss out on information whenever an opponent shows up on the minimap, this setting can help you out. If you are a beginner or struggling with keeping track of enemies, you should put the minimap to the maximum size (100).

Your peripheral vision will detect movement on the minimap much easier and you will be able to instantly look at the enemy jungler when he pops up on vision. However, make sure you do not misclick on the map during fights and that you pan the camera to check your surroundings so the minimap does not block information around you.

Decrease HUD Size

Playing with a large minimap can cover quite a large portion of your screen. In order to maximize the area that is visible to you, you should reduce the HUD size to compensate for the increase in minimap size. This is especially useful on the red side of the map because the HUD can block off information and vision of the lane because of its placement in the bottom middle of the screen.

You can reduce the HUD size by following these steps:

  • Click the Settings Icon in the top right corner of the client.
  • Click Interface on the left side menu.
  • Here you can adjust the HUD Scale size by moving the slider.

Decrease HUD Size Minimap Settings Guide in League of Legends

Constantly Look At The Minimap

Minimap is one of the most useful functionalities present in the game. Every single player needs to use this if they want to perform well. It would be absolutely pointless to have a minimap on your screen and not check it frequently.

A lot of people struggle with their map awareness because they simply forget to look at the minimap. The minimap is your best source of information for everything going around the map. You need to get into the habit of looking at your minimap for a very short interval whenever you are not performing any action.

Use the Map Awareness Video

A while back, a video was posted on Youtube and Reddit to help the players with their map awareness. The video is 1 hour long and rings occasionally to remind the player to look at the map. You can play the video in the background and as soon as you hear it ring, you can look at the minimap to gain information.

It is a really handy video because new players often forget to look at the minimap because they lose focus. This video helps in developing a habit for these players so they eventually start looking at the minimap without the video helping them. The video can be found here:

Use Unlocked Camera

If you want to improve at using a larger minimap, you need to make sure you are playing with an unlocked camera. A locked camera will prevent you from receiving any information that is hidden by the minimap. An unlocked camera allows you to pan the camera towards the bottom right corner frequently and gain information.

Use F Keys

The minimap can only give you so much information. Everything else has to come from your camera. Your minimap provides you with information about where you SHOULD be looking. If you want to keep tabs on the other lanes or teammates, you are better off checking the minimap to see what the general situation is and then using the F keys to pan the camera on them.

This allows you to get a better read of the situation since the minimap only displays some icons on a static background. In order to keep track of wave state and summoner spells, you need to combine your minimap usage with your F key usage.

Ping Using The Minimap

A very convenient thing you can do using the minimap is pinging. Pings are very efficient ways of communicating. Pinging is a universal language understood equally by everyone and therefore should be used to convey information.

You do not necessarily have to pan your camera to a specific point of the map to ping. You can simply use your ping buttons on the minimaps to ping anywhere on the minimap you want. Your teammates can also pick up on your pings by looking at the minimap instead of constantly panning their camera.

Ping Using Minimap Settings Guide in League of Legends


The minimap is the most useful feature in the game when it comes to collecting quick and concise information. It provides you with information about your opponents and even lets you navigate and communicate efficiently. Make sure you adjust the minimap size to your preferences and regularly check it to make sure you don’t miss out on important information.

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