7 Most Annoying Champions in League of Legends

Teemo players, this article is for you. When it comes to League of Legends champions, there are so many diversity among them that we simply cannot group them. Some champions are ideal as a support, some cannot play beyond Jungle, and some are destined to be the strongest ADC champions that Summoner’s Rift has ever seen. 

However, most players can agree on one category – this is the category of the Bridge Annoying champions in League of Legends. Annoying champions are there for sometimes obvious reasons (Teemo, we look at you), and sometimes these are individual reasons that players specify as a problem. 

Today we will talk about the seven most annoying champions in the League of Legends, so let’s start with our list.

First of all, a brief introduction. In the League of Legends, the rules are clear. You choose a champion and together with your team you embark on a campaign to conquer the enemy Nexus before the enemy team overtakes you in that. The road to the enemy base is not easy at all, you have to clear the lanes, fight the enemy champions, kill objects in the jungle and save your own life.

Sometimes, in such a match, you find a champion who makes you want to break your computer and uninstall your League of Legends client. That champion is mostly in the enemy team, and he is bothering your whole team. 

Some champions simply have such a kit that their abilities are mostly annoying, or they are so reworked that they are capable of destroying your entire team on their own. And there’s nothing you can do here. It is therefore not surprising that their names are most often on the ban list during Champion Select. 

Because of these champions, your level of frustration grows tremendously, and that’s what they want – to lose focus and concentration.

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The List Of 7 Most Annoying League Of Legends Champions

7. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger, better known as a professor and innovator, is one of the most hated champions you can meet at Summoner’s Rift. What is specific about him are his inventions (read, minigun turrets) which make Heimerdinger untouchable in the early game. 

His mini turrets don’t stop shooting at enemy champions and do them damage, and enemy champions can’t do anything until they eliminate those annoying turrets first.

Heimerdinger is protected as long as he has his turrets around him, so you have to come to terms with the fact that you will not be able to do anything to him until the turrets disappear or destroy them. 

Also, his ult is able to finish off any enemy champion who has low health. Heimerdinger can choose between three types of ult, and each of them is strong enough to send you to your deathbed.

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6. Shen

If you play solo lane (top lane) then chances are high that you will run into Shen. Shen is a typical champion who will try to kill you from the first minute of the game. His whale is not overly strong, but he still manages to harass the enemy champions. 

Shen is a champion you don’t want to deal with 1in1. You will lose in 99% of cases. His ult ability is an added advantage that Shen has over other champions, and that is the ability to teleport right behind one of his teammates just in time for a teamfight. 

Shen in that case can turn the game in favor of his team, throwing a shield at his teammate. Now you see why Shen is an undesirable champion who is in sixth place in our rankings.

5. Zoe

Did you know that according to the League of Legends lore Zoe is one of the oldest champions to exist? Well, we can’t even imagine how annoying Zoe was to people hundreds of years back. Seemingly sweet, when Riot released her to the public, expectations were high. 

However, not even a few days passed Zoe climbed the list of the most hated League of Legends champions. You will be able to find her in the mid lane, jumping around and eager for blood. She is a long-ranged champion who can put you to sleep from a great distance. 

How dare she! Also, when she collects enough kills and upgrades her build, she becomes a real killer. The combination of her spells can destroy your health pool in seconds.

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4. Shaco

This evil clown has never been interesting to us. And only when his clone appears! Shaco is a demanding champion, and players really need to get to know and learn how to combine his spells. Players who spend enough time learning his way of playing will be able to harass their enemies with pleasure. 

He can bait enemy players and make them make mistakes that will then cost dearly. His kit consists of traps, his evil clone (as if Shaco is not evil enough itself), the mantle of invisibility, and doses of humor, of course. He is a clown, what did you expect ?! 

The worst feeling is when you try so hard to kill Shaco that you finally realize that you killed his evil clone all the time, and that the real Shaco is somewhere in the bushes and laughs at your naivety. An additional reason why we hate clowns.

3. Yasuo

Did you think this list could pass without Yasuo? Yasuo is a champion we don’t want to see in the enemy team, nor in ours. Yasuo is a very easy opponent at the beginning of the game and it is not difficult to kill him.

However, if you only allow him one or two kills, Yasuo embarks on his campaign where it will be hard to stop him. 

Yasuo has high mobility and he can poke you all the time. His tornado will slow you down and stop you for a moment, and Yasuo will be able to use that time to cast his ult to kill you in 2 seconds. Worst of all, Yasuo really kills the urge to keep playing because he can get strong very quickly.

 So it is common for players to choose the surrender option after Yasuo becomes fed up. It is better to lose a match with less annoyance than to try an impossible mission, and that is to stop Yasuo.

2. Blitzcrank

Oh, sure you recognize the most famous hook in the League of Legends? Yes, it’s Blitzcrank. Deservedly in second place on this scale, this is the champion we will instantly ban as soon as we see his icon.

Blitzcrank plays as support in bot lane, using its hook as bait to lure you in and make it easier for its ADC to kill you. 

When Blitzcrank pulls you away you have no further, because it happens so fast that your teammates can hardly get there quickly and help you. His hook becomes even more dangerous during mid game because if Blitzcrank pulls you in the middle of a teamfight it means almost certain death. Ban this champion as soon as possible!

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1. Teemo

Don’t say you’re not surprised that this little cute creature is at the top of our list. Teemo is the embodiment of the devil himself, some will say. Seemingly cute, his mushrooms are deadly bombs that can make or break a teamfight. 

It’s not that strong, nor dangerous, but its venomous arrows combined with deadly mushrooms can greatly harm the enemy team. Teemo is therefore among the most hated League of Legends champions, and he will stay there.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this list consists of the most famous champions you don’t want to meet during a League of Legends match. Champions like Teemo or Yasuo can be extremely hard and annoy you so much that after one game with them you will be tired of this game. 

To prevent this, you need to ban these champions as soon as you get the chance. You know the saying, ban is half the battle. With positive vibes, good luck, and have fun in your League of Legends matches!

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