Most Broken ADCs in League of Legends

Most modern Attack Damage Carry (ADC) mains would argue that their role is underpowered. With the one-shot potential of assassins and mages, an abundance of choice for damage items, their lack of durability stats, and many more, ADC mains truly have tons of complaints that can back up their supposed lack of power.

However, ADC mains should not be delusional about the fact that their pool of champions is also littered with some of the most obnoxiously powerful champions on release or champions that have given Riot’s balancing team a horrendous time in trying to make them fair to play in-game.

Here we list these champions, our top seven (7) most broken ADCs in League of Legends.

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7. Aphelios

Aphelios, the culmination of Riot design team’s 200 years of collective experience gathered from – supposedly – studying the millions, billions, or trillions of matches played in the whole lifetime of League of Legends.

A right mixture of mechanics, and raw handholding from Aphelios’ weapon interactions, these two make Aphelios the most broken ADC – or even champion – ever released by League of Legends.

Aphelios has several weapons in his arsenal, but only a couple handful to be held at a time – literally one for each hand. On one hand, a weapon primarily used for auto attacks.

On the other-had, a weapon he can switch to for a different kind of auto attack and ability. To understand Aphelios’ kit, we would need to extensively explain him in an article of his own.

Simply put, Aphelios has five (5) weapon choices with different abilities and variations of auto attacks. He may have two in hand at a time and the right combination makes him near unstoppable.

The 5 guns with their variation of auto attacks and abilities are such: Calibrum – extra auto attack range and spell casted Caitlyn headshot, Severum – lifesteal and allows attacks while moving, Gravitum – slowing auto attack and spell casted snare, Infernum – splashing auto attack and fires a splashing cone shot, then Crescendum – stacking auto attack and turret.

These do not explain what Aphelios does enough. Our goal is to paint a picture of what you should look out for when playing or playing against this champion. 

These guns also change his ultimate – Moonlight Vigil which allows him to cast a large circular skillshot that inflicts damage and additional effect according to his gun. The different effects of the ultimate ability are still based on the auto attack effect the different guns bring.

Aphelios has every gun for every situation needed, his attack speed and damage are difficult to overcome. When combining these mechanics with lifesteal, Aphelios is as durable as any tank and as painful as any carry champion making him capable of bursting down champions unexpectedly or outplaying solo versus five enemies.

6. Samira

Another ADC that has combinations in their arsenal is Samira. Samira, much like Aphelios, is a champion that has extreme amounts of damage output and is capable of outplaying five enemies just as well.

Samira relies on her combos to deal damage, but this does not mean her skills and auto attack on their own are weak. Her Q Ability – Flair is a single skillshot ability for damage and getting a passive stack. 

This can also be used in combination with her W ability – Blade Whirl which damages enemies and removes projectiles surrounding her. 

Both Flair and Blade Whirl have short ranges so to compensate for this weakness, her E ability – Wild Rush is a dash letting her execute a combo and gain an attack speed bonus.

These skills are already unique as it makes Samira a mobile champion capable of weaving attacks in combination with her passive – Daredevil Impulse to buff these attacks. 

Her passive ability also allows her to drag knocked-up enemies closer to her. This is not only useful for herself but also for her teammates.

While her basic kit gives her strong dueling capabilities and options for defensive play, the ultimate ability – Inferno Trigger encourages players to play her aggressively.

Inferno Trigger makes her shoot everyone close, damaging them continuously while she is moving. She can use this in-between weaving combination of her auto attacks and basic skills. Each shot of Inferno Trigger applies lifesteal and critical strike, this makes her akin to Aphelios – durable yet painful to fight against.

5. Kog’Maw

If you are trying to find a champion not crippled by their range of attack, then there is one for you. Not Caitlyn. No, not Ezreal. Kog’maw.

Kog’maw is squishy, slow, small, and has no passive that helps him out in the lane. All of that is true, yet what he does have is attack speed and auto attack range. 

His auto attack damage is not destructive on its own, but his strengths compensate enough to not only stay above deep waters but go way beyond.

With the durability update, Kog’maw is not as squishy as he was anymore. Paired with the right support, Kog’maw is a mobile turret in the lane.

When his ability Q – Caustic Spittle hits an enemy, it reduces their armor and magic resistances allowing extra damage to be dealt. Caustic Spittle’s passive also grants Kog’maw more attack speed. 

His basic attacks are further buffed by his ability W – Bio-Arcane Barrage which increases his attack range and applies extra magic damage on each hit. The last basic ability E – Void Ooze slows enemies down in an area and deals magic damage to them.

All this together, kiting becomes easy for Kog’maw while dealing enough damage from far away. Enemies are also vulnerable from his Caustic Spittle and Void Ooze to allies, not only him.

To make things more annoying, his ultimate ability – Living Artillery lets him land an acid shot from a faraway distance that deals magic damage scaling off his attack damage (AD) and ability power (AP). 

A large part of his damage is not only through auto attacks and distance management, but also the threat of his ultimate finishing off or chunking enemies.

Even when assassins or burst mages get close to him, enchanter supports buffs him up enough to be durable while allowing him to lifesteal back any health he lost from the attack. If not, players may even choose a unique playstyle of using Kog’maw as a tank ADC.

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4. Jinx

If Kog’maw is too immobile and weak in laning for you, Jinx is another option for a long-ranged champion.

Her Q ability – Switcheroo! allows her to either buff her attack speed using a minigun or her damage using a rocket launcher. Not only does the rocket launcher deal more damage, but it also damages enemies surrounding her primary target and gains bonus attack range.

She can also zone out enemies using the W ability – Zap! which shoots a shock blast that damages and slows enemies, and the E ability – Flame Chompers! that plants three snare traps in a perpendicular line.

The basic abilities she has allows her to effectively kite down enemies before they can reach her.

When enemies are low, she may use her ultimate ability – Super Mega Death Rocket! that lets her shoot a large rocket near her or even across the map. Hitting a champion deals large amounts of area effect damage, allowing her to finish off low-health enemies or steal jungle camps.

Her strengths do not end here, her passive – Get Excited! grants her movement speed bonus for takedowns. When this is activated, Jinx is capable of snowballing a team fight resulting in an ace or even winning the match.

3. Senna

If you want a champion that truly maximizes their long attack range, Senna is for you.

Senna is a squishy champion that needs to scale for her to get enough damage and attack range for her to bully enemies down to submission.

While Senna has a very weak early game with an attack speed specifically modified to be slower than other ADCs. Despite this, she catches up through her basic abilities and scaling potential.

She stacks up mists due to her passive – Absolution that grants her mists to retrieve from various sources. The mists grant her bonus attack damage, attack range, critical and lifesteal. 

Even without the mist, the passive also gives her bonus movement speed on each basic attack. Finally, it also grants her extra damage based on the enemy’s current health and bonus percent physical damage.

Aside from her overloaded passive ability, she can damage and slow enemies in a straight line using her ability Q – Piercing Darkness, snare enemies hit with her W – Last Embrace, and provide a movement speed bonus with E – Curse of the Black Mist. 

With Curse of the Black Mist, also grants her and her allies camouflage when they come near her. These abilities can be used flexibly enough to grant her offensive and defensive capabilities.

Her ultimate ability – Dawning Shadow lets her shoot a wide laser beam across the map, healing allies hit by it but damaging enemies in the center.

Senna is a terrifying champion in the late game letting her deal health percent damage at great speed and from far distances. Proper itemization grants her enough durability and even more damage aside from her already great attack range and attack speed.

2. Draven

If damage is what hooks you up on ADCs and not attack range, Draven is another champion with considerably broken amounts of damage.

Draven is strong from the get-go and will further snowball the game when the enemy is dragged into his game plan. To overwhelm enemies in the lane with bonus damage from his ability Q –  Spinning Axe, bonus movement speed from ability W – Blood Rush, and interrupts from ability E –  Stand Aside is what he needs to do to achieve his game-winning broken status in-game.

His passive – League of Draven also allows him to gain more gold when he successfully gets a takedown with enough adoration. This gives him extra gold to buy items early, helping him deal more damage and snowball the game to a win.

Finally, his ultimate ability Whirling Death lets him deal extra damage and finish off enemies from afar much like Jinx. The bonus is that extra gold from the passive is also gained aside from the gold reward from a simple kill.

Draven requires a bit of skill to maximize his power, but a good player will make you feel his brokenly insane damage output.

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1. Zeri

Finally, one of the newest champions in-game is Zeri. A character that excels in movement speed to get favorable positions and continuously kite down enemies, Zeri is a very hard champion to catch.

Her basic ability Q – Burst Fire is her main attack instead of basic attacks. It is a spell cast ability that is used like Ezreal’s ability Q – Mystic Shot but with no mana cost. She is also capable of slowing enemies down with her ability W – Ultrashock and dashing across terrain with E – Spark Surge to run away from enemies. 

Then her ultimate ability – Lightning Crash deals magic damage to surrounding enemies and grants her bonus movement speed for each enemy hit. As additional icing on the cake, her attacks also steal enemy shields when she can and gains movement speed when getting shields.

Since her abilities give her bonuses for all stats significant to ADCs, do we need to itemize for them still? Not necessarily. While she can build items for critical strikes or attack speed like a standard ADC, maximizing Burst Fire damage can be done in different ways like building Bruiser items.

For a standard ADC build Doublift’s video may be used as a reference and the hybrid build with bruiser items by Gumayusi. While Zeri players have slowly dwindled in numbers, Zeri is still a champion that is broken when played right.


Each player has different experiences with different perspectives in their game. This includes what seems strong and what seems weak, various variables can account for this such as the Region, Rank, or your skillset. The champions that you pick might just be the wrong matchup for your enemy, or it might be the other way around.

Try your best to find factors that you can adjust or control, and play around them. 

If champions are truly strong on the edge of being overpowered or broken, there are different ways to tackle them: Pick it, ban it, or counter it. No champion is a sure-win champion, so do your best by gaining knowledge of the game.

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